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‘Treaty of lies. Pandemic of lies. Whistleblowers of truth’…’ViroLIEgy is Wholly Fraudulent’ – says Dr Yeadon. “ I’m formally confident that acute respiratory illnesses that we call colds and flu are not caused by submicroscopic infectious particles called viruses & are not contagious. I have learned enough to say I think viroLIEgy is wholly fraudulent…I’m also securely of the opinion that global pandemics of severe illnesses are impossible. “ There haven’t been any pandemics – ‘ I’ve read of the failures ever to meet reasonable isolation expectations for any virus.’ ( source ). The above quote is from Dr Mike Yeadon, and is a reply to a question on his Telegram channel that became so long’ that he decided to place it in a post it ‘where it’s more likely to be read’ he said, I think we can try and help in that respect by featuring his post here too. Due to his experience and knowledge Dr Yeadon has proven himself to be a valuable member of the ‘truth movement’ for the last few years and has shown an authenticity that has remained throughout. An example of this can be seen in the aforementioned post, he says: ‘ Speaking as a man on the Clapham omnibus, I have learned enough to say I think viroLIEgy is wholly fraudulent. Speaking as Dr Mike Yeadon, PhD, I haven’t done enough personal, detailed research to be sure that viruses don’t exist, though I suspect that it’s true. ‘ He explains that he makes this distinction as people have the right to know whether he is speaking as an experienced scientist or as a’ thoughtful but inexpert person’, but he does have ‘the evidence’ and has read ‘primary literature on respiratory illnesses and others.’ Nevertheless, when he has shown ‘clever people the evidence’ underwriting his current position on acute respiratory illnesses’ he often finds them unmoved by it. ‘Interestingly’ he says, one person, years ago, confessed to him that they didn’t want to believe what he was telling them, ‘because it was simply too frightening .’ ‘ It’s possible that psychological protection mechanisms prevents some of us from accepting new information. ‘I think we are much more subconsciously active beings than we realise. Dr Yeadon opines and continues: ‘ We then rationalise consciously those things our subconscious has processed (or not).’ ‘This may be why many of us have found it impossible to persuade others, even those we love & have known for many years, that we’re being lied to & are under extraordinary attack. I’m not a psychologist either, so I’m unsure what’s really going on when I failed to convince my older sister, who has a PhD in a biological field, that the pandemic is a long planned fraud.’ This may also be why we have even seen people seemingly convince themselves that it wasn’t even Dr Yeadon who was denying the existence of viruses, but some ‘imposter.’ (A whole other article was even dedicated to pointing out that it was a “fake” Telegram link had been used in a piece that was citing a view they could not accept Dr Yeadon would share. Read More – Working For the Perpetrators ‘ There have been some who’ve travelled along similar roads to the same conclusions. I believe Dr Jonathan Engler is one. There are numerous other people who I believe are sincere, so I’m not going tomorrow pick on them, yet still speak as if the propaganda of a lifetime remains intact. It’s maddening & I am unable to account for that. ‘ says, Dr Yeadon who’s views have prompted some to claim that he is ‘ working for the perpetrators .’ ‘ I cannot help that. I think this is pretty much where my thinking is at present. ‘ is his response to the not unusual but baseless accusations. As   Kyle Young wrote in his article ‘ Germ Warfare ‘ featured here last week: ‘ U nlike many in the pro-virus camp, no one in the no-virus camp is protecting a position that makes them money’ [….].“These people have given up so much to speak the truth, which is one of the ways we know they’re on the right path. ” And the truth according to Mike Yeadon, is, among other things – “ For avoidance of doubt, both PCR based diagnostics, and tests for what are claimed to be antibodies to certain infectious disease causing agents, and vaccines (without reservation) are all fraudulent. ‘ and furthers “ That we’re at risk at any moment of emergence of a pandemic or severe, highly infectious disease is a central lie which I now regard as an obvious untruth. (My emphasis throughout). What would the perpetrators benefit from views such as these? Dr Yeadon published the following article in his Substack, where he shares an observation – ‘ That the last few years have shown us that citizen power is a powerful lever for making a difference. and that “Without any partisan spirit to fight against this technocratic tyranny that has demoralized our youth, let our elders die, showing its true face, that of a system incapable of protecting citizens. ‘ Yet as a “movement” we are becoming increasingly more fragmented. Could it be that the psychological protection mechanisms of some individuals are turned up way too high? Treaty of lies. Pandemic of lies. Whistleblowers of truth. Two important recent speeches and an introduction from myself. DR MIKE YEADON I saw the two gentlemen at the end of this post, Dr Christian Perronne and Stefan Homburg, make short speeches close together in time. Knowing as I do that there was no pandemic, no public health emergency… …only lies about a dreadful new disease sweeping across the world, followed by deliberate misattribution of illness and death to this supposed disease, “covid19”,  the speeches warn strongly of impending danger to liberty.  Denis’s Substack There Was No Pandemic Read more — Denis Rancourt Essay There Was No Pandemic Pub 172KB ∙ PDF file Download – The deception, that we were experiencing a lethal pandemic, was solidified by extensive use of a purported clinical diagnostic test, based on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which is categorically inappropriate for the purpose. Nobel Prize-winning inventor of PCR, Dr Kary Mullis, warned often that his technique should not be used as a diagnostic test. It wasn’t only the medical profession that was corralled into complying with the perpetrators’ plans, but every institution, from media to banking and from Tech companies and politicians.  If you’ve followed me, you’ll know of my mounting horror when I worked out that the so-called “vaccines”, of a completely new type, were going to be injected into billions of people. Horror, because my training in mechanistic toxicology and more than 30 years leadership of new drug research, both in Big Pharma and in Biotech, enabled detection of what was going to happen… Read more Dr Mike Yeadon Statement Of Mike Yeadon Pdf 117KB ∙ PDF file Download …I can see multiple, independent mechanisms of toxicity, which cannot be accidental because each of those mechanisms breaches well-known dangerous things, which applied research scientists understand never to allow in human medical products. I subsequently learned that experts in molecular biology could see several other ways in which these unprecedented injections would be expected to harm us. I am confident that the design of these injections aimed intentionally to injure, kill and reduce fertility in survivors. Some of us warned about this in the form of an open letter… …to the European Medicines Agency, before any product was apparently granted emergency use authorisation.  I believe it’s highly relevant that there have been regular rehearsals for faking pandemics in order to impose authoritarian control over the entire population of at least The West, stretching back 25 years. With that as context, why am I showing you these two speeches together? The first speaker warns that various agreements are being forced upon all countries in the world… …aimed at concentrating power into the hands of one globalist institution, the WHO, total power to announce a “public health emergency of international concern” or PHEIK, pronounced “fake”. It certainly is fakery, but terrifyingly, it means that the head of the WHO can tell each of our governments to lock us down, to restrict our ability to travel, to mandate testing and even injections and to restrain those who refuse to comply. I point out simply this: if there truly was a PHEIK, it’ll be because of claims of some new health threat. Under such circumstances, WHO could not possibly know what is the best course of action for the people of Berlin, Bogata and Birmingham. Whatever WHO instructs, it cannot know that it’s appropriate. It’s a novel situation. Nobody knows what is best. Humans are very good at dealing with such novel circumstances. They do what they think is best, locally, and communicate outcomes efficiently. Very quickly, we learn what works and what does not. Do not let that corrupt institution steal your sovereignty. If they take it, if our traitorous governments effectively give away our rights, they will never give them back and we would be on track for imposition of a One World Government, a New World Order. It’s hard to envisage anything more dangerous, more so even than a war. The second speaker describes what he has discovered (via Freedom of Information requests, bolstered by a judicial decision) about claims for a pandemic and the authoritarian government actinides that flowed from it. The shock for many is learning that the dire warnings of threats to our health came not from the public health function of government, but directly from the politicians. I’m not surprised. The entire event, the show, as it were, was put on by politicians. Here, we see some of the communications between politicians and medical/technical staff at the Robert Koch Institution (RKI).  This and other deliberately frightening events have been many years in the planning. It has long been my contention that every institution has been captured and is either complicit in the deception or has been silenced, leaving only alert citizens to defend themselves and others from tyrants. Here is Professor Perronne’s impassioned address and there follows a functional translation. Transcript and Translation Hello, I am Christian Perronne, doctor and professor of medicine during my career, I chaired for 15 years official councils in charge of public health policy, vaccination, management of health crises and epidemics. (I was) Vice-Chair of the Expert Group on Immunization for the Europe Region at the World Health Organization. Now private interests control it. A pandemic treaty will be put to a vote on May 24th (2024) at the World Health Assembly. And if this treaty were adopted, exorbitant powers would be given to the WHO director-general on this major issue. Not a word in the public debate or in the mainstream media. So important, WHO will be (given) a blank cheque given to the WHO by the nation-states placed under trusteeship? This is an appeal that I have been making today, my dear friends, for several years now. I share with you a fight for truth and freedom, and I know that many of us across the country are trying by all means to resist. Citizens, collectives and associations can and must mobilize against this draft WHO treaty. Some of them have already begun. I propose a very simple action. The European elections are approaching. To ask candidates and parties to take a public position on this subject, but also your elected representatives and in particular your deputies, do they agree that the WHO should have binding power over States? In order for states to give up their sovereignty in matters of health and the environment, does he realize that every pandemic we have had in the last 20 years is actually a pretext for the establishment of global governance around a new concept? Do they know that the very definition of pandemic has been changed, the mortality criterion having been removed, so a pandemic can be declared without any deaths? We are plunged into an almost permanent state of health emergency. By implementing all the decisions of the WHO without discussion and from one day to the next, the Director-General of the WHO will be able to declare a pandemic for a disease that does not kill and force States to undergo a whole series of liberticidal measures. Which we unfortunately experienced in the not-so-distant past. For example, border closures, lockdowns, mandatory administration of unproven drug products. Never in history has there been such a threat to our fundamental freedoms. So let’s mobilise on the networks, raise the subject with the hashtag #STOPWHO, write to your elected officials and your candidates and especially in the real world, go and meet them, question them, challenge them. (It is) right to do so and it is their duty to respond to you Put your actions on camera and broadcast them. This concerns everyone. The last few years have shown us that citizen power is a powerful lever for making a difference. Without any partisan spirit to fight against this technocratic tyranny that has demoralized our youth, let our elders die, showing its true face, that of a system incapable of protecting citizens. The Social Contract. Recent events show a deep desire on the part of the government not only to limit freedom of expression, but also to punish it criminally with the proliferation of repressive bills, one of which condemns doctors which do not follow the government’s recommendations, the other inciting the denunciation of remarks made in a private context and deemed prohibited by the authorities, and finally the conviction of anyone who criticises a member of the government. Or these actions, we can see that all of them are articulated from the global to the national scale with a desire to rob us of our sovereignty. So! Let’s keep informed. Let’s keep educating and let’s keep taking action. So, I’m counting on you, on all of you, to reach out to those who don’t know or don’t want to know. So, grab your pens, to your emails, to your meetings with elected officials, with journalists. Time is running out, the fight continues, and the truth will triumph. And finally, here is Stefan Homburg. It’s indeed official. Partly redacted documents from the  Robert Koch Institute  in Germany, two and half thousand pages, show that there was no pandemic and that it was the government (national? Or higher?) which imposed measures for which there was no justification and that RKI was ordered to concoct fictitious grounds to justify the “public health emergency”. This image links to Stefan Homburg’s short X announcement: that links to the English and German versions of the above. Note that the speaker is deliberately using very neutral language here in order to minimise the risk that this crucial evidence is taken down. He knows perfectly well what the agenda is. I spoke next to him at that virtual event in Germany, put on by the AfD party. Best wishes Mike. This has been Part 1 of a continuous assault upon humanity’ according to Dr Yeadon in a further comment from below his article, but he forgot to include one vital piece of evidence in his summarythat confirms it to him – see what that is here.. Sources: Denis Rancourt – There Was No Pandemic – Dr Mike Yeadon – Telegram channel – Dr Mike Yeadon Solo Channel – Dr Mike Yeadon – Treaty o fLies, Pandemic of Lies, Whistleblowers of Truth – Mike Yeadon Substack – Kyle Young – Germ Warfare Lioness of Judah – The Expose – Germ Warfare The Internecine Battle Over Germ Theory is Ratcheting Up! –

‘Treaty of lies. Pandemic of lies. Whistleblowers of truth’…’ViroLIEgy is Wholly Fraudulent’ – says Dr Yeadon.
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