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“God’s chosen” Israel is shockingly RACIST and INTOLERANT Zionist-brainwashed evangelicals have this rosy picture in their minds about Israel that hearkens back to purist imagery about a "land of milk and honey." The reality, though, is much, much different . The truth that you will never hear about Israel from the media – because Israel controls the media – is that "God's chosen" are among the most racist, intolerant and hateful people in the entire world. "Israel is one of the most racist countries in the world," explains the man in the following video, which depicts the true history about modern-day Israel that Western peoples, including Americans, are never told. "From its inception, the whole idea of Israel as a country was based on racism. Israel was conceived as a Jewish state. And while there's nothing wrong in principle with Jews having a homeland, the problem is that they insisted that that homeland had to be Palestine, which already belonged to someone: the Palestinians." "The slogan of Israel's founders was 'A land for a people without a land,' but deep down they all knew that the only way to have a Jewish majority in Palestine, an Arab country, was to expel the Arabs." (Related: "God's chosen" are starving out the Palestinians in their Holodomor-style genocide of the people of Gaza.) Half of Israelis are JEWISH SUPREMACISTS who believe "most Jews are better than most non-Jews because they were born Jews" One of the founders of Israel, Yosef Weitz, infamously wrote: "There is no room in the country for both [Arab and Jewish] peoples ... there is no way but to transfer the [Palestinian] Arabs from here to the neighboring countries.'" In other words, the mass expulsion and massacre of Arabs in a years-long process called Nakba has to happen in order to satiate the Jewish lust for ownership of Palestinian land. "And when you found a country based on racial exclusion, you're going to get a culture that fosters and celebrates racial exclusion because countries that commit terrible atrocities rarely acknowledge committing those atrocities," the video above explains. "And the presence of Palestinians who remained in Palestine became a constant reminder, not only of the violence that founded Israel, but of the constantly looming threat that they might come back and try to reclaim their land." Videos emerge out of Israel on the daily depicting Jewish supremacy and all the hate that comes with it. Self-chosen Israelis routinely call for all Arabs to die, for Christians to be spit on, and for Palestinians to be murdered and mocked. In one horrific display, a group of Jewish supremacists was seen sitting atop a hill overlooking Gaza in lawn chairs while they watched the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carpet bomb innocent civilians in Gaza "for entertainment." Here are some other inconvenient facts about Israel that you will never hear from the mainstream media: • Two-thirds of Israeli teenagers are Jewish supremacists who believe that Arabs are less intelligent, uncultured and violent • Half of all Israelis are Jewish supremacists who say they would not even live in the same building as an Arab, would not befriend Arabs, would not let their children befriend Arabs and would not let Arabs into their homes • Sixty percent of Israeli Jews want segregation from Arabs • Half of all Jews believe that "most Jews are better than most non-Jews because they were born Jews" "Not only are these views widely held in Israeli society, they're also represented in government, which codifies these sentiments into law," the video explains. Check out the full video above to learn more about the disturbing history of Israel and the Jewish supremacy that rules the nation-state. More related news about the Jewish supremacy that plagues the nation-state known as Israel can be found at .

“God’s chosen” Israel is shockingly RACIST and INTOLERANT
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