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Apple announces new climate change initiative to PERMANENTLY remove all carbon from Earth’s atmosphe Apple announces new climate change initiative to PERMANENTLY remove all carbon from Earth’s atmosphere through planetary terraforming and GENOCIDE In the span of just a few decades, environmentalism has changed from being all about protecting the environment to now wanting to destroy it. Billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, for instance, wants to cut down all trees, while Apple is going after carbon , one of the basic building blocks of all life on earth. In a new climate change advertisement – if you can stomach it, the video is below – Apple employees of mostly the non-white variety can be seen sitting around a large conference room table talking to "Mother Nature," who is depicted as, you guessed it: a black woman. Since Western media now depicts the general population as being mostly black, even though black people make up just 12 percent of the United States population, it only makes sense that Apple would choose to feature a black woman as the face of the planet and the environment. In the ad, Mother Nature enters the room and starts lib-splaining all about global warming and climate change, and how Apple can solve the "crisis" by "permanently" removing all carbon from the atmosphere – watch below, if you dare: Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted the video as well, along with a message to Apple customers and X (formerly Twitter) users that his company believes that "one of the world's most urgent priorities" involves fixing the alleged problem of climate change. "Today we had a special guest – a real force of nature – stop by to check on our progress," he tweeted, trying to make a joke. (Related: In 2021 while everyone was distracted by COVID, Cook signed a secret $275 billion deal with the Chinese Communist Party [CCP].) Apple's obsession with black people and global warming is about as cringeworthy as it gets The video opens with Cook and his employees rushing into the conference room nervously while waiting for Mother Nature to arrive. When she shows up, all sassy and ready to wag her finger, Cook and the rest eagerly hang on her every word about how to deal with climate change. The table starts to rumble like an earthquake – the black woman playing the role of Mother Nature is quite large, so it only makes sense – before she sashays into the room and sarcastically apologizes, sort of, for keeping everyone waiting. "Mother Nature: welcome to Apple," Cook then states in dweebish form. "How was the weather getting in?" Before Mother Nature can respond to Cook's question, a thunderstorm rolls in outside to demonstrate the sheer force of her power. "The weather is however I wanted it to be," Mother Nature responds in arrogance. "Let's cut to the chase: In 2020, you promised to bring Apple's entire carbon footprint to zero by 2030." Mother Nature then makes a joke about Cook's appearance, likening him to Henry David Thoreau, while mocking past promises he has made about climate change – the suggestion being that Apple has somehow not done enough to embrace the "green" agenda. The unfunny bit proceeds with another nerdy looking plus-size nervously telling Mother Nature that Apple is on track to remove all plastic packaging from its products by the end of 2024, as well as using recycled aluminum and phasing out all leather from iPhone cases – because cows equal bad to leftists. When it gets to the part about removing all carbon from the atmosphere, Cook proceeds to explain to Mother Nature that by the year 2030 – they really like 2030 for some reason – all Apple devices will have a "net-zero climate impact," to which Mother Nature proceeds to engage Cook in a creepy stare-off contest. "After watching that, it should be painfully and alarmingly clear to everyone that climate change is a religious cult that lacks sanity, and is not based in facts or science," commented about the ad. "And if we don't deprogram these whackos quickly, this entire country will turn into one big GREEN kool-aid party, where, if Apple has their way, nobody survives."

Apple announces new climate change initiative to PERMANENTLY remove all carbon from Earth’s atmosphe
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