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Covid wasn’t an accident – it was a crime If SARS-CoV2 was leaked from a laboratory, by accident, then why did totalitarianism spring up all around us?  Why did many countries almost simultaneously impose lockdowns, masking, censorship, political crackdowns, de-platforming and de-banking? Why were hospitals forced to adopt harmful treatment plans while failing to provide early outpatient treatment? And why coerce populations to take untested gene therapy injections for which legal liability is waived? There are too many indicators of premeditation and institutional fraud.  Covid wasn’t an accident – it was a crime. The Implications of DEFUSE By Spartacus Loose Ends Emily Kopp at US Right to Know posted an article on 18 January about  new Freedom of Information Act disclosure s unearthed from the US Geological Survey regarding EcoHealth Alliance’s DEFUSE proposal. For those still unaware, back in 2018, EcoHealth Alliance made a grant proposal to DARPA for their PREEMPT program, named DEFUSE. This has been covered extensively both by DRASTIC Research, who initially  received and analysed the leaked documents , and Project Veritas, who  also received these documents and provided their own take on the matter . To summarise, DARPA had a program called PREEMPT, short for PREventing EMerging Pathogenic Threats, with the stated goal of addressing zoonotic viruses and preventing their spillover to humans – specifically, to US troops deployed overseas – by  tackling them directly in animal populations . United States military forces deploy to remote locations around the world, often in areas where emerging infectious diseases are common. The PREventing EMerging Pathogenic Threats (PREEMPT) programme seeks to preserve military readiness by protecting against the infectious disease threat; however, rather than treating people, PREEMPT targets viral pathogens within the animal reservoirs and insect vectors where many diseases originate before they spill over into humans. The programme combines biosurveillance and modelling with novel technologies for treating or containing high-risk pathogens at their source to prevent the emergence and reemergence of human-pathogenic threats. Peter Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance proposed to DARPA to undertake a project for the PREEMPT program called DEFUSE, to reduce the threat of bat SARS to US soldiers. Their proposal was to, and I quote, “Inoculate bats with novel chimeric polyvalent recombinant Spike proteins” in order to boost their immunity against human-adapted SARS. To do this, they intended to synthesise human-adapted Spike and place it in a SARSr-CoV backbone, which they argued would not constitute gain-of-function (“GoF”) or dual use research of concern (“DURC”) research because of their use of SARS-related coronavirus backbones, such as SHC014, instead of the actual SARS-CoV itself. DARPA rejected the proposal, and in their rejection letter, they stated that the research in question did potentially involve GoF/DURC work. Those on the pro-zoonosis side of the argument will argue that because the proposal was unfunded, that means it could not have been the source of a lab leak. However, this is deceptive. Any scientist worth their salt knows that unfunded grant proposals often have the actual work done in advance. One of the key findings in the January released documents was an invoice for BsmBI, a restriction enzyme used in reverse genetics. This is the same restriction enzyme noted in Bruttel, Washburne, and VanDongen’s paper that  claims to have found an unmistakable fingerprint of human tampering  in SARS-CoV-2’s genome. Another finding was that the scientists involved in DEFUSE planned to construct a viral genome in six parts. This also matches Bruttel, Washburne, and VanDongen’s findings. Richard Ebright, a professor at Rutgers University,  claims that this is slam-dunk evidence that SARS-CoV-2 was produced using reverse genetics techniques , an allegation that the promoters of the zoonosis theory continue to deny. But if the virus came from a lab, what does that actually mean? The Intelligence Connection Andrew Huff, the former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, has consistently claimed that  Peter Daszak was conducting intelligence work for the US Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) . As convincing proof of these claims, he has provided evidence  linking EcoHealth Alliance and Metabiota to In-Q-Tel . He claims that the DEFUSE proposal was  an example of an intelligence failure , in the sense that the CIA sought access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to gather intel on possible Chinese bioweapon research, but started a pandemic with an accidental lab leak instead. Does this claim really hold water? Consider the implications. Ralph Baric is one of the foremost coronavirus experts in the US, with a longstanding collaboration with Shi Zhengli, one of the foremost coronavirus experts in China. Ralph Baric is famed for developing novel genetic engineering techniques that  avoid leaving an obvious fingerprint of human tampering in viral genomes . If it is indeed the case that EcoHealth Alliance was conducting espionage for the CIA, then why is it that the CIA would seek to gain access to Chinese military-linked biolabs like the Wuhan Institute of Virology by giving away Ralph Baric’s proprietary bioengineering techniques to the People’s Liberation Army for them to use as they please? This would appear to be the opposite of intelligence work: the wilful and knowing  export  of valuable and security-sensitive technical know-how to a rival power’s military. Conversely, since EcoHealth Alliance’s proposal was to inoculate bats in China to prevent zoonotic spillover and protect US troops – who would have no reason to be in the Chinese mainland in the first place unless they were invading it – what possible reason could the People’s Republic of China have to play along and permit such a project to be conducted in their labs? Also, if it is the case that SARS-CoV-2 was produced in a lab for the purpose of producing a chimeric Spike to inoculate bats with and reduce the threat of zoonotic spillover, then why would its sequence include HIV-like motifs? Further reading: Part V: The Myth of the Blind Watchmaker , Prometheus Shrugged, 10 April 2022 Absolute proof: The Gp-120 sequences prove beyond all doubt that “COVID-19” was man-made , Arkmedic’s Blog, 10 April 2022
At every step of this process, there is a lack of oversight that is so extreme – on both sides of the pond – it beggars belief. The facts would seem to imply that the CIA will allow just anyone to export sensitive technical information to China to assemble viruses and that China, likewise, will allow obvious spies to conduct research in their laboratories that is openly stated to benefit the US Department of Defence. How is this possible? How do you get there from here? Signs of Premeditation In any serious analysis of covid-19, one must take into account the extremely convenient timing of the pandemic, and how many globalist figures latched onto it as a means to push through unpopular political and economic programs. Governments used the pandemic to expand their emergency powers, using public health as an excuse to establish totalitarian biopolitical frameworks to digitally identify citizens and tightly control our freedom of movement. Further reading: The Suspiciously Convenient Timing of Covid for the Davos Elite and the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ , The McGwire, 18 August 2023 It’s hard to believe that the covid-19 pandemic could have arisen from a laboratory accident. There are too many indicators of  premeditation and institutional fraud . Upon even the most cursory analysis of the facts, a picture emerges that points to something far more sinister. Is it possible that rogue elements within the CIA have treasonously collaborated with the People’s Republic of China to produce a viral pandemic to knowingly and deliberately rob the free world of our lives and our freedoms? There is a motive here, and it is the  insolvency of our governments’ social security programs  and the impending collapse of the financial system. Covid-19 is, first and foremost, a  geriatric disease . As has been previously established, the virus  preys on ageing people with poor endothelial health . What do governments stand to lose, from letting a few elderly people expire and drop off the pension rolls? Nothing at all. In fact, they have everything to gain. Reinvent Money: Catherine Austin Fitts on financial transaction freedom and the building wealth reset, 10 January 2024 (68 mins) Once they’ve started down that route, why stop there? Why not continue the eugenics and mass murder campaign  with a poisoned vaccine?  After all, as the Trump presidency established, America is full of “ dangerous, radical right-wing populists and racial nationalists ,” who oppose a globalist regime that is actively destroying our living standards and depressing our wages with outsourcing, immigration, deindustrialisation, “free trade”, and disastrous net zero policies. What would the overclass stand to lose from exterminating their most outspoken opponents? Ida Auken at the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) asks why we need to own property at all, and why we all don’t just pay rent to our overlords on a continuous basis for the same bits of hand-me-down matter. MAD: A Future Without Waste | Ida Auken, 8 June 2015 (18 mins) Clearly, the wealthy of the world have enacted a plan to seize private property from the deceased and to establish themselves as permanent rentier-overlords of a neo-feudalist melting pot where they have absolute control over labour and immigration in a sort of global corvée system, forcing us all back into the pre-industrial condition of life. People like Patrick Wood and the late Rosa Koire have tried raising the alarm about this for years. Richard Grove: Patrick Wood | Technocracy Rising Interview (Part 1 of 3), 11 September 2015 (74 mins) KMVT: The Right Side | Rosa Koire and One Bay Area, 14 June 2013 (28 mins) If one is convinced that covid-19 arose as a consequence of a laboratory accident, then they should know that lab accidents don’t do the following things: They don’t massively expand US BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratory capacity and then, when this is  rightly scrutinised by watchdogs and activists concerned about the potential for weaponisation of the research conducted in these labs , subsequently  outsource the research to foreign biolabs  by having  middlemen with links to human traffickers   subcontract grants to them. They don’t force our top biolabs to develop and then mysteriously cancel promising antivirals like DRACO for the US Department of Defence. They don’t force virus-hunting non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”) to  collaborate with the security state on mass propaganda campaigns  years in advance. They didn’t  force Hunter Biden to invest money in these NGOs . They don’t form elite-aligned groups like GAVI and CEPI out of the ether. They don’t  mysteriously insert HIV-like motifs into a viral structural protein intended for inoculating bats against human-adapted SARS. They don’t  delete gene sequences from databases . They don’t instantly cause turnkey totalitarianism to spring up all around us, with mass information suppression conducted by intelligence and homeland security lackeys  violating our constitutional rights and reporting our social media posts under the pretence of “cybersecurity” . They don’t force every country to do the same exact things,  vis a vis lockdowns, masking, censorship, political crackdowns, de-platforming, de-banking and so on. They don’t force hospitals everywhere to adopt the same treatment plans, which cause more morbidity and mortality among severely ill covid-19 sufferers while failing to provide early outpatient treatment to those who would have benefited from it. They don’t compel and coerce populations to take untested gene therapy drugs with  ingredients sourced from CIA-linked contractors – developed in  shady pharma-Department of Defence biodefense partnerships  and mislabelled as vaccines – in order to maintain employment, travel, or attend public events. They also don’t compel governments to waive the legal liability of these gene therapy drugs’ manufacturers, for any injuries or deaths they may cause. They don’t force the  WEF and WEF-aligned politicians to state publicly that we need a “Great Reset,” and then gaslight the public by having the media report that the  Great Reset is an unfounded conspiracy theory . They don’t force global elites and their controlled media to suggest that we need  “climate lockdowns” to match the covid-19 lockdowns  and then subsequently claim that  climate lockdowns are an unfounded conspiracy theory . They don’t  compel the former head of NIAID to perjure himself before Congress . They don’t  compel the CIA to pay off their analysts to change their findings to support zoonosis . They don’t force the authorities to ignore mounting evidence of all-cause mortality after vaccine rollouts. They don’t force our military to  keep funding the perpetrators  despite congressional opposition.
All of these things did not just spontaneously happen, out of the blue, because of a lab leak. They required years – decades, even – of planning and premeditation. Covid-19 wasn’t an accident. It was a crime.

Covid wasn’t an accident – it was a crime
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