COVID19 CHEMICAL INJECTION – EXPOSED – FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS Urgent Update : More than 1700 health people have DIED within 48 hours of being injected with the LETHAL CORROSIVE TOXIC ingredients of this covid19 drug, since we published this post. As promised, here at the Online Resistance Movement, we have been extremely busy researching these chemicals and substances that governments around the world are PLOTTING to enforce upon their own people. Mandatory vaccines may not be this year or the next year, but mandatory vaccines are on the cards WORLDWIDE. I am sure that you all have heard of the HEALTH PASSPORT system, which will be engrained inside that microchip that they keep on denying. We recently received some news about the New York State Senate Bill, which was documented last year 2020, outlining the fact that they are now in the production stage of building the first of these CONCENTRATION CAMPS. These concentration camps will be aimed at people who are REFUSING the vaccine and if they have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for this covid19 and they REFUSE the vaccine, they will be ARRESTED and hauled away to be placed inside one of these concentration camps, which will be guarded by ARMED GUARDS. This is pure evil and don’t believe for one minute that this evil practice will stay in New York, TRUST ME, IT WILL DISSEMINATE around the world – guaranteed. We also received reports that CANADA too were making preparations for the building of CONCENTRATION CAMPS for people who are resisting and fighting back. This is BAD NEWS, but we are NOT DISHEARTENED and we WILL CONTINUE THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM. We also OBSERVED in a video where the new wannabe NEW WORLD NAZI RULER – Bill Gates was bragging about the Global Reset, the New World Order and the INTENTIONAL INFECTING of the virus upon all of the citizens. This RICH THUG is EVIL and he NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. There are BILLIONS of us and only one Gates and his EVIL RICH THUG COHORTS. Now, back to the LETHAL COCKTAIL OF SUBSTANCES AND CHEMICALS contained inside these vaccines that are NOT vaccines, but LETHAL INJECTIONS. From what we gather, the main part of this LETHAL INJECTION contains : WATER, SALT, PLASTIC, SUGAR, VINEGAR, ALCOHOL and BENZODIAZAPINES. A lethal concoction for sure. PFIZER INJECTION 4 – Hydroxybutyl // Molecular Fomula : C4H9O – NO DATA can be found. We have NO idea what this substance will do to the human body. Azan Eidyl – FATTY LIPIDS Benzodiazepin – benzodiazapines – Used as an antidepressant medicine Benzodiazapines – side effects : Shakes, tremors, insomnia, confusion, anxiety, hallucinations, seizures, delerium tremens, sleep disturbances, fatigue, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, irritability, muscle relaxant, rapid heartbeat, trembling, tingling, flushing, redness, perspiration, shortness of breath, fear and heightened awareness of surroundings, even though there is no evidence of danger at hand, worry over death, losing control, agoraphobia (fear of open spaces and crowds), hypotension, cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat), bradycardia (slow heartbeat), apnea, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, double vision, skin rashes, injection site reactions. bis 2 – hexyldecanoate – is the messenger RNA, the stuff that penetrates healthy human cells, alters them and reprograms them. 2 – polyethylene glycol – 2000 – PEG – PLASTIC N, N – dtetradecylacetamide – MUSCLE RELAXANT 1, 2 – distearal – snglycero – ALKALINE 3 – phosphocholine – phosphates, (certain phosphates are used as FERTILIZERS on the land) cholesterol – FATTY LIPIDS Potassium Chloride – SALT (used in 3 drug protocol execution of felons) monobasic potassium phosphate – inorganic compound – Molecular formula KH2PO4 – used as a fertilizer and food additive. sodium chloride – SALT diabasic sodium phosphate dihydrate – molecular formula – Na2HPO4 – hydrogen and SALT sucrose – SUGAR MODERNA INJECTION mRNA – messenger RNA to penetrate healthy human cells, to alter them and reprogram them. lipids and fatty substances : – sm sphyngomegelin – 102 – is a parasite membrane which infects normal erythrocytes (red blood cells). polyethylene glycol – PEG – PLASTIC 2000 dimyristoyl glycerol DMG – is another form of plastic. 1, 2 – distearoyl – sn – glycerol – 3 – phosphocholine (DSPC), cholesterol – nanocarriers for delivery of nucleic acids and CHEMOTHERAPEUTIC therapy for CANCER CELLS ?? *note* why inject this stuff into a HEALTHY BODY? Which could trigger cancer. This concoction also comes with fatty lipids. tromethamine – chemical – highly toxic skin irritant, highly corrosive to skin, causes eye damage and prevents lungs from functioning normally, causing breathlessness and could lead to DEATH. tromethamine hydrochloride molecular formula – C4H12CINO3 – irritant, irritates eyes, skin, respiratory tract, highly toxic. acetic acid – vinegar – using it sparsely on food is okay. Using this in concentrate – we have NO idea what it will do to the body and organs. It does BURN the back of the throat if heavily consumed. sodium acetate – molecular formula C2H3NaO2 – SALT sucrose – sugar ASTRA ZENECA INJECTION AZD – 1222 : UNI B5S3K2VOG8 – SARS Cov-2 histidine – precursor to histamine (water, runny nose, congested lungs, etc). When introduced into the body, it aggravates the histamine receptors, which in turn FLOOD the body with histamine, usually in the nasopharyngeal orifices and the lungs, but could extend to other parts of the body. histidine monohydrochloride – again, another histamine antagoniser. magnesium chloride – molecular formula MgCl2 – mineral salt – also used as a health supplement. polysorbate 80 – generally used in cosmetics, lotions, potions and vaccines. alcohol – ethanol and is used in alcoholic beverages and general medicines. sucrose – sugar sodium chloride – salt (table salt) edetate disodium – chelating agent, (usually removes heavy metals from body and lowers calcium in the blood) water – molecular formula H2O – water There is absolutely no mention of the DNA monkey cancer or DNA from dead fetuses. However, we have researched this in a different scientific paper and this IMPORTANT feature has been excluded in the list of substances and chemicals. However, it IS in these vaccines with the biogel and the tracking microchip. GLAXOSMITHKLINE VACCINE At this moment in time, there is NO data, however, as soon as it becomes available, we will LET YOU KNOW. My guess is that it will be MORE OF THE SAME THAT YOU CAN SEE HERE with the other vaccines that are NOT vaccines. For many years now, general medicine practitioners have been advising their patients NOT to mix medications with alcohol and what are these vaccines makers doing? MIXING ALCOHOL WITH medications – benzodiazapines and according to Dr. Coleman, this is what has been causing autism in healthy children, following their vaccinations. And UNFORTUNATELY, this condition is PERMANENT. According to the Children’s Health Defense, some children have DIED because they have been subjected to benzodiazapines in the vaccinations and some have been disabled permanently. I don’t know about you all, but they will NEVER force me or my organisastion to take this LETHAL CONCOCTION of – Salt, Sugar, Plastic, Vinegar, Alcohol, benzodiazapines mixed with water. And we WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT BACK. When doctors such as Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Colin Barron, World Doctors Alliance, Dr. Bob Sears and many other GOOD general medicine doctors – SCREAM OUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE WITH THESE VACCINES THAT ARE NOT VACCINES, BUT LETHAL INJECTIONS – SOMETHING IS RADICALLY WRONG! REMEMBER : FIGHT THE LIES, SPREAD THE TRUTH, DO EVERYTHING YOUR GOVERNMENT HAS ORDERED YOU NOT TO DO **IMPORTANT UPDATE** AZD-1222 covid19 Vaccine The following is a list of ingredents contained within this AZD-1222 covid19 vaccine : The materials to build this KILLER HUMBUG is : ChAOx1 – weakened version of the MONKEY COLD VIRUS called ADENOVIRUS which includes dna monkey cells and it has been SPLICED together with a SARS-Cov2 coronavirus spike called Spike Glycoprotein S. The spike is designed to bind to ACE2 receptors inside the human body cells. DNA from dead fetuses is included and so is the biogel microchip. And this EVIL CONCOCTION coupled with the SALT, SUGAR, ALCOHOL, VINEGAR, PLASTIC, CHEMOTHERAPY DRUG, POTASSIUM CHLORIDE – all mixed with water, turns into AN EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE KILLING AGENT. **IMPORTANT UPDATE** There are TWO more TOXIC ingredients that have been deliberately omitted from the list of all of these toxic chemical jabs and they are as follows : nagalese protein – a CANCER causing protein inside a healthy body, to make the body develop cancer. a sterilising agent – to prevent a healthy young woman from producing children if she so wishes.