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Executive order Trump signed long before the COVID-19 pandemic struck set the stage for mRNA vaccines As Americans prepare to head to the polls this year, many are hoping to vote the mentally unsound Joe Biden and his influence peddling family out of office. This will almost certainly require voting for Trump, even though he is not without his faults. However, when it comes to the fair criticisms of the former president, there is one that is often swept under the rug : his role in the development of the mRNA vaccines that have led to so much political division, the stripping of people’s freedoms, and untold health damage. Trump signed Executive Order 13887, known as “Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States To Promote National Security and Public Health,” in September 2019. Although you won’t find very many references to it online now, it is certainly something that is worth discussing. It was signed the day after the World Health Organization’s Global Preparedness Monitoring Board meeting, in which attendees agreed to carry out a “global simulation of the release of a respiratory pathogen.” In a statement about the signing of the executive order, the White House noted: "Unfortunately, many of the vaccines we use today are produced overseas, using time-consuming, egg-based technology, which limits their effectiveness and makes production too slow to effectively combat a potential deadly influenza pandemic.” Not only was this before COVID-19 hit, but it also preceded Event 201, the role-playing exercise in which the global elites defined their response to a potential pandemic. Hardly anyone outside of the vaccine development industry knew that there was new vaccine technology employing genetic engineering on the horizon, nor did anyone suspect that people would soon end up being used to test this unproven technology on a massive scale without informed consent. Section 1 (a) of the executive order explains that new influenza viruses can emerge from a broad range of animals and can be transmitted to humans, spurring a pandemic. It goes on to explain that most flu vaccines are made with chicken eggs, a process they describe as being 70 years old and needing months for production, which makes them a poor choice for getting pandemics under control quickly. These vaccines’ dependence on the supply chain of eggs makes them vulnerable, they add, and their use of vaccine viruses that are adapted to grow in eggs has the potential to introduce new mutations that could make the end result less effective. In other words, they maintain that traditional methods of vaccine production are inadequate and dangerous. Executive order promotes "alternative methods" and "recombinant vaccine manufacturing" The solution to the problem is laid out in Section 2 of the Executive Order, which states its goal is to decrease America’s reliance on egg-based flu vaccines, broaden capabilities with “alternative methods” and “support the promotion of increased influenza vaccine immunization across recommended populations.” Section 4 of the order supports “cell-based and recombinant vaccine manufacturing, through cost-sharing agreements with the private sector, which shall include an agreed-upon pricing strategy during a pandemic.” Of course, when they say “private sector,” they are talking about Big Pharma. It also references using “DOD’s advanced manufacturing facility for manufacturing cell-based or recombinant influenza vaccines during a pandemic.” Just nine months later, Operation Warp Speed forced toxic vaccines on the masses, putting countless Americans’ health in danger, dividing the nation, and costing people who didn’t want to be human guinea pigs their jobs and livelihoods.

Executive order Trump signed long before the COVID-19 pandemic struck set the stage for mRNA vaccines
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