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FACT CHECK: Most U.S. slave owners, 78%, were JEWISH When most people think about slavery, their minds instantly rush to images of wealthy white landowners beating black people on plantations. The reality, though, is that the vast majority of slave owners in American history were Jewish . At the height of slavery in the United States, a whopping 78 percent of slave owners came from Jewish ancestry, not white (i.e., Caucasian and non-Jewish European). Even so, most Americans today have no idea about this because the establishment has been pumping out anti-white propaganda for many decades, blaming non-Jewish white people for what primarily Jewish people were doing. "Imagine the Chutzpah of blaming someone else for that which you do yourself," tweeted the Mads Palsvig (@Palsvig) X account, which says it is run by a "Former executive from Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Barclays turned Whistleblower," and "Chairman of The Prosperity Party in Denmark." "There is a clinical term for that: Psychopathy." The same account goes on to explain the origins of the anti-white hatred that has swept the U.S., especially in the last several decades. "It is all part of the non-stop Frankfurt School aka Cultural Marxist ideology that has been instrumental in destroying Christianity, the family unit, our culture and our traditions." To put the slavery issue into perspective, consider the fact that at the height of slavery in the U.S., only 1.6 percent of the total population actually owned slaves. Of that, Jews made up 3.125 percent of the total population, meaning 40 percent of all Jews in the U.S. owned slaves. Conversely, just 0.35 percent of the non-Jewish white population owned slaves at the height of slavery. As for the ships upon which slaves were brought to the U.S., take note that the following ships all had Jewish owners: Abigail, owned by Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy and Jacob Franks Crown, owned by Isaac Levy and Nathan Simpson Nassau, owned by Moses Levy Four Sisters, owned by Moses Levy Anne & Eliza, owned by Justus Bosch and John Abrams Prudent Betty, owned by Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix Hester, owned by Mordecai and David Gomez Elizabeth, owned by Mordecai and David Gomez Antigua, owned by Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell Betsy, owned by Wm. De Woolf Polly, owned by James De Woolf White Horse, owned by Jan de Sweevts Expedition, owned by John and Jacob Roosevelt Charlotte, owned by Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks Caracoa, owned by Moses and Sam Levy (Related: If you declare Christ as King, you are engaging in "antisemitism," according to The Daily Wire 's Andrew Klavan.) Hollywood's role in fomenting racial hatred between blacks and whites Interestingly, a lot of the propaganda claiming that white people are responsible for slavery in the U.S. comes from Hollywood and the education system at large, which the Mads Palsvig X account says is about 85 percent controlled by Jewish interests. "The 85%(?) Jewish controlled educational system and Hollywood spend a lot of time and focus on fomenting racial hatred between black and non-Jewish white people," it explains. Haaretz actually ran a story about this very subject in 2021, though it states that "Southern Jews owned slaves in comparable numbers to their white non-Jewish neighbors," with some of them being "active slave traders." Haaretz claims that "antisemites" are known to create "widely exaggerated" versions of "such facts," but that it is "among the uncomfortable truths of Southern Jewish history" that many Jews did, in fact, own slaves. Since Jews comprised just a small percentage of the overall southern U.S. population at the time, the "comparable numbers" claim fits within the claims made by Mads Palsvig on X that, proportionally speaking, Jews in the U.S. were far more likely to be slave owners than non-Jewish whites. Why, then, do whites always take all the heat for ancestry, including white people who have no family history of being slave owners? What is worse, what about all the white people who, for all intents and purposes, have been living as slaves themselves and have no wealth, let alone slave ownership, and yet receive the same blame for slavery just because of the color of their skin? Another thing worth considering is the slavery just about everyone is currently under in the U.S., which is controlled by a usurious system of fake money-printing that benefits a select few at the expense of everyone else. "Money printing, issuing more paper money than they had gold in security, basically fraud," wrote someone on X, adding to Mads Palsvig's revelations about Jewish slave owners. "They have done these sorts of crimes for hundreds of years, and still do. They still control most central banks in the world." Another made reference to the New Testament account of Jesus Christ going into the temple and overturning the tables of the "money changers," which would have been Jews operating for-profit endeavors inside the holy temple. The latest news about the anti-white agenda can be found at .

FACT CHECK: Most U.S. slave owners, 78%, were JEWISH
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