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FrankenSkies: The chemtrail agenda and its impact on all life on Earth FrankenSkies is a documentary released in 2017 focusing on the solar geoengineering or chemtrail agenda and its impact on every living being on Earth. Directed by ordinary guy turned anti-geoengineering activist Matt Landman and featuring former FBI agent Ted Gunderson , physicist David Keith and Terry Lawton the documentary uncovers the history of geoengineering experiments dating back to the 1930s, climate engineering, and the attempts to control atmosphere, sunlight, and frequencies. FrakenSkies also explores the struggle to bring awareness to this subject, despite the obstacles of a socially engineered populace and the military industrial complex. It reveals the campaign to normalise chemical cloud formations through using atmospheric aerosol dispersals and the efforts of activists to expose the truth. Related: Geoengineering, FrankenSkies, ACTual ACTivists and Matt Landman , Liberty Beacon, 22 January 2018 and FrankenSkies the Movie website Matt Landman: FrankenSkies, 24 June 2017 (82 mins) You can also watch the documentary above on YouTube HERE and BitChute HERE . Landman is the founder of Actual Activists .  On its website, Actual Activists lists two documentaries : ‘ FrankenSkies I ’ and ‘ FrankenSkies II: Climate Chains ’.  FrankenSkies I is the documentary in the video above.  FrankenSkies II is “coming soon.” “Since the creation and release of FrankenSkies in June of 2017, the world as we know it has drastically changed, with many still blind to the realm of aerosol injections, chemtrails, geoengineering [or] weather engineering. Most importantly, on a global scale and in desperate need of much exposure, is the media normalisation, social engineering and official public deployment of geoengineering as a solution to climate change,” the FrankenSkies II website states.

FrankenSkies: The chemtrail agenda and its impact on all life on Earth
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