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From Musk Till’ It Dawns The Sorry State of the Fake Alternative Media and Messiah Musk. Since purchasing the social media platform Twitter, Musk has gained trust and admiration partly due to his perceived stance on freedom of speech and has been regarded as one of the “good guys. An article published here in the Expose has shown that this stance is all a bit of a farce and in fact Musk’s X platform is guilty of censoring speech that violates his policy of what he deems to be “hateful conduct” and t hat is not dissimilar to the Irish “hate bill” that he seemingly advocates against. Nevertheless, many are still under the impression that Musk is on the side of the people and has our best interests at heart, and according to Richard Willet, even “The Alternative Media have jumped on the Elon Musk bandwagon” when the reasons to be very cautious are glaringly obvious. From Technocracy Inc to Microsofts Patent 060606 it all Neuralinks together.” Richard has written the well researched article republished below to highlight the reasons to be very cautious before also jumping on the Elon Musk bandwagon. From Musk Till’ It Dawns. The sorry state of the fake alternative media and Messiah Musk. By Richard Willet Everyone has a limit and we all get worn out and tired during whatever battle you choose to fight in your day to day life. So I guess it is no surprise that many in the so called  “Alternative Media”  have in recent years searched for a saviour to hook their own wagon to. First we had the Q and Q-Anon movements preaching that Christian Zionist and friend of both the Rothschilds and the tunnel digging Messianic Cult Chabad Lubavitch,  Donald Trump  was galloping into town with his “White Hats” to save the day and then “Drain the swamp”. When this did not happen then those who were unfortunately caught up in the snare of the  January 6th psyop  were left with a giant Messianic sized hole to plug. Hair Plugs and Mars With the thrown now vacated  (at least for another 4 years, leaving enough time for Biden to bring the US to its knees)  a need for an alternative media saviour was born. As the Sun-Set on the dusty town of  “COME SAVEME”,  in sauntered the new Messiah son of Jospeh,  Elon Musk . Riding his red heifer with promises to help build a third temple and annex Earth to the 5th Planet Mars, Elon had now arrived. Just as Nazi SS Scientist Warner Von Braun predicted in his novel  ‘Project Mars’. PROJECT MARS BOOK COVER The character in the Van Braun’s book who took humans to Mars was indeed named Elon. In much the same way that Donald Trump (Drumpf) is connected to a fictional novel via his Son who is perhaps named after the  ‘Adventures of Little Baron Trump’  A series of children’s book that tell the tale of Little Baron’s magical trips around the world meeting all sorts of “new races” including a “weird underground civilisations”. A later Cover of Little Baron Trump Books Perhaps those underground civilisations used Elon Musks  Boring Company  to create those underground cities?!! (a joke of course but it does all connect). But as David Icke would say..…Just a coincide noting to worry about! The backstory of Elon Musk has been covered in depth for well over two decades now so I won’t do that here, but I feel a couple of notable points should be highlighted here for context. First off Elon Musk did not just appear on the scene as a technical wiz kid who sellotaped space rockets together in his mothers garage. As with Bill Gates, he was very much groomed for this role his entire life. His grandfather was a founding member of a Technocratic Cult called  ‘Technocracy Inc’  who’s core aim was to replace the monitory system with an  “Energy theory of value”.  This is Orwellian speak for a system where  YOUR ENERGY  would be valued on how much of it was required to produce a product. Remember you ARE ENERGY – The Original FREE ENERGY Let’s combine this concept with the technology of a  Microsoft  patent eerily numbered 060606. This patent aims to covert human energy into mining for crypto currency on a points based (compliance) based system. So you would be assigned a task and once that task was complete you will be rewarded with crypto currency . So… Like a rat on a wheel you would be  rewarded  Crypto currency for completing task assign to you individually. This could well be telepathically sent directly to you via a Brain chip of some sort much like the one Elon Musks  Neuralink  have just “successfully” implanted into the first human brain. What we clearly have here is the potential for a theoretic system proposed by  Technocracy Inc  being implemented via a combination of technology and patents by  Elon Musk and Bill Gates companies. To add to this please keep it in the back of your mind (where they want a chip put in) that Elon Musks grandfather was a Founding member of the (and I think its fair to say)  Transhumanist Cult Technocracy Inc  and Bill Gates father was the head of Eugenics Cult  Planned Parenthood. Why does it often lead back to Brooklyn ? Defending Their Messiah Now this short article is barely scratching the surface of why I believe the alternative media should be questioning everything that Elon Musk says and Tweets. So it is disappointing to see the likes of Alex Jones jumping on the Musk band waggon and even repeatedly calling him a “Genius” whilst on a recent X Spaces. It was cringe worthy at best and perhaps the final straw in why the likes of Alex Jones, Andrew Tate, Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan need to be questioned on their absurd alliance with Technocrats and Transhumanists whom they  claim to be fighting against. Actions indeed speak louder than Tweets…… David Icke is someone I have had the pleasure of getting to know and working with for the past five years, whilst being a founding content creator for  J aymie Ickes Ickonic Platform . So I know how frustrating it must be for David as someone who has been at the forefront of this research for 30 plus years to see the likes of Alex Jones jumping onboard the Musk train. The sad fact is that these guys appear to be circling the wagons and pulling in many genuine researchers and truth seekers into their abyss of nonsense. A Black Cubed shaped hole where the message is follow my leader and drink down gallons of cognitive dissonance, washed down with a spoon full of word salad. Such as  Bret Weinstein  , a guy who’s Dark Horse Podcast has miraculously reached a large audience since it was started in 2019 around the time the Covid Scam kicked off. He has amassed a decent audience whilst he clearly does not understand the basic principle that Google is an Alphabet Agent and a DARPA military tool. Even the Google Logo is a symbol of the  Noahide Laws,  with all of its Rainbow colours, such is the case with the logo for Agenda 2030. Notice this Logo is the Ourobors with a Break in the circle For someone as new to this information as Bret to think he knows more than researchers such as David about these topics is both absurd and egotistical. A deep dive into Bret is on the cards for myself in the near future. Let’s take a quick look at his statement that “Spotify is completing  AGAINST  Goole and X and there promotion of WHO, BMGF and DNC agendas”.  (BMGF stands for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) Well to start off with the three companies are not comparable in any fashion. Google is a DARPA created Alphabet agent military grade tool and X is a Saudi funding social media DATA gathering and narrative control platform. They are not comparable in any way in their functions and purposes. Spotify is perhaps more comparable to X but that’s a stretch when they deal with entirely different media at their core. Now let’s look at the funding as its always interesting when you follow the money, because no matter where you look all roads seem to lead back to BlackRock (Satanic symbology) and Vanguard. The largest shareholder in  Spotify  is said to be  Tencent Holdings. Two of the largest shareholders in  Tencent Holdings  are held by the shadow clients that purchased through  BlackRock  and  Vanguard. Of course the public are not privy to who exactly holds those shares through BlackRock and Vanguard (I call them Shadow Clients) but we do know that the shares in both BlackRock and Vanguard themselves are held by….well themselves. So yes Bret it is all linked and it goes way above Elon Musk’s expensive hair plugs into infinity and beyond. Here are the top 5 Share Holders in Elon Musks Tesla (29th January 2024) Now one could make the argument that Telsa is a separate corporation from X which is what Bret Weinstein was commenting on. But you do not need to be a genius to understand that if large investment firms and their shadow clients are upset with Musk they could soon wobble to X boat but pulling funds from his other companies such as Tesla. There’s No Place In This Here Town For Truth Before we saddle up and ride off into the Sun-Set and onto the next town, I think it is important to cover one more piece of information that shows that this is indeed all connected, it maybe messy and it maybe full of conflicts, Ego’s, Weird beliefs and in fighting, but in the end it is all connected. Riddle Me This  : Why is Elon Musk attending promotional photo opportunities with the likes of the genocidal Netanyahu in Israel and Benjamin’s manic buddy Ben Shapiro at Nazi Prison camps (Nazism and Ultra Zionism are one and the same) whilst simultaneously attending sporting events in Qatar with representatives of Saudi Royalty and the Chabad Lubavitch son in law of Donald Trump ? We know Musk’s purchases of X has been bankrolled by Saudi Royalty and Qatar National Funds/Sovereign Wealth. Are Islam and Ultra Zionist Israel not supposed to be at war over the treatment of Palestinians in Gaza as well as both claiming the rights to a temple for their individual faiths on Temple Mount ? Could it be that at the very top this is all just theatre? Are the West being pitted against the East in a mutually destructive war (Leviathan vs The Behemoth) that will leave only the 600,000 points of light alive for their transhumanist World To Come? Be careful what Messiah you choose to follow…there’s a bunch of cowboys out there. Remember to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Richard Willett Source – See more from Richard Willet – on Substack . I couldn’t resist!

From Musk Till’ It Dawns
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