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Groundbreaking Study: Almonds Reverse Prediabetes Better Than Pharmaceuticals What if a common pantry staple could rival drugs in reversing disease progression? In a new randomized controlled trial, Indian researchers discovered that simply eating almonds before meals significantly reversed measures of prediabetes to normal levels in volunteers. Over 3 months, participants ate either almonds or a placebo before major meals. Participants consumed ~20g of almonds, which is about 17-18 almonds, before each main meal. That would equate to: 20g = ~17-18 almonds before breakfast 20g = ~17-18 almonds before lunch 20g = ~17-18 almonds before dinner For a total almond dose of around 60g per day, or 17-18 almonds x 3 meals = ~51-54 almonds per day. The almond group rapidly improved blood sugar control, insulin sensitivity, inflammation and body composition compared to placebo, despite no dietary changes otherwise[1]. Strikingly, adding almonds generated an equal percentage (23-25%) of prediabetic individuals progressing back to healthy blood glucose regulation as the frontline drug Acarbose[2]. However, medications like Acarbose have concerning side effects leading many to discontinue treatment[3]. The clear implication here is that almonds are superior to the drug insofar as there are "side benefits" and not side effects associated with their regular consumption.  This reveals the promise of utilizing whole foods like almonds to securely reverse metabolic conditions. Whereas drugs simply palliate symptoms (and often create new ones that are equal to or sometimes worse than the conditions they treat), nutrition-centered approaches target root dysfunction and carry profound medicinal benefits while also nourishing the human body with indispensable nutrients, vitamins, phytochemicals and even nucleic-acid containing microRNAs as described in depth in a previous article here  and elaborated further in the book REGENERATE by Sayer Ji  [4]. These results support an accumulating body of research on almonds potential. Analysis of hundreds of studies by Greenmedinfo identified consistent benefits for cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disorders, obesity, and dyslipidemia and over 60 other conditions[5].   Accessing safe, affordable natural solutions is especially key for developing countries shouldering dual malnutrition burdens[6]. As rates of obesity and associated chronic diseases continue rising unsustainably worldwide, simple, effective food-based prevention methods are imperative[7].  Almonds deliver antioxidants, fiber and plant protein that likely stimulate beneficial hormones, reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity[8]. Their regular incorporation before carbohydrate-heavy meals also enhances glycemic regulation and satiation[9]. Ongoing research is still required, but this clinical trial indicates intelligently-timed whole food consumption could provide the cornerstone for reversing prediabetes progression globally. For a related dietary hack, consult this article on using coconut oil in white rice, which reduces its caloric content by 50-60%. For more research on natural approaches to prediabetes, visit our database on the subject here . Also, consult our report on a groundbreaking clinical trial published in the American Diabetic Association's journal on the 100% effectiveness of a turmeric extract in preventing prediabetics from becoming diabetic here . References [ 1 ] [2] [3] [4]    [5] [6]    [7] [8] [9]

Groundbreaking Study: Almonds Reverse Prediabetes Better Than Pharmaceuticals
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