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How to Fake Pandemics – Part 2. I Do Not Believe Science, and Neither Should You. “ How to Fake Pandemics – Part 2. – I Do Not Believe Science, and Neither Should You ” is part two of the article republished yesterday here in the Expose. If you haven’t read it, it can be found here titled “ How to Fake Pandemics in 4 Easy Steps . A masterclass by the DOD showman, James Giordano.”  written by Sasha Latypova. In part 2 Sasha, a former pharma and medical device R&D executive, reviews historical fake news stories and concludes that fake pandemics and falsified scientific research have always been part of the plan. How to Fake Pandemics – Part 2. – I Do Not Believe Science, and Neither Should You. By Sasha Latypova. Remember the good old 2011, when a “killer” engineered Avian Flu virus was made in a Dutch lab? That was a fake, too. Recently we reviewed the basic process of faking pandemics as explained by James Giordano, a DOD showman pretending to be a neuroscientist – How to Fake Pandemics Part 1: How to Fake Pandemics in 4 Easy Steps SASHA LATYPOVA JAN 17 Read full story Also, we examined new “bioengineered and totally lethal, I swear” pangolin-mouse clickbait: The Little Known Weird Trick: You Can Train the Sheep to Scare Themselves. SASHA LATYPOVA JAN 14 Read full story Today, we are going to review some ancient fake news stories, 2011 vintage, simply to assure ourselves that yes, they always planned to fake pandemics and created falsified “scientific research” for this purpose. The same characters are on the scene doing the same thing, and raking in sweet “pandemic preparedness” cash! Breaking synthetic biology news from 2011: OMG lethal and spreadable avian flu virus made by a nerdy but slightly dangerous looking PhD in his lab!!!  Highly contagious killer flu was created by a Dutch lab!!! This smiling charlatan is Ron Fouchier, more recently involved in SARS-Cov2 cover-up. Remember this email exchange? Xitter thread and video here Ron started his illustrious career in pandemic propaganda by spinning fake studies about engineered deadly avian flu virus, i.e. a science fear porn genre guaranteed to start media frenzy. The objective of the faked scientific research was to make the public (and most experts) believe that “scientists” really know how to make viruses in the lab that are both contagious and spreadable, and if this “dangerous” research “leaks”, even just once!! OMG, the implications are literally world ending. Many, even in the so-called “freedom movement” today subscribe to this sci-fi notion. Let’s remind ourselves, yet again, that these wonders of synthetic biology leak from labs about 200 times a year based on CDC reports (every other day!) and never start a pandemic unless it is ANNOUNCED by the government in total unison with other governments of the world. I will write more about this later. It is worth repeating again that it is impossible to make anything “alive”, nor anything self-spreading over large distances, and highly lethal toxins are not really deployable at scale. Unless we are talking about agent Orange. I don’t mean Trump. I mean chemical weapons, prohibited from research, manufacture and deployment by international conventions since the 1960’s. Of course this prohibitions accomplished nothing but increased spending on these same weapons being researched and developed at MIT (Langer) and Harvard (Lieber), hundreds of other academic institutions, DARPA, DTRA, BARDA, CDC, NIH. All you have to do is rename them into “bio”, pretend it’s for “health”, include keywords like “drug delivery”, “cancer mechanisms”, “infectious disease prevention”, “monitoring” etc, get grants from NIH and you are off to the races! Back to the fraudster Ron Fouchier. TLDR version: He published a couple of papers claiming he made a new killer version of the avian flu virus and demonstrated ferret-to-ferret transmission. The Erasmus Medical Center where he worked participated in the fake news generation by strongly implying in a press release that human transmission was possible as well. After a few months of bruhaha around his research in media, he made a U-turn and walked backwards into the bushes a-la Homer Simpson: Longer version: on February 29, 2012, he participated on a panel at the American Society of Microbiology, where he issued “clarifications”, amounting to almost entirely opposite statements to what had been previously claimed by him, his research institution and breathless media running with the “scary invisible engineered doom” story. Quoting from  this blog  that has a lot of details on this story (but not all links are active): He said his bioengineered H5N1 strain spread among ferrets but not easily. And he said most of the ferrets that caught the virus via aerosol transmission barely got sick, and none of them died. In his presentation, Fouchier showed charts indicating that the 2009 swine flu (H1N1) virus spreads much more efficiently in ferrets than his mutant H5N1 strain. He referred to “misperceptions” in the media that the mutated virus “would spread like wildfire,” stating that in fact the efficiency of spread “cannot be deduced from our experiments.” “To then extrapolate that this virus would spread like wildfire in humans,” he said, “is  really, really far-fetched  at this stage.” As for lethality, he said: “The second misconception is that the virus would be highly lethal if this would ever come out [of the lab]. But also here there is some facts to explain…. Now the [lab-mutated] virus that we have used does cause disease when we put it in the nose at very high titers…. But if we now look after aerosol transmission, we actually see no disease, no severe disease at all, in any of the seven animals that received virus by aerosol.” Fouchier summarized both points unambiguously in the Q&A: “These [lab-mutated] viruses do not kill ferrets if they are sneezed upon…. If anything, our data suggest that this virus spreads poorly.” In summary, for several months both Ron Fouchier and Erasmus were encouraging the spread of rumors of a very dangerous bioengineering research, with disastrous potential for people, that can be “easily made by a rogue PhD in the lab” (where did I hear this recently, hm??) Even when asked by journalists and researchers who saw the results and saw that there was no possible transmission to humans (that was fake news in Erasmus PR), neither him nor Erasmus were willing to change the narrative. After February 2012, however, they essentially retracted their previous statements. It’s as if they were directed to maintain the fake news story long enough for it to become “imprinted” in everyone’s mind and in enough literature of all kinds. Directed by whom? That should be an easy guess for my audience, as we follow the money and the trail inevitably leads to the  Pandemic Preparedness Racket  at the Pentagon and its affiliates, of which Erasmus is one of the key centers. Was there any fallout for what should have been a scientific scandal? Not at all. Ron Fouchier is currently at the same place – Erasmus, extremely distinguished and decorated with all sorts of prestigious awards. This avian flu story and related publications are omitted from his  wikipedia page . The story about Ron the charlatan and his little fakes is old news, but it has very important parallels to the current “post pandemic” spin of the biodefense narratives. You see, it wasn’t enough to just put the fake “killer engineered virus” story in the press. It would have died out quickly. Some highly advanced professional information campaign maneuvers were performed. We are talking about the all-important Controversy play! The heated debate where two sides vigorously tear each other’s hair out and wail and moan on TV, in the news, all over the internet. Where we have the Mainstream and the Resistance. And where both positions are thoroughly stupid, because the set of possible answers is many more than the two being screamed on every TV set, but you can’t say that because you will be screamed down by both sides. Like, for example, was it a zoonotic jump or did it leak from a dangerous Wuhan “biolab”? The Controversy play in propaganda campaigns is capitalizing on the human tendency to be lazy and seek simple answers while aligning with societal power structures, and then form “teams” that progress into warring “cults”. If you haven’t read “Gulliver Travels” describing the great schism between Big-Endians and Small-Endians, I suggest you do. It is also a great reading material for your kids. In the Fouchier’s Dutch “biolab” case: “The discovery has prompted fears within the US Government that the knowledge will fall into the hands of terrorists wanting to use it as a bio-weapon of mass destruction. Some scientists are questioning whether the research should ever have been undertaken in a university laboratory, instead of at a military facility. The US Government is now taking advice on whether the information is too dangerous to be published.” The narrative carefully placed into the media was: “OMG, what if this dangerous research gets into wrong hands! Should we censor his publication? Should we ban all dangerous biolabs?” The media narrative immediately created a walled space of acceptable binary positions: should this dangerous research be 1) banned or 2) not. In reality the possible answer space includes a very obvious solution – let him play with his voodoo dolls all he wants, he didn’t make anything dangerous. He lied about his results, and should be fired! Acceptable answers include ridicule and memes. The answer set should also include – how do we prevent so much lying in science and media? Since this avian flu fraud  billions of dollars have been spent on the propaganda of biodefense and mythology of “pandemic preparedness” . There are few people in the world that are aware that this is based on sci-fi and falsified research. Reality, after all is not what is, it’s what you believe. The majority of people seem to be unable to form unique, independent thoughts and get through their lives by repeating the words they hear from others. This includes large swaths of those who are nominally considered intelligent, but are simply good at repeating the smart-sounding words, kiss up to their superiors and get diplomas. The sad reality is that repetition of nonsense, myths, sci-fi and outright lies – if done in sufficient daily volume – is all that’s needed to form the “reality” in the heads of the masses, no matter how absurd. The past 4 years are a testament to this. Source and originally published on Sasha Latypova’s Substack Read more from Sasha Latypova

How to Fake Pandemics – Part 2. I Do Not Believe Science, and Neither Should You.
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