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How to Steal a Billion or More FEBRUARY 12, 2024 Spread the Word by Serghei Markov The EU has formalized a plan to steal money from Russia. The essence of the plan is to hide the theft from the world community by distributing the theft over many stages. So that at no particular stage can it be said that theft has taken place. This is the plan. 1. Freeze Russian assets. Already done. 2. Issue bonds to finance Ukraine. 3. Frozen Russian money is used as collateral for issuing bonds. 4. Sell bonds. 5. Use the proceeds to finance the Ukrainian regime. Wars come first, but frame war as peace. 6. Spend all that money. 7. Offer Russia to pay reparations as if Russia had lost the war. 8. If Russia refuses to pay reparations, the frozen money that was used as collateral for issuing bonds will be confiscated by the court. 9. Transfer this money to bondholders. 10. In order for the bonds to be bought up, a decision will be made to force the largest corporations to buy back these bonds. Then their price will go up. 11. All this concerns 192 billion euros frozen in Belgium, as the financial capital of Europe, where the securities depository is located. 12. The Council of the EU approved this money theft plan today. 13. If the EU succeeds in stealing Russia’s money, this plan will then be used to steal money from other countries. 14. Keeping money in securities of NATO countries was a huge mistake by the Russian financial authorities. 1 COMMENT ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Brad 15 hours ago Interesting how the criminal international financial pyramid cap confiscate what in actuality the hard earned monies of the common people squirreled away in various hidey holes. Not really interested in who is doing what to who at the governmental level as this level is just the enforcement level of policies received from the policy distributors; UN,IMF, IPCC,WHO, World Bank, Global Environment Bank, various global corps and NGOs. Above them sit the policy makers; WEF, CFR, Tri Lateral, Chatham House, Club of Rome who in turn take orders from the central banks headed by the BIS as the final decision makers on policies. At the bottom of this pyramid sit the policy propagandists, aka MSM and ultimately the policy subjects, the common people of this world in whatever nation state or governance model they exist under. Remember the conflict in Ukraine is a “designer’ war of the pyramid cap for achieving a number of set goals against the interests of the common people wherever they inhabit.

How to Steal a Billion or More
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