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Humans Collaborating with Invaders It is important to realize the invading species with anti-human agendas were already on the planet and had formed into multiple factions of secret society satanic ritual-based allegiances, deeply infiltrated and covertly integrated to run every area of human civilization. The Controller hierarchies are vast as they exist on and off planet, but Guardian Host tends to identify them through their main objectives and from their source Anti-Christ origins which are Black Sun and Belial Sun groups. These are the key themes of the upcoming disclosure timeline which will be incredibly shocking for the human population to register and process, and thus the world will need benevolent and caring humanitarians in every industry or specialty to be of service in helping to rebuild our world. Since early 2020, sequential layers of these interdimensional realities that were interconnected with these anti-human agendas run by these Controller families giving orders to compartmentalized military intelligence groups that were protecting these NAA projects are being sequentially identified, red pilled, and then evicted and eliminated. Systematically these Controller family hierarchies are being identified and removed from gaining access into their massive accumulation of power, wealth and resources which have been used for maintaining vast underground utopian cities, trafficking tunnels, cloning centers and genetic bio-tech laboratories servicing secret operations all paid for on the backs of hardworking human beings on the Earth surface. Those non-human entities can appear to be inhabiting a human-like body, and have been overseeing and implementing anti-human agendas by working directly with these same factions of human controllers. These controllers infiltrated the military, sciences, medical research, academia and bio-technology through assorted covert methods assuring this information remains hidden, while their controlled media sources pump out aggressive mainstream mind control propaganda. Human scientists and a variety of extraterrestrial species have been working together covertly since the 1930’s, carrying out a range of genetic and technological experiments in the secret bio-laboratories buried behind billion-dollar military complex funded corporate storefronts that have been kept hidden from the public. Obscene amounts of taxpayer funded government run institutions and non-governmental organizations are directing immense networks of galactic human trafficking, as well as capturing the wealth accumulation and planetary resources for genetic cataloguing of the human race and all planetary species in collaboration with the same non-human entities and their minions. Experiments are conducted in these high security bio-labs for assorted scientific testing in connection with merging biological forms with different types of genetics with nanotechnologies, such as self-sensing materials like carbon nano tubes that can conduct electricity and be programmed remotely from quantum supercomputers. They discovered that through nano-biosensors which are very tiny antennas brought down into the nano scale, that they can manipulate and bend light into different wave lengths for creating holographic technology. This is being hidden behind a cloak of invisibility on an atomic scale where they are exploring entirely new ways of controlling behaviors in manifested things. One can imagine this nanotechnology in partnership with globally mandated injections being forced into the bloodstream of every man, woman and child on the planet, and then reflect upon their real objectives and desired end results. Thus, we should be aware that the NAA controlling power elite groups captured the military-science-academic-medical institutions long ago, to suppress the knowledge that our planet is being run by extraterrestrial visitors that have come from a variety of different interdimensional levels that exist within the Universal Time Matrix . Therefore, Earth humans have been egregiously exploited, mind controlled and enslaved with false and incorrect information given in academic institutions about many subjects, falsifying all data connected to our ancient human origins and accurate historical timelines. All the while the non-human entities are methodically tracing organic human genetics and their related solar factored bloodlines for extensive genetic cataloguing, while carrying out a highly organized global Human Trafficking and abduction scheme. It is critical to know that the war against humanity is based in Alien Hybridization agendas that extend into several Galactic Wars throughout our hidden stellar history, and in the last round of wars it is clear that humanity lost. The invaders in the Black Sun and Belial groups seek to completely destroy the angelic human diamond sun DNA in its original seeded form, and for this reason seek to genetically splice and dice angelic human DNA for consciousness slavery, along with assorted cloning, alien hybrid and transhumanist purposes. All current mainstream sciences have been twisted with untruths while the real advanced technological sciences were hidden away from the public in vast underground cities, tunnels, bio-labs and in off planet civilizations. This is so humans do not discover the elitist Controller families are working in direct collaboration with other non-human species as the fruits of human labor, wealth, resources and technologies are being stolen and siphoned from under us in order to pay for our own genocide. The accurate sciences comprising quantum mechanics integration with multidimensional physics reveal the plausible existence of a cosmic order of consciousness, as well as explain interdimensional and extradimensional entities from other worlds. These interdimensional entities or visitors are not advanced at higher consciousness levels but have access to more advanced technology that includes extensive AI networks and related machinery, which gives them capabilities that include consciousness transport and astral projection of their subtle energetic body moving through multiple dimensions of reality interacting with the Earth. Successful scientists and academics are mouthpieces for the controller establishment conditioned to mock the existence of extraterrestrial life and keep us focused on the 3D material plane of physical reality. Such multidimensional energetic phenomenon can be explained and traced at the quantum levels and outside of 3D upon many of the interdimensional planes that coexist separately alongside our own. The mainstream disciplines of science, academia and the medical system have deeply betrayed and devastated all of humanity at this juncture in history. At the core of that same agenda are those which sought to destroy humanity with grotesque deceptions designed to divide and conquer through labels and classifications. We must learn our lessons as we rebuild our humanitarian civilization by helping each other to know the primary cause of the current dismal state of world suffering is from the extensive mind control targeting of all humans that was devised by the invaders. It should be made clear that all humans have been deceived and have suffered greatly in this warfare because surface humans were sold out as consciousness slaves on a prison planet that was being controlled by these elite families, which were further being controlled or possessed by NAA entities. Three Main Agendas, One Serves Human Freedom Every human being that has been contacted by interdimensional entities or has suffered through abduction scenarios should be well aware that the Earth holds great interest for these non-human entities that want to access the entirety of the planetary genetic library without restrictions. On planet, the history of the human genetic race line and tribal affiliation is key coded to interdimensional Stargate mechanics in the grid network , which is held in the DNA record of the incarnated human being even when its potentials remain dormant and inactive. The high majority of those that are contacted or abducted are directly related to the genetic affiliation that the human being has had with one out of three primary interdimensional stellar agendas that are connected to that particular star family located in higher dimensional realities. Those that serve the Emerald Order Covenant uphold the Cosmic Sovereign Law for achieving human freedom and planetary liberation, which extends beyond this Universe into the Cosmic Source Domains and go all the way back to the 1st God World Creation . The other two, Belial Group and Black Sun alien AI hybrids originally source from a fallen parallel matrix called Wesa , which serve the One World Order government with the current transhumanist slavery agenda for implementing the Great Reset . [1]

Humans Collaborating with Invaders
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