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Julian Assange to be EXTRADITED to U.S. after 10 years of TORTURE It is official: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be extradited to the United States to face espionage charges after spending a decade in the United Kingdom being tortured. BitChute policy officer Amy Peikoff joined Alex Jones of Infowars to discuss Assange's mistreatment, as well as talk about ways to help secure journalistic freedom for all moving forward – watch the interview below : Assange is trying to appeal his extradition, but U.S. lawyers are petitioning a London court to block the appeal and send Assange back to America immediately. "What you would hope is that if there were any court proceeding and he were allowed to appear and actually speak for himself that he could explain to people the truth about what is going on," Peikoff told Jones. "This is a case of journalism versus authoritarian power, and we need to preserve the cause of the First Amendment and free speech of journalism against the powers that be." What Jones wants to know is why Assange is not allowed to appear and speak for himself but Charles Manson, a mass murderer was, to which Peikoff offered the following explanation: "I think they are afraid that if Assange is allowed to speak for himself and people can actually see the principle at stake that they would support him. Basically there's [sic] two alternatives: you can deal with people through persuasion or you can deal with people through force. And what they are revealing is that they do not have arguments on their side, that all they have is force and they are applying it mercilessly in the face of true principles – principles on which our country was founded uniquely. They are relinquishing it to the extent that they do not let this man free." (Related: Remember when the CIA tried to poison Assange and steal DNA from his family members?) The Julian Assange saga has been going on for ages after the powers that be punished the WikiLeaks founder for releasing vast quantities of confidential U.S. military records and diplomatic cable, which allegedly put the lives of government agents in danger. Supporters of Assange say he is a hero who is undergoing classic persecution for exposing the wicked and often illegal behavior of the U.S. deep state. They hail him as a true journalist, which as we know is hard to come by in modern times. Assange's lawyers say the case against him is politically motivated, arguing that Assange is being targeted for exposing "state-level crimes." They also claim Donald Trump requested "detailed options" on how to kill Assange for trying to do the right thing. Lawyers for the U.S., arguing contrary to this, say Assange's prosecution is merely "based on the rule of law and evidence," with attorney Clair Dobbin stating that he "indiscriminately and knowingly published to the world the names of individuals who acted as sources of information to the U.S." "It is these core facts which distinguish the position of the appellant from the New York Times and other media outlets," Dobbin added. "It is this which forms the objective basis for his prosecution. It is these facts which distinguish him, not his political opinions." Assange faces 17 charges of espionage and one charge of computer misuse for publishing classified U.S. documents on his WikiLeaks platform some 15 years ago. It is now up to the High Court in London to decide whether Assange will be allowed to further argue his case before a U.K. court or face extradition back to the U.S.

Julian Assange to be EXTRADITED to U.S. after 10 years of TORTURE
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