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Let a Scientist Speak! Presentation Goes Viral “Because It’s True!” A 9-minute presentation by scientist Denis Rancourt at the Christine Anderson and Eva Vlaardingerbroek “Make It Your Business” event in Ottawa on November 29, 2023 has gone viral on X formerly known as Twitter. As a scientist, Rancourt states that after three years of intense study and looking at hard data, he has been able to conclude that there was “no pandemic”, “no evidence of a particularly virulent pathogen whatsoever” and there was “nothing that was spreading that was causing death.” According to Doctor Mike Yeadon this is because “to those knowing even a little about this multi year “pandemic” (there are no genuine examples of similar pandemics, prompting me to conclude they’re all invented) his words ring so powerfully true.” Denis Rancourt Denis Rancourt holds a B.Sc . (1980),  M.Sc  (1981) .  and  Ph.D.  (1984, University of Toronto) university degrees in physics.has been a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada international post‑doctoral candidate in prestigious research laboratories in both France and The Netherlands (1984-85, 1985-86). Source He became a national NSERC University Research Fellow, in Canada and was a professor of physics at the University of Ottawa for 23 years, attaining the highest academic rank of tenured Full Professor and has developed new courses and taught over 2000 university students, at all levels, and in three different faculties and supervised more than 80 junior research terms or degrees at all levels from post-doctoral fellow to graduate students to NSERC undergraduate researchers.  Several of his former graduate students are government and private‑sector scientists, university professors, teachers, managers, and business leaders. According to Denis Rancourt, when he “reviews scientific articles, in particular, in relation to COVID-19, my personal knowledge and ability to evaluate the facts in the said scientific articles are grounded in my education, research, training and experience” Clearly, in the past Denis Rancourt has been a valued member of the scientific community with knowledge and experience that has been entrusted to educate many future scientists. However, the esteemed scientist has recently endured censoring and factchecking by those far less qualified due to his studies and conclusions not aligning with the non elected leaders narrative. Source Why would we not listen to Denis Rancourt? These days especially the masses should know that this is the very reason we should all be listening to him. Censored to “Gone Viral” Well perhaps now, they do, as Denis Rancourt has gone from being “censored” to “gone Viral” in just a few weeks! The viral presentation on the X platform can be seen below. It’s Gone Viral Because it’s True Commenting on the viral presentation above, Dr Yeadon says “It’s interesting being in some discussion groups where a number of medical doctors maintain there was a pandemic & a novel disease. I’ve long stopped believing that.” Dr Yeadon continues below: “One member made their position clear by saying, of Rancourt’s talk, that “It’s gone viral because it’s true”. Here’s a note I just shared with that group, which is surely about to disassemble itself over the impossible contradiction: Agreed.Let anyone who takes a different view please either: Refute Rancourt’s basic analytical methods, findings and conclusions or Offer an interpretation of events that squares the circle of a pandemic of a contagious & somewhat lethal pathogen, notwithstanding Rancourt’s findings. Meshing with Denis’s observations that there is reproducibly, in more than 100 countries, no increase in ACM (all causes mortality) until the alleged vaccines were rolled out, I have previously described in some detail how & why it was obviously intentional and designed-in to the gene-based preparations that multiple, discrete types of toxicity would occur. I was unable to predict the magnitude of the effects (because toxicity is always about dose or concentration response relationships & there was no data in prior literature to use for calibration purposes) but that harms would occur was never in doubt. To those who might question whether those who designed & had manufactured these agents necessarily knew they were inherently toxic, I now pull rank. Having worked in the field called rational drug design or structure-based drug design for over 30 years, I know what is commonplace, everyday knowledge of my peers in big pharma and in biotech (having worked at senior level in both) & I’m certain that my peers knew perfectly well what they were doing. That causing the body to make a non-self protein axiomatically initiates lethal autoimmune attack on every cell performing the instruction is close to Immunology 101. The ability of the immune system to distinguish self from non-self is legendary & unequivocal. Though I don’t know where “spike protein” comes from & is immaterial for my point, causing the body to manufacture a known toxin is obviously not a good thing. My third example of intentional toxicity is the use of lipid nanoparticle formulations. These macromolecule carriers have been known for over a decade to deposit their cargoes preferentially in ovaries of every species tested, a property confirmed by experiments conducted for the Japanese market on the Pfizer product. No one reading this can be in any doubt about the likely effect of such a formulation decision. The extraordinary planning that must have been required to have pulled off this global assault, coupled with the timing of it rules out for me the possibility of a natural emergence of a pathogen. For reasons I’ve argued above in this thread, it’s not necessary for there to have been an additional cause of death in order to create circumstances in which the pandemic claimed could be made to stick. There are several reasons why the bad actor would be most unlikely to release or allow escape of such a pathogen (they would immediately lose control of events, which would be untypical & unacceptable to them). Notice our leaders were never themselves frightened of interacting with people indoors, maskless, even at the claimed height of the alleged pandemic. “PartyGate” in U.K. led to resignations.” 👉   Can we dare to hope that in 2024 we will see more people turning to the truth told by scientists who are without fear or favour working to expose the horrendous narrative forced upon us by those who do not have our health or best interests at heart, but aim to have total control over us?

Let a Scientist Speak! Presentation Goes Viral “Because It’s True!”
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