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Matthew Ehret: Kissinger’s role as a midwife to Satan Featured image: Pope Francis has given King Charles III a poignant Coronation gift. Source: Tatler Henry Kissinger played an instrumental role in converting the US from a republic that aspired to uphold liberty to a nation fully committed to empire under the control of a techno-feudal priesthood, Matthew Ehret writes. Rather than Kissinger being a cause of anything, he was an instrument enslaved to a higher agency far beyond him. Previously Ehret described that without the force of numerous anti-Semitic fascists throughout the last two centuries, Zionism would have never been possible. He continued to set the scene by describing “apostolic” cults operating under the banner of Christianity which contributed to the belief that all Jews should be sent to Palestine, and describing the role of the Knights Templar and British intelligence services. Ehret recently wrote an essay titled ‘Sir Henry Kissinger: Midwife to New Babylon ’ describing how Henry Kissinger’s 2012 prophecy that “in 10 years, there will be no more Israel” is linked to mystical Babylon. As his essay is more than most would read in one sitting, we are republishing it in sections over a series of articles, you can read Part 1 HERE , Part 2 HERE , Part 3 HERE , Part 4 HERE and Part 5 HERE .  The following is the final part and are the sections of Ehret’s essay with the same titles.  You can read his full essay HERE . By Matthew Ehret The Fall of Babylon 2.0? “The Truth Concerning the Land is Revealed in Cabala. Jewish Mysticism (Cabala) militates for life in the Land of Israel. Rationalistic approaches to Judaism place no special value on the Land of Israel. In wars, national characters crystalise. Israel, as the universal reflection of mankind, benefits thereby. The heels of Messiah follow upon World Conflageration …  At the hour of the downfall of Western civilization, Israel is called upon to fulfil its divine mission by providing the  spiritual basis for a New World Order .” [emphasis added] – Rabbi Abraham Isaac Cohen Kook, Greater Israel champion, End Times cultist, Chief Ashkenaz Rabbi for British Mandate Palestine (1919-1935) The genie of Greater Israelism, as promoted by the likes of Theodor Herzl,  Rabbi A.I. Kook , and the army of gnostic Christian Zionist heirs of John Nelson Darby begging for a first strike onto Iran represents a level of zealotry and fanaticism that may spell disaster for much of humanity. Unlike most End Times cults that have stained this world, this one happens to possess a nuclear arsenal, and it is supported by raving hordes of rapture-believing Christian Zionists in America hungry for Armageddon. A strange collusion of the  Jesuit-run papacy of Pope Francis  and the Anglican Church of the eco-Crusader King Charles III has united on multiple fronts. This includes Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s  Council for Inclusive Capitalism  under the banner of the World Economic Forum. Additionally, why did Pope Francis (who took the name from the Templar-connected Francis of Assisi)  choose to give shards of the cross upon which Jesus died  (so it is claimed) as a coronation gift to a man who is a British Israelite who probably believes himself to be a blood heir to Jesus himself? For that matter, why did Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, present her second baby to the world dressed in an outfit made famous by accused satanist and paedophile Roman Polanski in the film  ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ ( featuring the story of a woman who is impregnated by a satanic cult leader and gives birth to the anti-Christ)? This cult is also operating in a world shaped in large measure by a collapsing hegemon  sitting atop a systemic financial meltdown  that may make the 1929 depression look like a cakewalk. Kissinger’s Role as a Midwife to Satan Sir Henry Kissinger played an instrumental role in converting the US from a republic that aspired to uphold liberty to a nation fully committed to empire under the control of a techno-feudal priesthood. It is important to keep in mind that throughout his long and destructive life, Kissinger cannot really be accused of being a  cause  of anything .  Rather, he was always an instrument enslaved to a higher agency far beyond him. He was perhaps a fully witting agent – and thus all the more reprehensible than the many lower auxiliaries of technocracy who are ignorant of the evil they represent … but he was a slave nonetheless. As a prized student of Rhodes Scholar William Yandall Elliot  (who served as a guru to a nest of sociopathic young men at Harvard), Kissinger’s devout misanthropy, idealisation of oligarchism, and spiritual devotion  to systems of stasis  were recognised by his handlers. He soon found himself working for the director of the CIA’s Office of Psychological Strategy Board in 1952, where he was brought into the inner sanctum of global intelligence operations. Rhodes Scholar William Yandall Elliot surrounded by a few of his leading disciples: Sir Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel Huntington and Pierre Trudeau Kissinger’s star rose quickly as he was made a member of the Round Table’s American think tank in 1956 – The Council on Foreign Relations – and was soon brought into the Rockefeller Commission’s 1956 study group on America and the New World Order ( named ‘Prospects for America’ ). There, he worked closely with Rhodes Scholar Dean Rusk and American fascist Henry Luce. This was soon followed by  admission to the Bilderberg Group in 1957 ,  where he went on to lead its steering committee. Like his Rhodes Scholar mentor earlier, Kissinger found his own protégé in the form of a young sociopath named Klaus Schwab,  whom he taught at a CIA-sponsored program at Harvard .  Kissinger wasted no time setting the stage for the post-industrial era of de-regulation, nation-stripping and war as he brought the new  Trilateral Commission into reality  alongside David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski. During his time as secretary of state and national security advisor, Kissinger worked closely with George Schultz  in removing the US dollar from the fixed exchange rate  gold reserve system, ensuring that what was once a viable industrial capital system would become a speculative weapon of mass destruction. Once this was achieved, Kissinger’s work in orchestrating the   Yom Kippur War of 1973  and broader oil shocks that resulted in a US dollar pegged to the price of OPEC oil was a cakewalk. [5] Kissinger’s next step in drafting the  NSSM-200 program , transforming America’s foreign policy from a pro-industrial growth orientation toward “population control,” was another step into hell. But were any of these policies designed to serve the interests of America or even Israel or Saudi Arabia in the long term? Were any of these policies designed to serve any nation, or were they all simply different elements to the same abstract painting of chaos that he served on behalf of a higher agency? What  agency  could that be if not American or Israeli or Saudi? Kissinger’s Devotion to the British Empire Means More Than You Think Kissinger let the cat out of the bag  on 10 May 1982 , during a Chatham House (see: Round Table) conference in Britain. He described the principled schism  between traditionally American versus British imperial ways of looking at the world  and demonstrated his commitment to the British imperial paradigm: “Many American leaders condemned Churchill as needlessly obsessed with power politics, too rigidly anti-Soviet, too colonialist in his attitude to what is now called the Third World, and too little interested in building the fundamentally new international order towards which American idealism has always tended. The British undoubtedly saw the Americans as naive, moralistic, and evading responsibility for helping secure the global equilibrium. The dispute was resolved according to American preferences – in my view, to the detriment of postwar security … The disputes between Britain and America during the Second World War and after were, of course, not an accident. British policy drew upon two centuries of experience with the European balance of power, America on two centuries of rejecting it.“Where America had always imagined itself isolated from world affairs, Britain for centuries was keenly alert to the potential danger that any country’s domination of the European continent-whatever its domestic structure or method of dominance-placed British survival risk … Britain rarely proclaimed moral absolutes or rested her faith in the ultimate efficacy of technology, despite her achievements in this field. Philosophically she remains Hobbesian: She expects the worst and is rarely disappointed. In moral matters Britain has traditionally practiced a convenient form of ethical egoism, believing that what was good for Britain was best for the rest … In the nineteenth century, British policy was perhaps the principal factor in European system that kept the peace for 99 years without a major war …” Perhaps most revealing was his description of his own role as secretary of state when he described his relationship with the British Foreign Office: “The British were so matter-of-factly helpful that they became a participant in internal American deliberations, to a degree probably never practised between sovereign nations … In my White House incarnation then, I kept the British Foreign Office better informed and more closely engaged than I did the American State Department … It was symptomatic.” For those who may not be aware, Kissinger’s recruitment to William Yandall Elliot’s Round Table operation in Harvard, his allegiance to the Round Table movement’s Chatham House operation in London and New York (dubbed  “The Mothership”  by Hillary Clinton), and his words above are nothing less than an admission of allegiance to a new Templar order. The secret society that Cecil Rhodes established in his last will and testament as  “a Church of the British Empire,” modelled on “The Jesuit Constitution”  was explicitly based on the Grail Myths of the Knighthood of the Round Table. These were designed in the 13th century to promote the Templar-managed Crusades and the reconstruction of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. [6] As even Scottish Rite Grand Master Albert Pike stated in 1871, the Jesuit Order was itself a reconstructed and more disciplined Templar Order. In his  ‘ Morals and Dogma ’ , he wrote: “The Templars were unintelligent and therefore unsuccessful Jesuits. Their watchword was, to become wealthy, in order to buy the world. They became so, and in 1312 they possessed in Europe alone more than nine thousand seignories. Riches were the shoal on which they were wrecked. They became insolent, and unwisely showed their contempt for the religious and social institutions which they aimed to overthrow. Their ambition was fatal to them.” It has also been demonstrated  that the Order of Saint Francis of Assisi was additionally a Templar Order (with the additional attributes of a  Magna Mater cult of Cybele that dominated Rome as a nature-worship sect ). This order also merged into the later Jesuit society. With this in mind,  the union of Jesuits and Franciscans in 2013  takes on new meaning and should raise eyebrows. It was, after all,   the Jesuit influence on the 1545-1563 Council of Trent  that both fuelled the flames of never-ending religious wars across Europe and established the foundations of Christian Zionism and the End Times cults of our modern-day. Whether it was the British Empire that created political Zionism as part of the Great Game as Winston Churchill, Lord Shaftesbury or Lord Balfour believed, or whether Jewish cabalistic bankers were attempting to create a Greater Israel capital for a New World Order as Herzl, Vladimir Jabotinsky, or Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook likely believed … it may not matter which imperial monstrosity is wagging the tail: both may be destined to the same fate that befell the first Babylon over two millennia ago. Perhaps Kissinger knew what this new age of Babylon would involve … but he’s too busy dealing with other problems at this moment. One thing is certain: the thing calling itself ‘the anti-Christ’ has been very angry with something very special within Christianity, Judaism and Islam for a very long time. It’s time to rediscover what that is before the End Times cult Kissinger served achieves its final act. Footnotes: [5] Under his careful watch, oil prices increased 400% during the 1973 OPEC crisis. This has been acknowledged to have played a big role in driving the 1973-79 inflation. But as researcher William Engdahl demonstrated in his  1992 A  Century of War ,  then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had more of a role in manufacturing this crisis from scratch by keeping hundreds of tankers replete with petrol from being unloaded in the US and facilitating the 400% interest rate increase with the assistance of several high-level oil ministers in the Middle East beholden to Kissinger. In recent years, Saudi Arabia’s OPEC minister at the time of the crisis  corroborated Engdahl’s research  stating: “I am 100 per cent sure that the Americans were behind the increase in the price of oil. The oil companies were in real trouble at that time, they had borrowed a lot of money and they needed a high oil price to save them.” [6] See ‘ From Ritual to Romance ’ by Jessie L. Weston, Cambridge University Press, 1920 The above is the final in our series republishing Ehret’s essay in more digestible parts. About the Author Matthew Ehret  is the Editor-in-Chief of the ‘ Canadian Patriot Review ’, a Senior Fellow at the American University in Moscow, and Director of ‘ The Rising Tide Foundation ’. He has authored three volumes of the ‘ Untold History of Canada’ book series and four volumes of the ‘ Clash of the Two Americas ’. He hosts ‘ Connecting the Dots ’ on TNT Radio, ‘ Breaking History ’ on Badlands Media, and ‘ The Great Game ’ on Rogue News.

Matthew Ehret: Kissinger’s role as a midwife to Satan
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