More Than One Way To Deal With Sociopaths of the CoviDian Cult More Than One Way To Deal With Sociopaths of the CoviDian Cult Every day of 2020 has been a day of local, state, and federal governments abuse of power, such as never directly experienced before in the USA. Never in the history of the USA, have low life criminal elements of western society been allowed this amount of power over the people of the USA. Never have state governors been allowed nearly unlimited free reign to purposely destroy a states economy, ruin the livelihood of multi-millions of individuals, and then have the gall to try and lock down those same constituents - restricting freedom of movement, the right to earn a living, the right of assembly, or the right to buy and sell at given locations without wearing a face mask covering. The CoviDian criminal cult, will of course tell their victims: "it is for your own good, and WE must protect you from a deadly virus". How many more REAL DOCTORS do we need to come forward, and testify from long years of experience, the CoviDian cult excuses for medical tyranny are total bullshit, even on the best days? No matter how many real medical experts step up and excoriate the ignorance of the medical mafia or the CoviDian cult, the lockdown measures just become more harsh, and even more repressive and restrictive to the liberties of the American people. The MEDICAL MAFIA, the criminal lockstep media, corrupt public health departments, and useless, parasitic politicians enforce the idiocy of unlawful tyrannical measures, by pumping out fear porn, and cooked up numbers of deaths due to the 'deadly covid virus'. Federal, State and local governments who falsely claim to be serving the people, have now become overt tyrannical terrorist organizations. The very foundational norms of the American system of government, as a representative republic, where power is ONLY GRANTED to representatives of the people, for the people, and by the people, is being usurped for the benefit of self-serving sociopath elements. Rogue, socially destructive elements, in association with corrupt federal, state, and local officials have USURPED and ABUSED their allocated positions of power to a point where their actions can no longer be ignored, tolerated, or accepted. The recent attempted theft of the 2020 election by criminal elements in the public and private sectors, is but a symptom of a very sick system of corporatist grifters some would call 'government'. ------------------- The MAJOR POINTS OF CONTENTION which affect nearly every living American today, are specifically: (1) Major segments of the economy purposely destroyed. Specifically small businesses destroyed by political mandate, while multinational corporations are allowed to remain in business, and fill in the gap left by the small business person who is arrested and jailed for attempting to practice commerce on a smaller scale. (2) The Cov-ID PLANN-DEMIC FRAUD being used as a weapon by PUBLIC SECTOR PARASITES to terrorize WE the People into submission, as the public sector completely destroys our Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. (3) FAKE, MEANINGLESS PCR TESTS where ANYONE can test positive for the common cold virus, who are then encouraged to panic and cut themselves off from society. (4) Mandatory social distancing that divides the Human species in favor of rule by a 2nd species, destroyer class consisting of non-human degenerates. (5) Development and deployment of truly deadly vaccines, as a node of profit for criminal pharmaceutical corporations, who operate with impunity worldwide. (6) Growing list of governors, local, state, and federal employees who are openly subservient to a globalist power structure, and more specifically, recognizing United Nations mandates as supreme law, over and above their lawful position of exercising power granted to them ONLY by the American people. --------------- With all the YEARS of planning for globalist take over of every segment of the American economy, the globalist scum have overlooked one factor that plays a huge role in the success or failure of their devious plans. The criminal public sector terrorist parasites seem to be forgetting something: MONEY and POWER In the USA, there is a SYSTEM of PRODUCERS in the PRIVATE SECTOR, and NON-PRODUCERS in the PUBLIC SECTOR. The PUBLIC SECTOR depends on the PRIVATE SECTOR FOR the DAILY BREAD, and SURVIVAL OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR. The PUBLIC SECTOR: ( Federal government, Local government, County government, State Government, Schools, universities, Colleges, Cities, States, Towns, Townships, Police Departments, County Sheriffs, Fire Departments, Counties, Villages, Public Utilities, Insurance Companies, etc, ) The ABOVE AGENCIES ALL DERIVE FUNDING TO OPERATE BY SIPHONING OFF OF REVENUE PRODUCED BY WORKERS AND BUSINESS OPERATORS IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR. What SEPARATES a PRIVATE SECTOR entity from A PUBLIC SECTOR entity, is the role in the system of who pays whom, and how SURVIVAL revenue IS derived. The Achilles Heel of the public sector - is the PUBLIC SECTOR DOES NOT PRODUCE ANYTHING. Everything public sector grifters have to work with, must be taken from the PRIVATE SECTOR - because PRIVATE SECTOR INDIVIDUALS are the ONLY ONES WHO ACTUALLY PRODUCE ANYTHING. In order to survive as a power, the PUBLIC SECTOR NEEDS THE COOPERATION OF THE PRODUCERS IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR. Although most federal politicians, most state governors, most cops, and most federal, state, or local public health officials today picture themselves as authoritarian Little Caesars, the simple fact is that without someone else producing REVENUE that PAYS THEIR SALARY, their position COULD NOT EXIST. HOW MUCH OF YOUR PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY DO YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THESE PUBLIC SECTOR TERRORISTS EVERY DAY? How much sales tax do you pay for goods purchased? How much gasoline tax do you pay for driving a vehicle? How about those state 'licensing fees' for the vehicle you paid for, or a license to 'do business' in a given state or locality? How much do you pay for 'insurance' to drive your vehicle? How much do you pay for payroll tax on the money you earn? How much do you pay for village tax, county tax, state tax, federal income tax, or SSI, or FICA tax? What about government sanctioned parasites such as H&R Block, tax accountants, et al, whose ONLY function is to parasite off the producers in the PRIVATE SECTOR on behalf of an even BIGGER, NON-PRODUCING parasite known as the Internal Revenue Service? Why, in Gods name, would any rational PRODUCER in the PRIVATE SECTOR continue to support these terrorist a-holes, WHO ARE LITERALLY DESTROYING THE FABRIC OF AMERICAN SOCIETY, while attempting to ENSLAVE anyone who IS NOT THEM - BY ALLOWING THESE TERRORIST A-HOLES ACCESS TO ONE PENNY OF WHAT YOU PRODUCE IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR? I've really had enough of these NON-PRODUCING, God damned parasites telling me what to do and when to do it. Hence, if a government official claims it has the authority to lock me, down in my home, then I have the authority NOT to pay a property tax bill when it arrives. Oh, and that mortgage payment, where I pay 80% interest and 20% principle - we'll just forgo that until the parasite public sector gets off my back, and begs me for money. Since the government is doing nothing but terrorizing me, that quarterly filing I used to do with the IRS, probably won't happen anymore. That electric bill? Nope, not paying that either, and neither am I dishing out cash for the water bill anymore. How about that cell phone bill? BIG TECH expects me to pay them, to destroy my DNA with a 5G microwave signal, after the Goddamn pharmaceutical terrorists inject me with receptors, from a mandatory vaccination order comes from a non-producing, public sector, self-serving parasite sociopath. Not gonna happen... All those medical bills I get that insurance racket parasites won't pay? Lets see: The Medical Mafia insists on terrorizing the American people in the name of PROFIT, and working in conjunction with other non-producing political parasites to develop a medical enslavement system society. The Medical Mafia gets HUGE PAYOFFS FROM FEDERAL PARASITES, and PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATIONS for every new 'case' of 'CovID' they declare - no matter WHAT THE REAL ILLNESS MAY BE. So it is in the BEST INTEREST OF THE MEDICAL MAFIA terrorists to keep the 'deadly virus' fear porn moving against the producers in the PRIVATE SECTOR. Consensus: No more money WASTED on health insurance premiums for insurance company parasites. Starve the NON PRODUCING medical mafia, state, local, and federal parasites to death. There is more than one way to deal with sociopaths of the Covidian cult.

More Than One Way To Deal With Sociopaths of the CoviDian Cult