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Philippines notifies WHO it rejects the amendments to International Health Regulations “in toto” On Tuesday, the House of Representatives (“HOR”) of the Republic of the Philippines passed a resolution to reject the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHR”) adopted by the World Health Assembly (“WHA”) on 27 May 2022.  Additionally, the resolution rejected proposed amendments that are “currently being negotiated in secret” by the WHA and due for adoption by member states in May 2024. Immediately following the passing of this resolution, Representative S. Dan Fernandez, who submitted the resolution to the HOR and is also the Chairman of the Public Order and Safety Committee, notified WHO in writing that the Philippines House of Representatives rejects the IHR amendments adopted in 2022. In May 2022 the WHA quietly agreed to reduce the period during which nations have to opt out of future amendments to the IHR. For nations to retain the longer 18-month period previously allowed for nations to opt out, countries needed to send WHO a short note that they are opting out of the amendments decided by the WHA in 2022 before 1 December 2023. In November, the Philippines HOR rejected this amendment and went further. It also rejected the proposed IHR amendments due for adoption by WHO member states in May 2024. At the time of writing, the latest resolution to be uploaded onto HOR’s website is HR01463 dated 13 November.  However, as reported by citizen journalist and data scientist Super Sally 888, on 28 November resolution HR1490, which had been submitted by Rep. Fernandez and then adopted by the House of Representatives, was filed.  The resolution states: It is hereby resolved by the House of Representatives to urge the Government to reject the amendments to the International Health Regulations adopted on 27 May 2022, and the proposed amendments that are currently being negotiated in secret and due for adoption in May 2024 as they pose a threat to public order and safety, being violative of well-established health protocols and prejudicial to our fundamental democratic principles. With the Deadline for Rejection of the WHO IHRS Looming, Hon. Representative Fernandez has issued HR1490 Urging Rejection, Super Sally 888, 29 November 2023 The Philippines Congress is made up of the lower house, the House of Representatives, and the upper house, the Senate.  In the Philippines, resolutions fall into one of three categories: Joint resolutions – require approval from the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the signature of the President. They have the force and effect of a law once approved. Concurrent resolutions – used for matters affecting operations of both chambers and must be approved in the same form by both. These are not transmitted to the President; hence, they do not have the same force and effect of a law. Simple resolutions – deal with matters entirely within one of the chambers. As such, these are not referred to the President and do not have the force and effect of a law. It’s unclear which type of resolution HR1490 falls into but presumably, it is a concurrent resolution as WHO diktats will affect the functioning of both houses. To not miss WHO’s deadline, as Chairman of the Public Order and Safety Committee, on 28 November Rep. Fernandez notified WHO in writing of the HOR’s decision: We are writing to inform you that we hereby reject in toto the amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations … that were adopted by the 75th World Health Assembly on 27 May 2022. One of the reasons given for the rejection of the 2022 IHR amendments was that the HOR had only recently opened an investigation into excess deaths relating to the response to the covid pandemic. “This congressional inquiry may still not be completed by the 77th World Health Assembly at the end of May 2024, which is the target date for the adoption of the substantial 300+ IHR amendments,” Rep. Fernandez told WHO’s Dictator-General-in-waiting. Below are images of Rep. Fernandez’s letter on behalf of the HOR taken from the article ‘With the Deadline for Rejection of the WHO IHRS Looming, Hon. Representative Fernandez has issued HR1490 Urging Rejection. He has also sent a Rejection Letter to the WHO from the HOR in his position’ as published by Super Sally 888. Will the Bill Gates-funded WHO accept notification from the Philippines HOR? The IHR states: The Constitution of WHO confers upon the World Health Assembly the authority to adopt regulations “designed to prevent the international spread of disease” which, after adoption by the Health Assembly, enter into force for all WHO Member States that do not affirmatively opt out of them within a specified time period. [pg. 1] These Regulations shall enter into force 24 months after the date of notification referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, except for: (a) a State that has rejected these Regulations or an amendment thereto in accordance with Article 61. [pg. 36] Article 61 Rejection: If a State notifies the Director-General of its rejection of these Regulations or of an amendment thereto within the period provided in paragraph 1 of Article 59, these Regulations or the amendment concerned shall not enter into force with respect to that State. Any international sanitary agreement or regulations listed in Article 58 to which such State is already a party shall remain in force as far as such State is concerned. [pg. 37] International Health Regulations (2005), Third Edition, 2016 The IHR provides for nominating “National IHR Focal Points” and “IHR Contact Points” (for implementing IHR health measures); and, “State Parties” (to detect, assess, notify and report events according to the IHR).  However, the IHR does not use these terms in the context of rejecting or opting out of the Regulations.  Instead, the terms “State” or “Member State” when referring to opting out or rejection of the IHR. It is a challenge, to say the least, to find any information on WHO’s website regarding from which representatives of member states Tedros the Terrorist will accept notification that a country “affirmatively opts out within a specified time.” For example, the UK’s engagement with WHO is officially managed by the Department of Health and Social Care (“DHSC”). Does that mean WHO would only accept notification from the UK if it was issued by DHSC?  The system is so corrupted that it would not be surprising for WHO officials to use any excuse to ignore and gaslight opt-out notices from officials who represent a country. In the case of the Philippines, Super Sally 888 noted: “[Rep. Fernandez’s] letter is not, alone, sufficient for the Philippines to reject the IHR amendments; formal notification must also come from the Office of the President [or] Department of Foreign Affairs. However, the House Resolution 1490, and the letter to the WHO issued on HOR letterhead [will] push the issue. The President will need to take a stand!” Filipino Patriots have begun a petition to the Government of the Republic of the Philippines.  It calls on Filipino government leaders and public officials to defend the Filipino people against the threatened dictatorship and medical martial law that will be imposed by WHO through the amendments to the IHR.  For those who are Filipino, you can read and sign the petition HERE. For all peoples of the world, a petition has been started on Citizen Go to the delegates of WHO’s upcoming Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (“INB”) negotiations.  The petition states: The upcoming Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) meeting set to take place this coming 4-6 December will uncover whether there is “sufficient” global consensus to ratify the Pandemic Accord across member states. The urgency to act is now, as the next Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) meeting is just a week from now. Will you sign to oppose this totalitarian power grab? Add your voice by signing our petition today. Urgent Call to Action: Block the Pandemic Treaty NOW, 23 November 2023

Philippines notifies WHO it rejects the amendments to International Health Regulations “in toto”
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