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See a dentist at your own peril.

LEN BER MD This is not Browning Motion (LOL). This is not bacteria, which have metabolic needs of evolved biology. This is technology (200x, phase-contrast microscopy). I called this technology KAMS (Kinetically Active Micro Structures) as placeholder for what I am observing. Where do they get energy from? I suspect, from the electromagnetic field they are surrounded with, as suggested by various patents (i.e metallic nanoparticles ), and/or by applying Teslaphoresis to CNTs (carbon nanotubes). Whatever it might be, this is not a behavior of evolved bacteria.

Carbocaine is a product of Abbot Pharma.

Notice, in the second video all adjacent Red Blood Cells have been emptied out and filled with these particles ( see the “empty shell hypothesis” substack ). KAMS are still moving among the invaded and disfigured shells of erythrocytes. How do I know the technology is coming from Carbocaine? Here is my reasoning: 1. Yes, KAMS are observable in blood smears (prepared from both vaccinated and
unvaccinated subjects). However, they remain kinetic only up to 2 weeks or so, and the
percentage of emptied RBC is about 30%. 2. But when blood and Carbocaine are mixed at the 1:1 ratio, KAMS keep moving up to
108 days (and going), and 100% of RBC end up emptied. So, here is where we are. My findings have been independently confirmed by Dr. David Nixon using dark-filed microscopy. This is an interim report. I thought 100 days would be an appropriate landmark to “celebrate” but I overshot by 8 days…

See a dentist at your own peril.
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