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Tedros the Terrorist urges countries to launch propaganda campaigns to foist WHO’s Pandemic Treaty o Ethiopian terrorist and human rights abuser Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus inverts the truth and outright lies about the Pandemic Treaty in an attempt to get countries to assist him in “actively countering false narratives.” As Reclaim the Net noted : “Tedros seems to be trying to not only persuade countries about ‘fake news, lies, conspiracy theories’ around this issue but also to get them to launch propaganda campaigns in favour of the accord, ASAP.” Opponents have been warning for some time that the Pandemic Treaty or Accord aims to introduce surveillance tools, effectively facilitate censorship, and undermine a country’s sovereignty in the decision-making processes during a health crisis by transferring several powers to the UN. “Some argue that this agreement will undermine a country’s sovereignty by giving power to the World Health Organisation (WHO) … it is important to make it clear that these claims are completely unfounded, untrue, nonsense and have no basis in reality,” Tedros the Terrorist tweeted. This latest tweet comes about two weeks after he issued a plea to parliamentarians to support WHO’s efforts to bring the amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHR”) and the Pandemic Treaty to a timely conclusion, by the 2024 World Health Assembly in May. Below is Tedros the Terrorist’s tweet urging countries to tackle “false narratives” about the Pandemic Accord.  Although Tedros only mentions the Pandemic Accord/Treaty in his tweet, we should remember that WHO is working on two instruments that will expand its powers and role in declared health emergencies and pandemics. The first involves proposed amendments to the existing IHR. The second is a new “treaty” that has a similar intent to the IHR amendments.  The pandemic prevention, preparedness and response treaty or accord is officially referred to as “WHO CA+.” To set the record straight and so there is no doubt or confusion caused by Tedros the Terrorist’s propaganda, we follow his tweet with Dr. Meryl Nass’ eight items of major concern regarding WHO’s proposed treaty and amendments to the IHR. For a more detailed explanation of why everyone is concerned about WHO’s attempted power grab you can read another of Dr. Nass’ recent articles HERE. Tweet by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus We find ourselves in a time where fake news, lies, conspiracy theories, misinformation and disinformation are rampant. There are individuals who, whether they genuinely believe it or not spreading false claims about the pandemic accord that require our attention. Some argue that this agreement will undermine a country’s sovereignty by giving power to the World Health Organisation (WHO). They claim that the WHO will be able to impose lockdowns or vaccine mandates on countries. However, it is important to make it clear that these claims are completely unfounded, untrue, nonsense and have no basis in reality. To be clear, the accord does not grant the WHO any such authority. I strongly urge all countries involved in the pandemic negotiations to actively counter these false narratives. It is important for them to communicate with their own citizens, assuring them that this agreement explicitly protects their country’s sovereignty. There should be no room for doubt or confusion in this matter. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Twitter, 8 November 2023 Eight Items of Major Concern Regarding WHO’s Proposed Pandemic Treaty and Amendments to the International Health Regulations By Dr. Meryl Nass 1 .  Biological warfare agent proliferation. The treaty and the proposed amendments instruct nations that they must perform surveillance for potential pandemic pathogens, build or maintain sequencing labs, and both share actual specimens with the WHO (where a BioHub has been created for this purpose) and also share the sequences online.  This demands the proliferation of biological weapons agents – which I believe is a crime (based on my interpretation of Security Council Resolution 1540 and the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention).             1 a.  The 2 June 2023 “Bureau text” version of the treaty also called for nations performing gain-of-function research to reduce “administrative impediments” to the work.  In other words, restrictions on the research should be relaxed, which would make lab leaks more likely to occur. This paragraph was removed from the 30 October 2023 version of the treaty. 2.  Giving the WHO a blank check to create new rules in the future The treaty calls for a Conference of Parties and a new WHO Secretariat to be created in the future that will make rules for how the pandemic prevention and response apparatus will work – which provides essentially a blank, signed contract to the WHO to create whatever rules it wants. 3.  Liability-free vaccines developed at warp speed will be produced The treaty calls for rapid vaccine development /production and shaving time off all aspects of vaccine development, testing and manufacture.  This requires vaccines to be used without licenses, and the treaty calls for nations to have laws in place to issue Emergency Use Authorisations for this purpose and to “manage” liability issues.  See ‘The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics’ for more information about this.  The US, EU and others have specifically called for 100-day vaccine development and an additional 30 days for production of pandemic vaccines.  This would allow for no meaningful human testing. 4.  Human rights guarantees have been removed in the new amendments The amendments removed “human rights, dignity and freedom of persons” from the existing IHR language.  Following complaints, this phrase was later inserted into the Treaty – but the treaty may not be accepted in 2024.  Meanwhile, the amendments require only a simple majority to pass, are being written in secret, and so it is likely that the most problematic issues will be found in the amendments. 5.  Social media surveillance and censorship of citizens is required Both the amendments and the treaty call for nation states to perform surveillance of their citizens’ social media, and to censor and prevent the spread of information that does not conform to the WHO’s public health narratives.  Yet the treaty also calls for citizens to be free to access information, while they are to be protected from “infodemics,” which are defined as too much information. Citizens must also be stopped from spreading misinformation and disinformation.  6.  We may not learn what is in the amendments until after they are passed The amendments have been negotiated entirely in secret for the past nine months, while there have been multiple consecutive drafts of the pandemic treaty released to the public during that time.  And while the negotiated amendments were to be tabled for public review in January, the WHO’s principal legal officer has provided a legal fig leaf to avoid the obligation of making them public 4 months ahead of the vote.  Will the public even see the amendments before a vote on them occurs? Why is there such secrecy regarding the proposed amendments? 7.  The WHO Director-General could become your personal physician According to the proposed amendments, the WHO Director-General would be able to commandeer and move medical supplies from one country to another, decide what treatments can be used, and restrict the use of other treatments. 8.  When will the WHO be able to use its newly minted powers? The amendments will come into force after a declaration of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (“PHEIC”) is made.  However, a declaration of a potential PHEIC will also trigger these powers.  The powers can be extended even after a PHEIC is over, as we have seen with covid and monkeypox (mpox) declarations by the Director-General.  The treaty will be in force continuously, requiring no declaration or pandemic to confer new powers to the WHO. About the Author Dr. Meryl Nass is a physician and researcher who proved the world’s largest anthrax epidemic was due to biological warfare. She revealed the dangers of the anthrax vaccine. Her license was suspended for prescribing covid medications and covid “misinformation.” She has been disentangling covid disinformation since 2020 and regularly writes articles on her Substack page titled ‘Meryl’s COVID Newsletter’ .  Dr. Nass is also the founder of ‘Door to Freedom’, a website that was created to help us get back our rights and freedoms by collecting lots of relevant information about the changes in our world, in one place.

Tedros the Terrorist urges countries to launch propaganda campaigns to foist WHO’s Pandemic Treaty o
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