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The Israel False Flag Ignites the Great Reset War October 13, 2023 By James Grundvig, AMP News False flag operations serve multifaceted purposes. Big ones like the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing that destroyed evidence on major investigations, from Clinton’s Whitewater bond scandal to Vietnam veterans’ Agent Orange health records, while branding the white “far-right extremist” into public consciousness. Six years later, the 9/11 attacks united the nation while rolling out the liberty-stealing Patriot Act on unsuspecting Americans with the bigger stick in the global War on Terror. [Credit: Montage map image of Hamas paragliders made by James Grundvig] In the case of the COVID-19 spectacle, the pandemic delivered the opposite of unity by dividing people while cloaking the Cabal’s depopulation agenda vis-à-vis its “vaccinate the world” campaign. As we came to learn, the bioweapon was in the shot; not floating in the air. In August, the DEW fires on Maui and Lahaina cleared oceanfront property for the globalists to erect their smart city paradigm. Will Israel’s ground assault on Northern Gaza, razing the Strip, deliver the same outcome? In each of those events, the false flag operations produce dead and injured victims as part of the ritual, trauma-based psyop for the survivors and witnesses. As such, the elites wield fear to control the masses. They know fear, driven by deception, produces a potent cocktail for brainwashing large swaths of the global village. NETANYAHU’S FEAR The success of the Israeli false flag war that broke out last weekend, drove all the Democrat and Deep State bad news off the air and front page of mainstream news while leaving Ukraine’s Zelensky in the lurch without sponsors. * The former hot stories a week ago included: * Ousting of Majority Speaker Kevin McCarthy * Nancy Pelosi kicked out of her secret lair in the Capitol Building * Donald Trump nominated for Speaker of the House * The Ukraine secret funding scandal * Congress budget corruption * U.S. government shutdown * Biden regime’s 180-degree policy reversal on porous U.S. borders * Blue cities waving surrender flags due to the alien invasion of sanctuary cities * Division between NATO states over support for or against Ukraine * Ukrainian soldiers surrendering and abandoning the lost war * FEMA emergency alert system test * U.S. national debt blowing $275 billion in one day The Israel false flag also buried the political tectonic shift announcement on Monday, October 9, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. , leaving the corrupt Democrat Party to become an Independent presidential candidate. That’s some list of bad news that vanished in the dust of the Hamas paragliders. The Israel-Palestine conflict buried all those stories and more down the memory hole. [Credit: @news_kodkodgroup] Just two months ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faced a reckoning with the people of Israel when they protested the new government’s “fascist” reforms that would allow parliament to override supreme court decisions. On top of that bridge too far, Netanyahu’s Deep State corruption was about to come under severe public scrutiny. In an instant, all that Israeli political upheaval was swept away when the Hamas stormtroopers glided over the Gaza Strip border wall into Southern Israel. The motorized paragliders swarmed into an outside rave concert and Israeli military bases without resistance or return fire, as seen here and here . Changing the Narrative One of the sleights of hand tricks the Cabal uses, through its all-encompassing control of the Big Media, is the ability to run false flags to “change the narrative.” That tool, when executed well, will bury the lead of the bad news stories, deflect attention away from real public threats, unveil the puppet masters pulling the political strings, and redirect people to focus on the new crisis of the moment to solve and worry about. Last Saturday, when Hamas paragliders flew 40 km over the border wall at the Gaza Strip, other militants used a frontend loader to smash open a razor-wire fence without friction from Israeli defenses. How could that happen along the newly fortified border wall with Gaza? Last year, Israel completed a 40-mile-long, underground barrier to prevent Hamas from tunneling from Gaza into Israel. So again, how did the all-seeing Israelis drop their guard? They didn’t. They allowed the invasion to take place. Thus, the scent of false flag wafted through the air in the early hours of the breach. Some of it was staged; other parts were real. For one to believe that one of the most surveilled and fortified demilitarized zones in the world, where two million people live quarantined, controlled by the terrorist organization, Resistance Movement (“HAMAS”), since 2007 suffered multiple defense lapses is to accept that dementia Joe Biden as an astute master of negotiations and your savior. None of it is plausible or logical. But that didn’t stop an old headline from being retooled and batted about by the Israeli government and IDF for their security blindness (aka red carpet) they labeled as a “catastrophic intelligence failure.” Oh, really? In 2001, the FBI and CIA, parroted by mainstream media, used those three same words to explain the security holes and lapses in the 9/11 attacks. Senator Ron Paul’s 2009 speech on the House floor, points to another old time. That the unholy trinity of the CIA, MI6, and Mossad created, trained, funded, and unleashed al Qaeda’s Mujahideen, ISIS, and Hamas, among others. Paul decried his opposition to then bill H.R. 34, “Israel created Hamas.” [Israeli leaflets rain down on Northern Gaza instructing Palestinian people to vacate the Strip in 24 hours before the IDF launches the ground assault.] What Should People Accept as Truth? The same players who produced the same terrorist script for 9/11 and C19 expecting the same results from the now awakened class—thank you, Covid!—are sheep baaing in the wind. Alert patriots now know better than to blindly trust mainstream media and swallow the gall and gullibility of the “official story” projected by the Cabal puppets in the Biden regime and Netanyahu’s new emergency government and war cabinet Don’t forget… They lied about 9/11. They lied about COVID-19. They lied about masks and social distancing. They lied about the vaccines being “safe and effective.” They lied about Russia, Putin, Trump, and Ukraine, too. In 2023, they are lying about turbo cancers killing people and myocarditis destroying hearts in once healthy young men. Atrocity Propaganda Should we continue to accept the lies? What about the fiction of the 40 babies purportedly beheaded by Hamas? That was a grand lie as a part of the atrocity propaganda being carried out by both sides. Such lies become dangerous stunts that put innocent people’s lives in danger. You only have to look at the stabbing of the Israeli ambassador in China today, October 13, the day of “Global Jihad,” to see a shattering of restraint and morality. We are living in very dangerous times. Israeli Ambassador Stabbed in China The Israel war false flag represents the second to last phase of the Great Reset. After that, the “motherWEFers” will deliver the cyber-polygon crisis, with cyberattacks on energy grids and communications networks. We will go dark at some point. Throw that into the mix with the overhang of the global financial crash that will crack and sheer off the mountain in an avalanche of debt and the liquidity crisis will freeze the flow of money. Once that happens, all businesses and transactions will come to a screeching halt. It will be an event so epic, dark, and terrifying that it will shock the masses awake. Finally, know that people, institutions, corporations, and governments will not set you free or protect you. They are the ones inciting the mayhem and resetting trigger points. Only the “truth will set you free.”

The Israel False Flag Ignites the Great Reset War
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