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The mobilization has begun: The mobilization has begun: Military Green Berets, committed to upholding the United States Constitution against foreign threats and safeguarding U.S. soil, are leading a coalition comprising current and former military personnel, law enforcement officers, militias, and others, totaling 34,000 Oath Keepers, into Texas. Their mission is to defend the Constitution and rise against the Deep State apparatus controlled by elites such as the Davos Group, CIA, Carnegie Endowment, and figures from the Obama and Biden administrations. Presently, over 700,000 truckers and caravans are en route to Texas to reinforce this effort, aligning with military personnel and the Texas National Guard to oppose the Biden administration and the Davos/UN agenda, which seeks to dismantle U.S. borders through illegal and unconstitutional means, posing a clear and imminent threat of invasion. This resistance also targets the trafficking of bioweapons by entities like the CCP, CIA, and Mexican cartels, including the circulation of fentanyl laced with tranquilizers, a deliberate bioweapon tactic that has claimed American lives. Additionally, it addresses the heinous crime of human trafficking, with over 85,000 missing children trafficked in the past two years, facilitated by corrupt elements within the U.S. government and the Biden administration. Over half of the U.S. governors have now joined the fight against the Biden administration's collusion with the Davos Group, WEF, and other foreign entities. More than 25 states support the operations led by the Texas Green Berets, deploying their National Guard units in solidarity. On the domestic front, Military Green Berets are coordinating communications for nationwide action, defying tyranny and highlighting ongoing military operations worldwide. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, a global movement of people and patriots, spanning from Germany to New Zealand, is silently supported by covert military operations and intelligence. The Army Special Forces Green Berets, established by JFK, were designed to combat domestic totalitarianism and defend citizens against government oppression, a vision that resonates today as Green Berets, alongside National Guard units, law enforcement, and over 34,000 oath-keeping military personnel, mobilize to defend the nation. Led by "Doc" Pete Chambers, the Texas division is spearheading these efforts, while similar operations in California and Arizona aim to bolster border defenses against the agendas of elite groups like the Davos Group, CIA, Obama administration, and others. Doc Chambers emphasizes the role of these elites in controlling government operations and highlights coordinated military actions in Europe. Urging U.S. citizens to join local movements and engage in peaceful protests, he stresses the importance of maintaining peace in the face of attempts by the Deep State cabal and mainstream media to stoke civil unrest and racial tensions. As globalist tyranny looms, it is crucial for peace-loving patriots to stand united against it, resisting provocations for conflict and embracing peaceful means to support their country. David Wilcock

The mobilization has begun:
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