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Vaccine injury, from all vaccines, is far more widespread than people realise We assume that when you inject a vaccine, it’s not going to hurt you. We also assume it’s going to give you immunity.  Neither of those is true. Vaccine injury, from all vaccines, is much more widespread than we are giving it credit for according to Dr. Larry Palevsky. Dr. Larry Palevsky is an American paediatrician who runs the Northport Wellness Centre .  On 19 February 2020, he gave testimony to the Connecticut Public Health Committee Public Hearing. You can read the transcript for the full Public Health Committee hearing held on 19 February 2020 HERE and we have embedded a video of his testimony at the end of this article.  The following are excerpts from Dr. Palevsky’s testimony; for ease of reading, we have not put his words between quotes.  One of the assumptions that we heard is that high vaccinations protect those vulnerable and it reduces the probability of those people vaccinated spreading the germ to others. Never once in my 37 years have I ever seen a study that showed that a vaccination makes the bacteria or the virus disappear from the body of those who were vaccinated. We are told that unvaccinated children are the only children and the only people who are capable of spreading germs. But that’s not true either because vaccinated children can still spread germs. They can still carry the bacteria and viruses that we vaccinate against and so can adults. Adults can also carry the bacteria and viruses that we vaccinate against. We are told that when you vaccinate, the bacteria and the virus completely disappear from the earth. Well, they don’t. They change activity, they may mutate and you heard before that the measles virus doesn’t mutate. Well, it does … And even those who are vaccinated can still carry them and transmit them. We heard that vaccines are unequivocally safe. We have a public health crisis in our midst, chronic illness, brain damage and neurodevelopmental disability … There are chemicals in the vaccines that are shown in animal studies to contribute to this kind of brain inflammation that we are turning our backs on and we are creating many of these children and we are ignoring it for the sake of continuing to vaccinate. The kind of aluminium that we put into vaccines is a different kind of aluminium that we see environmentally. [It] is called a nanoparticle … We know that the biochemical properties of nanoparticles are that they are capable of entering the brain. Do they get in the brain? No one has ever studied it but animal studies using the same chemicals that are in vaccines that we give to children, directly demonstrate that the vaccine ingredients do enter the brain. There are scientists in Europe who have actually done studies on the aluminium nanoparticle and have shown that it can persist in the brain for years and decades. And so, what we are seeing is a large outbreak of neurodevelopmental disabilities in adults including Alzheimer’s. And one of the main factors that they’re finding in the brains of people without Alzheimer’s is the aluminium nanoparticle that’s directly related to the vaccines that we’re giving. So, we have never studied whether the aluminium that we’re giving in vaccines gets into the brain and we have never measured whether it stays in the brain and what it does if it does stay in the brain. But we do know that vaccines are supposed to cause inflammation in the body but we have more than half of our children with chronic inflamed conditions and we have never allowed ourselves to ask the question if the vaccines cause inflammation acutely, do they continue to create inflammation chronically? We have 1 in 5 with neurodevelopmental disabilities, 1 in 10 with ADD and ADHD, 1 in 35 with autism, 1 in 11 with asthma, and 1 in 20 under the age of 5 with seizures. Autoimmune disease is exponentially rising and we are finding that the viruses and the bacteria that we are injecting into the body along with the adjuvants, create something called molecular mimicry which means the body sees those viruses, thinking that it’s foreign but finds pieces of those viruses that match pieces of the cell and the immune system doesn’t differentiate between what it’s been told to reject and itself. So, it will turn the immune system on itself leading to an autoimmune condition. We know this about Hepatitis B, we know it about the Gardasil vaccine and we know it about the flu vaccine, and we continue to say unequivocally that the vaccines have been studied effectively and that they’re safe and that’s just not true. There have been numerous studies done by people outside the mainstream medical community who have attempted to look at what happens to the nanoparticle when it’s intended into the body. They have found that not only does it penetrate the brain but it persists for years. There have been studies looking at the brains of people who had autism and those who didn’t and compared the percentage of aluminium and it was exponentially larger in those with autism than those who had no neurodevelopmental disabilities. Aluminium is not in vaccines in a vacuum … in every vaccine where you see an aluminium nanoparticle, it is accompanied by polysorbate 80 … Polysorbate 80 can pass through the brain when it binds very tightly to aluminium … There is another chemical in the vaccines called 2-phenoxyethanol which disrupts the health of the cell membranes of the body. We know that aluminium as a nanoparticle can destroy mitochondria and mitochondrial disease is one of the basic pathophysiological findings in people with chronic inflammatory conditions. We also know that the aluminium nanoparticle can destroy the waste product removers of the cells, called the lysosomes … Therefore, you are increasing the potential for chronic inflammatory conditions. Polysorbate 80 can go right through the cell membrane. 2-phenoxyethanol can destroy the cell membrane and allow material to go into … areas where it shouldn’t go in. There is a difference between what you inhale and what you ingest and what you inject. What you inhale and what you ingest has the capacity for the immune system along the airway and the immune system along the 26 feet of intestines in children plus the liver to eliminate that before it gets into the body. But when you deliver it through an injection, 100 per cent of it gets in. And so, when you hear millions of parents … saying my child was fine and then deteriorated pretty badly, and you have millions of parents hearing from their physician that had nothing to do with the vaccine, but the parent saw it right in front of them, it’s our job to say is there something in the vaccines that actually can penetrate the brain that can disrupt the mitochondria, that can destroy the lysosomes. We assume that when you inject the vaccine, it’s not going to hurt you. We also assume it will give you immunity and neither of those is true. In over 21 years of actually watching the health of vaccinated children in the same community as the health of unvaccinated children, I don’t see nearly as many chronic inflammatory conditions in those who are unvaccinated as I do in those who are vaccinated … Vaccine injury is much more widespread than we are giving it credit for. Dr. Larry Palevsky: Connecticut ‘Public Health Committee Public Hearing’, 19 February 2020 (28 mins) If the video above is removed from YouTube you can watch it on Bitchute HERE and Rumble HERE .

Vaccine injury, from all vaccines, is far more widespread than people realise
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