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WEF and WHO threaten “Disease X” The Final Push for the Pandemic Treaty and Bill Gates “Final Solution.” The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting starts next week in Davos where they w’ll give centre stage to their unelected health counterparts to warn about a non-existent virus that they claim could be twenty times worse than COVID. The Unelected WEF and WHO are priming “Disease X” in final push for Pandemic Treaty and are joining forces to persuade world leaders to relinquish their sovereignty in preparation for a nonexistent virus they claim “could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic.” Could this be the “pandemic that will get everyone’s attention” that Bill Gates gleefully warned of and is it the time Bill Gates “Final Solution” is ushered in? Preparing For Disease X, Again. The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus will share the stage on January 17 with WEF Executive Committee member, Shyam Bishen, are preparing to be at a forum on January 17th  titled  “Preparing for Disease X.” However, we know that the NWO crew have been preparing to terrorise the masses with “Disease X” for quite some time and the Expose reported  at the beginning of August of 2023 the that UK scientists had already began to develop vaccines as an “insurance” against a new pandemic caused by an unknown “Disease X”. Disease X is a placeholder name used by the WHO to describe a disease that is as yet, “unknown to medical science as a cause of human infections” and they were not even sure whether they would introduce it as a virus, a bacterium, a fungus or other agent. Nevertheless, the WHO have been trying to alert us to an “UNKNOWN and surprise disease outbreak” which they say “could spread across the world in as little as 36 hours, killing upwards of 80 million people.” The Vaccine Research Facility Disease X despite being “unidentified” was reported to have had a team of more than 200 scientists from the government’s high security “state of the art facility” in Porton Down, UK carrying out work to prepare for it and the facility is run by the UK Health Security Agency who “have drawn up” what they say are “a threat list of animal viruses that are capable of infecting humans.” ( source ). According to the  Independent scientists were working to “ensure future pandemics are stopped in their tracks and do not cause the same disruption to everyday life as “Covid-19.” It was hoped the facility will help the UK tackle “ disease X ” by enhancing preparedness for yet-to-be-identified pathogens with pandemic potential.” The mRNA Wafer Additional preparations for “Disease X” have also taken place thanks to funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has helped the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to invest $1.2 million in a startup with J urata Thin Film Inc .  to create under-the-tongue vaccine wafers for needle-free vaccines .  CEPI’s mission is to fund the development of “rapid response platforms to develop vaccines against ‘ Disease X ’ We reported about this in December, 2023 see here – Prepping For Disease X – Gates Backed-Group Funds Needle free-mRNA Vaccine-Wafer-Technology Clade X Preparations for Disease X The unelected leaders of the New World Order, have been even more thorough in their preparations, as we would expect and again, as we reported – just as COVID-19 was rehearsed at Event 201, in 2019, prior to the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security had hosted the Clade X pandemic tabletop exercise. On May 15, 2018, in Washington, DC. the US National Security Advisor (NSA) assembled a team of top advisors to discuss the mysterious illness emerging in Germany and Venezuela. Clade X is said to have “illustrated high-level strategic decisions and policies needed to prevent a severe pandemic or diminish its consequences should prevention fail.” and “will educate senior leaders at the highest level of the US government, as well as members of the global policy and preparedness community and the general public” The organisers claim that “In addition, exercises like Clade X are a particularly effective way to help policymakers gain a fuller understanding of the urgent challenges they could face in a dynamic, real-world crisis.” Read More Here – Disease X-Was Rehearsed at-Clade-X -Are-We About to See a New Plandemic/ Fresh Warnings Now we have “fresh warnings” writes Mike Campbell author of The Counter Signal . who adds, that “According to the event description, “There are fresh warnings from the World Health Organization that an unknown ‘Disease X’ could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic.” and ask “What novel efforts are needed to prepare healthcare systems for the multiple challenges ahead?”  Source The following is an excerpt from the article in the Counter Signal WEF and WHO threaten “Disease X” in final push for Pandemic Treaty. The WEF has been a  proponent  of the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty, with the goal of obtaining a “legally binding agreement” between the U.N. health agency’s 194 member countries, including Canada. Dr McCullough posted on the X platform “Disease X” is a concept, to create a pathogen (virus, bacteria, etc) in order to generate highly profitable, government purchases vaccines which are administered to the whole world, over and over again, the business plan of @CEPIvaccines formed by WEF and Gates Foundation. Source The WEF and WHO have both downplayed the concerns from citizens and politicians who note that the Pandemic Treaty would result in countries ceding power to unelected Non-Governmental Organizations. The WHO claims that governments are leading the negotiations and are free to reject the accord.However the 2024 Davos meetings are an attempt to have them do just the opposite. The WHO has been  calling  for member states, including Canada, to finalize their pandemic treaty — and pitch in more money for “when the next pandemic strikes.” The WHO recently partnered with the European Union to create a globalized digital vaccine passport system for future pandemics. The development happened within a year after the White House, on behalf of all G20 countries, declared support for the WHO to facilitate universal  vaccine passports .   Source Failure To Comply Could Result In Sanctions Ghebreyesus has previously denied that a Pandemic Treaty would force countries to comply with its regulations, but he’s also  threatened  sanctions for countries that don’t do so. The WEF has also  stated  that it’s “not yet clear what happens if the measures are not followed.” In December 2023, Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico vehemently  denounced  the WHO, calling it a Big Pharma creation that seeks to control governments. Source . The Final Solution Three years ago a video was circulating where we heard Bill Gates say “then the final solution which is a year and a/ two years off is the vaccine. So we’ve gotta go full Speed ahead on all three fronts”. Now we can probably assume that the preparations for Disease X have been completed over the last few years since at least 2018 and Clade X, and now Bill Gates will be all excited to see his final solution coming to fruition. The Next Pandemic Will Get Attention this Time says Billy Gates, why is he smiling about that?

WEF and WHO threaten “Disease X” The Final Push for the Pandemic Treaty and Bill Gates “Final Solution.”
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