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WHO was devised to control and rule over the world’s population In September last year, Dr Wolgang Wodarg joined Ivor Cummins to discuss how the World Health Organisation was shaped to be used as their instrument for controlling and ruling over the world’s population. The discussion took place shortly before Dr. Wodarg was due to give a presentation at a conference organised by The Doctor’s Appeal (Swedish: Lӓkaruppropet) and Children Health Defense Europe held in Stockholm, Sweden.  You can watch Dr. Wodarg’s presentation at the conference titled ‘The Task Ahead of Us’ HERE . Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is a German pulmonologist, physician, epidemiologist and public health expert who helped uncover the false 2009 swine flu pandemic .  At the time of the exposé, Dr. Wodarg was a Member of the European Parliament (1994-2009). Before moving on to current events, below is a quick reminder of the false 2009 pandemic. In a 2010 report by Channel 4 News exposing the scam, Jon Snow began by stating that the swine flu “pandemic” was one of the greatest medical scandals of the century. Channel 4 News Exposes Swine Flu Scandal in 2010 (3 mins) If you are unable to watch the video above on Rumble, you can watch it on YouTube HERE or Bitchute HERE . Since February 2020, Dr. Wodarg has been warning about the false covid pandemic.  He authored the book ‘ False Pandemic: Arguments Against the Rule of Fear ’ which was released in German and is now available in English.  It reveals the truth behind the pandemic power grab. The World Health Organisation (WHO”) plays a very important role in the global control structure because it defines anything and everything health-related, Dr. Wodarg told Cummins. WHO defines what diseases are through the International Classification of Diseases (“ICD”).  WHO defines what condition is designated as a health emergency through the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) mechanism.  WHO defines what outbreaks are considered a pandemic and defines the measures to prevent, prepare for, and respond to an outbreak declared a pandemic or PHEIC.  For example, WHO defines the means of detecting disease through the use of prescribed PCR tests. WHO doesn’t only define everything to do with pandemics or PHEICs.  It also defines what is considered to be a noncommunicable disease (“NCD”).  This is where WHO’s control over our lives begins to become all-encompassing.  Dr. Wodarg gave examples of heart disease, cancers and drinking too much alcohol as NCDs that the WHO will define and attempt to control. On its webpage titled ‘ Noncommunicable diseases ’, WHO states: “An important way to control NCDs is to focus on reducing the risk factors associated with these diseases. Low-cost solutions exist for governments and other stakeholders to reduce the common modifiable risk factors. Monitoring progress and trends of NCDs and their risk is important for guiding policy and priorities.” The same WHO article states: “People of all age groups, regions and countries are affected by NCDs … These diseases are driven by forces that include rapid unplanned urbanization, globalisation of unhealthy lifestyles and population ageing.”  It goes on to list risk factors, among others, overweight/obesity, tobacco use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, the harmful use of alcohol and air pollution. The cameraman from Big Picture summarised it for us in blunt terms.  Cummins’ commented, “So they’ll use every single thing …” the cameraman interjected, “like a little fat in the ass to you get a pandemic of fatty ass.” “They’re going after everything that makes life work living,” Cummins said with Dr. Wodarg nodding his agreement while still blushing and laughing at the frankness of the cameraman’s summation. Dr. Wodarg has a simple formula that he has developed as an antidote to the global takeover and world control we are witnessing through organisations such as WHO.  The formula is as follows: Where “R” stands for resilience, “T” stands for transparency, “S” stands for size and “C” stands for complexity.  The Globalists do the opposite of what this formula describes, they find ways of inverting this formula so to speak, to implement their plans.  To understand how this formula is applied in the real world, watch the video below.  While we encourage readers to watch the full discussion, for those who are short of time, Dr. Wodarg begins explaining the formula at timestamp 16:20. Ivor Cummins: The Doctor Who Cracked the Code – Wodarg Explains All, 28 December 2023 (27 mins)

WHO was devised to control and rule over the world’s population
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