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World’s first transgender clinic was formed in Germany in 1919 by gay Jewish doctor One of the primary reasons why Naziism swept Germany in the early 20th century is because of the rampant wickedness and perversion that had taken over, including at the hands of homosexual Jewish doctor Magnus Hirschfeld, who created the world's first transgender clinic in Berlin . Known as The Institute for Sexual Research in Berlin, Hirschfeld's transgender clinic was destroyed by the Nazis after they took power, along with many other evils that had infested Germany at the time. Scientific American lamented the downfall of Hirschfeld's clinic in an August 2021 piece, writer Brandy Schillace writing that it "would be a century old if it hadn't fallen victim to Nazi ideology." Boohoo, Schillace. The real story you should have written centers around a gay Jew who polluted Germany and the world with the first-ever body butchery facility where Hirschfeld experimented on hundreds of men by cutting off their genitals and using the skin and tissue to try to reconstruct fake vaginas. This was in 1919, mind you, long before the internet and social media would have polluted people's minds with such abominations. The average person never could have dreamed up such wickedness, but Hirschfeld was apparently no average person. It turns out that Hirschfeld played an influential role in normalizing not just homosexuality but transgenderism and other perversions in German society, a society that eventually tried to snap back from the Pandora's box of everything Hirschfeld unleashed with the rise of Naziism. (Related: Did you know that conservative Jewish icon Ben Shapiro is a product of Israeli intelligence?) German society's response to LGBT perversion was Naziism Hirschfeld wrote a manifesto called The Sexual History of the World War around the time he left his practice and launched a crusade of "justice" for what in modern times has come to be known as the Cult of LGBT. The earliest-known manifestations of transhumanism came from Hirschfeld, who argued that there is a "third sex," and that some people are "non-binary." These people he referred to as "sexual intermediaries," or non-conforming individuals – sound familiar? Hirschfeld was not content simply with homosexuality. He would push the limits of the sexual "spectrum" we hear so much about today, arguing that many people are "transvestites" who do not fit into the God-ordained gender and sex binary of male and female. Concepts like "gender fluidity" never existed prior to Hirschfeld, as far as we know. And it was Hirschfeld who really got the ball rolling in normalizing this and other concepts, arguing that people who fall into his spectrum are merely acting "in accordance with their nature." In Hirschfeld's corrupt view, Socrates, Michelangelo and Shakespeare were all "sexual intermediaries." He also considered himself and his partner, Karl Giese, to be the same. While homosexuality was certainly a thing before Hirschfeld, it was Hirschfeld who apparently introduced German society and ultimately the world to transgenderism and all other such perversions on the spectrum. Hirschfeld's perversion institute existed as a place of "research, teaching, healing and refuge" that he claimed could "free the individual from physical ailments, psychological afflictions and social deprivation," as well as provide an "education" for anyone who wanted it. Hirschfeld also provided a refuge at his perversion clinic for feminist activists, aka misandrists, whom he allowed to print journals and other propaganda documents about sexual perversion that were then distributed throughout society. Before the Nazis burned it down, Hirschfeld's perversion refuge even had an entire library full of materials about how to surgically "transition" a human body from male to female, or vice versa. Together with surgeon Erwin Gohrbandt, Hirschfeld actually performed such transition surgeries, which they called "transformation of genitals." "This occurred in stages: castration, penectomy and vaginoplasty. (The institute treated only trans women at this time; female-to-male phalloplasty would not be practiced until the late 1940s.)," Schillace writes in praise of the procedure. "Patients would also be prescribed hormone therapy, allowing them to grow natural breasts and softer features." The Nazis brought all of this to an end, as history shows. They not only destroyed Hirschfeld's clinic but they also burned all the books and research in his library, which is what many are familiar with from depictions in today's history book (though most history books leave out the fact that the books being burned contained such wicked things). "Hirschfeld's books were the type of books that the Nazis burned," notes former biomedicine researcher Dr. Vladimir Joukov, who shared a photo of a May 10, 1993, book burning at which Nazis torched "works by leftists and other authors which they considered 'un-German,' including thousands of books that were looted from the library of Hirschfeld's Institut für Sexualwissenschaft , as it was called in German. "For a group of bad guys, that sure sounds like a pretty based way to handle the trans problem," wrote another about what the Nazis did. You can learn more about the ugly history of transgenderism and where it originated at .

World’s first transgender clinic was formed in Germany in 1919 by gay Jewish doctor
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