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Yes supporter speaks out after ‘spitting’ video Yes23 campaigner Proffessor Denise 'Feral' Ferris has denied spitting on a No Voter despite clear video evidence going viral online. “Out of the blue, Andrew Thaler moved toward me filming me with his iPhone extended,” she said. “I felt intimidated at first. I asked him to stop, he was holding the camera out, using the camera like a weapon pointed at me. I was more than terrified, he was literally in my face, I had a visceral response, a panic attack, fight or flight. I did not spit on him. I wanted to block his camera without engaging in physical contact." NSW Police confirmed officers were called to Centennial Park in Cooma, about 110km south of Canberra, on Sunday but have not yet charged Proffessor Ferris with assault. A Yes23 campaign spokesman said that rhe volunteer in question has been stood down. As of Thursday afternoon Prof Ferris’ researcher profile page with the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences had been deleted suggesting the Australian National University had dismissed Proffessor Ferris after significant public outrage over her spitting. The ANU describeS her areas of expertise as “lens based practice”, “culture, gender, sexuality” and “art criticism”. An ANU spokesman said in a statement on Thursday morning, “This video has just been brought to the university’s attention. We will investigate and take appropriate action as required. Opinion polls suggest the proposal is on track for defeat as support continues to slide.

Yes supporter speaks out after ‘spitting’ video
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