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160. Russia & A Tactical Nuke - The Fed's New CBDC - The Queen Was An Anti-Semite?

00:00 Intro

02:20 Putin and a tactical nuke. The ridiculous clueless Putin groupies.

13:05 God save the Queen, I mean king. King Charles v Zionism.

23:33 The centrality of tech transfer, Fox News has a go...what does the truth sound like?

41:57 The BRICS, The Fed and the coming CBDC's.

57:43 Masonic Lodges and The East India Trading Company - what does the truth sound like?

Will Putin use a tactical nuke? It's 50/50 and the 'news cycle' will love it. A bio-weapon is good, why not round it out with a nice nuclear fear storm? Where else has Putin to go? How many more of his oligarchs can he throw our of windows and drown and give strokes as elite Russian managerial class support wanes?

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