Is science based medicine founded on erroneous research?

What if much of so called “evidence-based” data was crafted, scripted, manipulated, twisted and distorted to fit an insidious narrative?

Money can't buy love but it can just about buy anything else and to doubt that money can buy scripted results for faked science research would be unrealistic. Still, the purveyors of fake science declare that anyone who questions their lies, deception and propaganda is “anti-science” and a “conspiracy theorist,” all in a vain effort to discredit real science and honest journalism.

When a powerful biotechnology corporation creates deadly pesticides that kill worms, beetles, bees, plants, farm animals and people, that business needs fake science to back up their empty claims to farmers and consumers about safety, efficacy and “sustainability.”

When rich politicians want to get richer, they invent Ponzi schemes built on fear, propaganda and faked science research to convince populations (dumbed down on fluoridated water and flu shots) that it’s all our fault that the earth is about to overheat and flood, and that we’re all going to starve and suffocate to death if we don’t contribute our hard earned money to some bogus cause made up out of “thin air”.

When the pharmaceutical chemical-medicine-complex wants to gain power and riches from the peons who believe chemicals can cure anything, they simply pay big bucks to shill scientists to forge results in laboratories that are then published as “peer reviewed science” and evidence-based facts, even though it’s all paid-for lies and propaganda.

If you believe in science but don’t trust big corporations and rogue government regulatory agencies, then ask yourself this question: Who ran those “science-based” tests on that medicine, those diseases and disorders, that pesticide and those weather “conditions?” Who ran and paid for those tests? Was it the very companies, corporations and globalists who stand to profit by the millions and billions of dollars from the masses believing in it all?