The public is woefully uninformed on vaccine risks - and those who seek the truth have been shunned

The entire pro-vaccine media automatically labels anyone who claims vaccines cause any harm whatsoever to be “anti-science.” Yet it is irrefutable that vaccines cause serious harm in some children. Any person who denies that simple truth is not a scientist; they are a propagandist.

In the US, according to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data, there were 45,742 reported adverse events following vaccination in 2016 alone. These adverse events, which can be life threatening, primarily affect children because kids are pumped full of more than 50 vaccine doses before they reach 6 years of age. The reckless pediatric vaccine schedule, generated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), pays no mind to vaccine safety because the agency owns 20 vaccine patents and buys and sells $4.1 billion in vaccines annually. There are no safety studies to prove that multiple vaccines work as intended or that the compounding, toxic load of vaccines is safe for small, developing bodies. Most parents surrender their children to the CDC’s vaccine schedule because of the fear of overhyped diseases, a fundamental lack of understanding of the terrain theory, and because many shots are required for their child to attend public school.

In the first 75 days of 2017, 4,244 vaccines injuries were reported to VAERS. These are only the cases that were reported to VAERS. Countless more cases of vaccine injury go unreported because parents don’t know how to report vaccine damage, are caught in disbelief, or misled by medical professionals. Skin problems, high fever, seizures, swelling, and the many problems associated with vaccines go unreported or are written off as coincidental. It’s no coincidence that a child begins to have seizures following a toxic injection of altered pathogenic material grown in diseased cow’s blood or fetal tissue lines. It’s no coincidence that a child’s mood changes and their skin breaks out in a rash after they had received injections of aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde.

The science of vaccination is flawed and the ingredients are often extremely toxic. There’s no guarantee of safety or efficacy with vaccines. In some cases, babies suffer from encephalopathy (brain swelling) after vaccination. Neurotoxins such as aluminum can cross the blood-brain barrier and do significant damage to a developing baby. To date, over $3 billion has been paid out to families who have suffered from extreme vaccine damage, and in some cases, witnessed death. By 1988, the U.S. Congress established a specific court to handle cases of vaccine damage. This court guarantees legal immunity for the vaccine industry. In short, the pharmaceutical companies are not held liable for their harmful products. They simply pay out settlements to select families whose cases are approved by the court. This payoff scheme is a cheap way for vaccine makers to write off human life as a cost of doing business so they can continue to pump out unsafe and sometimes deadly vaccines. (Not every child’s body reacts the same way to the influx of vaccine toxins.) The latest figures released by the federal government reveal that 633 petitions have been filed in fiscal year 2017 for serious vaccine injury or death. This follows 1,120 petitions that were filed in 2016.

Vaccine safety should receive utmost priority. Vaccine science is doing far more harm than good and causing children to be hospitalized at an appalling rate. Stay informed at

Australia is a hostile place for anti-vaxxers

Most countries take a dim view of those who oppose vaccines, but Australia is a particularly unfriendly place for them. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s “No Jab, No Play” policy excludes kids who haven’t been vaccinated from going to preschool or childcare unless they have an official medical exemption. “Vaccine objection” would not be considered a valid reason to skip the shots under the proposal. Laws that prevent unvaccinated children from going to school already exist in some parts of Australia, including Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

In addition, some Australian children are being denied medical treatment because their immunizations are not up to date. A poll of more than 2,000 parents found that one out of every six children who were not current on their vaccinations had been refused care. According to that study, 95 percent of the country’s children were fully vaccinated despite the fact that a third of parents had concerns and one-tenth of parents felt vaccines could be behind autism.

Furthermore, the pushing of mandatory vaccination policies when vaccines irrefutably cause serious, permanent harm to some children reveals the gross violation of medical ethics and human rights found in the twisted demands of the vaccine propagandists.

To mandate a medical intervention that knowingly causes serious damage to some children is to condemn those children to a life of suffering and pain. It is the greatest expression of the coercive force of the medical police state which enforces a genuine “medical tyranny” over the population while simultaneously lying to the public about the risks associated with compliance.

No medical intervention can be ethically mandated when the risk of harm is greater than zero. There is no question whatsoever that vaccines present a greater-than-zero risk of serious, permanent harm to children. The continued requirement that parents expose their children to risky, harmful vaccine interventions — enforced by the coercion of the State — echoes the gross medical ethics violations of the Third Reich’s eugenics science which pushed mandatory euthanasia and sterilization, all enforced essentially at gunpoint.

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