6 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Covid Vaccine

6 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Covid Vaccine

1. DNA Manipulation

Unlike traditional vaccines, Covid vaccines are mRNA vaccines, a first in the history of vaccinations. Based on new and untested technology, mRNA vaccines have the ability to penetrate the cells and reprogram, alter our DNA. While traditional vaccines can be “detoxed” from the body, RNA vaccine’s effects are permanent.

Damage to our DNA is irrepairable and irreversible, those, receiving it, will have to live with the consequences. The issue of bioethics also comes into consideration. This is genetic engineering, much like what is done with GMO foods. Many people believe, that tampering with the human DNA is playing God, it is unethical.

2. Side effects

The FDA said: “Pfizer’s Covid vaccine is “safe and effective”. But Pfizer admitted, that two of the vaccine trial participants died after they received their vaccination. (Vaccine makers are by law immune from lawsuits). Many of the volunteers couldn’t lift their arms for several days due to severe pain and experienced other side effects.

Tennessee nurse faints on live-air after receiving Covid vaccine.

If side effects are so bad after the first shot, many people won’t return for the second one. Covid vaccination requires two shots, plus booster shots, that’s a lot of jabs.

Trial volunteers were also not told that the vaccine can cause symptoms that are worse than the disease. Whatever happened to “informed-consent”?

“When the shots begin to go into arms of residents, Americans need to understand, that deaths may occur.” Dr. Kelly Moore, CNN vaccine expert (Source)

3. Effectiveness

Vaccines don’t always work. We’ve had a vaccine for the common flu, the flu shot. Yet many of those who get the flu shot, come down with the flu. Even if the vaccine is effective, the protection is temporary, because viruses mutate, even several times within one season.

The CDC admitted that the flu vaccine is only 37% effective.

The Covid vaccine is not proven to prevent the transmission of the virus. Some airlines, hotels and other businesses are planning to require proof of vaccination to provide service to customers. If the vaccination won’t prevent the transmission of the virus, what’s the point in requiring it?

“We are not certain if the vaccine prevents the transmission of Cororna virus.” Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO, in an interview on NBC (Source)

4. Ingredients

The list of Covid vaccine ingredients are not known, but they likely contain other harmful ingredients, like traditional vaccines, such as heavy metals, human fetal cells and various other chemicals.

Heavy metals, like mercury and aluminum wreak havoc on our nervous system. The accumulation of heavy metals in the brain is thought to be the major factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease and the high incidence of autism among children today correlates with the increased number of required vaccinations over the past decades.

“Pfizer’s experimental Chinese virus vaccine caused multiple serious adverse events.” Quote from an FDA Briefing Document (referring to a list of 22 serious health outcomes, including death)

5. Health and Nutrition

It is shocking to me, that ever since the pandemic began, no one has talked about the importance of health and nutrition. What prevents disease and helps us heal from them is our immune system.

The reason why younger people aren’t affected by Covid nearly as much, as older folks, is simple, they are healthier. The immune system can be restored at any age. There are two factors that build up the immune system, nutrients found in food and exposure to our environment.

It follows from this, that the isolation due to lockdowns, hiding in our homes isn’t helpful and that the daily intake of healthy, nutrition dense food is needed to restore optimal immune system function.

I have not had a cold, or flu since I changed my diet a few years back, even though my diet is far from perfect. (pistachio muffins are my comfort food). Thus, I consider a healthy diet the best vaccine. They may not cure every disease, but it’s amazing that no attention is given to this in the media.

Ex Pfizer Vice President and scientific director demands that the European Union halts Covid vaccine studies over infertility and other health concerns

6. Political Agendas

Unfortunately, corruption is rampant and there are real conspiracies. Those in power have always exploited crises, to impose their will on the people, (or even engineered them for this purpose). The Corona virus exists and it is contagious, but the crisis is also being used to for wielding political power.

There are many cheerleaders in the media for the covid vaccine. Testimonials by vaccine trial participants have also appeared on the internet, (“Why I volunteered”), who describe the experience as almost a spiritual one. This is a concerted effort to sell us the vaccine.

At the same time, experts and healthcare professionals that sound the alarm are not given a voice, or are being discredited by an army of “fact checkers” and debunkers.