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A former Pfizer employee shows documentation of graphene oxide in COVID-19 vaccines

When I read this information, I didn’t know a woman could cry as hard as I cried. … These are bioweapons. — Karen Kingston

According to Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, graphene oxide is in the vaccines but not listed directly on the patents because its use is a trade secret. It is the main ingredient in hydrogel. Karen Kingston claims that the “Pegylated lipid” in the above illustration contains graphene oxide. It is made by SINOPEG in China. Lipids in the patent are listed on SINOPEG’s site.

The graphene oxide molecules can hold a charge. The ones used in the vaccines are supposed to be neutral. The potential exists that these graphene oxide molecules could become charge later. Graphene oxide is also capable of hosting a magnetic field. So even if the graphene oxide is not magnetic when injected, the possibility exists that it could become magnetically charged later. Graphene oxide in the charged state is toxic and can destroy whatever it comes in contact with. Graphene oxide has the potential to connect to the internet.


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