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A Letter to the President of the Australian Bar Association


President of the Australian Bar Association Matthew Collins AM KC


National President of the Australian Fraternity of Trade Unionists John Wilson


Dear Mr. Collins,

I am writing to you to put you and the Bar on Notice, that the National Body of our Fraternity is making moves to advise all of it's members, to "Turn Their Backs and Abandon" the Australian Legal System in it's entirety. The Fraternity now holds a Crisis of Confidence in the Australian Lawyers and the Judicial Courts that they operate within and around. And your Bar Association has been a central player in creating this Crisis of Confidence by way of your betrayal of the Australian people in which the Fraternity has many thousands of members.

For too long the Bar and it's members have provided protection and interference for:-

Killer Big Pharmaceutical Companies

The Treasonous and Utterly Corrupt Political Class

Big Tech and the Surveillance Vultures

Permanent Australian Deep State Members of Dangerous Criminal Intent

It is now so obviously clear that your Bar and Your Member Lawyers work for and were created by Foreign Entities of the Roman/Vatican Empire

- in collusion with the Pope;

- The Queen; and

- Henry the VIII in the 1500s.

Your Association is controlled by Foreign Entities and the Rules of Civil Procedure that was written by old Roman Laws which are still used to this day and do not apply to "We The People".

The Illegal practices of All Australian Judges and you Member Lawyers - including those who enforce the Illegal procedures are nothing more than Wailings and Bleating's from a Null and Void dead Corporation.

Our National Fraternity is fully aware that all these Australian Courts are utterly corrupted. Every person that is part of the your Bar Association are foreign entities that have trespassed on our National Members Human Rights. Your Bar Association has been working under massive fraud, and all under the cover of law for a long time,

But the fucken gig is up Matthew. All of this Maritime Law, Contract Law and Corruption has now reached the Point of No Return. It is currently - right now - crashing and burning into oblivion - it will be just a fucken memory old boy.

Sorry about that.

Old Chum

No longer are these Fraudulent Elections going to give your Bar the Political Air Cover to continue to operate. For you see, our Fraternity is also right on to this Election Fraud through Foreign Interference. We are fully aware of these Chinese Communist Operatives who provide Election Management Systems to the Electoral Council of Queensland- viz Konnech Australia. The same company who has the CEO Arrested in the USA for very serious criminal charges relating to data held on their Election Management System's Chinese Servers. We are also fully aware of how corrupt many of those with our within our Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies are. Election Interference is well within their capabilities.

So, please be advised that it is the intent of the Fraternity to fully mobilise all of it's membership base in addition to calling upon hundreds of thousands of other Australian Trade Unionists to "Turn Their Backs" on the entire Australian Judicial, Legal, and Law Enforcement system.

And no amount of sending your Drug Effected (Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Speed etc) Law Enforcers to try and intimidate our Fraternity will stop us from this mobilisation.

As the National President of the Fraternity, I have pointed out the relevant section of the Communist Party Manifesto that I believe contains the relief being sought by our members and all Australian more generally. There is no claim that I or any within our Fraternity are Communist. But simply we recognise that our Fraternity in having to deal with your Bar Association who are in fact - a back door Communist Organisation.

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