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A message from an enlightened local in the Northern Rivers, NSW

"community enforcement officer"- byron shire council

"undertake a broad range of activities including policy, animal enforcement and court appearances"

i saw two council kunts this morning at 7.30 am wearing black from head to toe, no doubt to look threatening,

driving around in a van plastered with the signage


harrassing people who had parked to use public toilets or to enjoy the riverside park.


is that not a total oxymoron?

talk about orwellian doublespeak!

and what if some of these people, legally parked, local, yet displaced from proper accomodation are there precisely because they have nowhere else to go?

thousands of people displaced by flooding and that is the government's solution?

to stress them even further by moving them on to make the homelessness vanish from view?

filthy scum fuk government.

that is what communist tyranny looks like .


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