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A very pertinent letter to the Editor @ The Australian

A very pertinent letter below, from Peter Campion, to the Editor @ The Australian. Peter is father-in-law to Barnaby Joyce, Nationals Leader and Deputy PM.

We also challenge anyone to prove him wrong!

The Editor

The Australian

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt notes on his parliamentary and website biographies his long association with the World Economic Forum.

Many Covid-sceptics argue that the WEF is directing Western governments’ lock-stepped, counterintuitive, non-traditional responses to COVID-19 in order to engineer their “Great Reset.”

Let’s consider some of the agencies that ultimately report to Greg Hunt during this largely non-fatal COVID-19 “pandemic.”

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission – hasn’t done much to protect aged care residents.

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care – hasn’t done anything to promote COVID-19 cures.

Australian Digital Health Agency – seems intent on stripping us of medical privacy.

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – will prosecute doctors who question vaccine efficacy or prescribe known COVID-19 cures.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare – hasn’t tried to ensure COVID-19 responses are proportional to actual risk.

National Health and Medical Research Council – seems fine with the entire Australian population being compelled into a stage three drug trial.

National Health Funding Body – pays the bills without questioning any of the unprecedented administrative events that are occurring.

National Mental Health Commission – doesn’t seem to care that irrational COVID-19 responses are driving people to suicide.

Office of the Gene Technology Regulator – seems fine with mass vaccinations with experimental gene-therapy drugs.

Therapeutic Goods Administration – banned your GP from curing your COVID-19 with a therapy of cheap, well-known, safe drugs.

Our government, the Australian administrative state, is now working in a top-down coordinated manner to destroy the Australian values that we know and love.

Politicians led by Greg Hunt and ScoMo and the public service, which leech off us at the best of times, now seem intent on destroying us.

(284 words)

Peter Campion


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