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AHPRA March 2021 statement had no legal basis nor merit.


The Cat Is Now OUT OF THE BAG.

Fraud Negates Everything.

There is nowhere for them to hide.

The infamous AHPRA March 2021 statement that threatened and coerced and gagged practitioners under threat of regulatory action had no legal basis nor merit.

It was, in fact, an illegal action on the part of AHPRA and the national boards to have created and released the statement. Neither AHPRA nor the national boards were empowered to make the statement under the national law, particularly as it directly coerced and caused practitioners to fail, to strictly observe their codes of conduct.


COVID Inquiry 2.0 – 25 – Phillip Altman

The COVID Inquiry 2.0 is a cross-party, non-parliamentary inquiry held on the 17th August 2022. The COVID Inquiry 2.0 followed COVID Under Question to interrogate breaches of the doctor-patient relationship and the regulatory capture of Australia's health and drug regulators.

Witnesses from a range of backgrounds presented personal and scholarly evidence that was shocking and revealing. The day of questioning from 8am to 7:30pm was livestreamed and recordings of all witnesses and the proceedings are available at

Please note: Captions on videos are machine generated. They contain a number of errors. The audio of the videos should be relied on as the accurate statement of what was said.

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