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#BREAKING: Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been sensationally referred to the International Criminal Court on accusations of being an accessory to the genocide in Gaza.

A reported team of Australian lawyers, fronted by King's Counsel Sheryn Omeri, has today filed a 92-page document outlining what they claim is the "individual criminal responsibility" of Albanese with regards to the ongoing situation in Palestine.

The document, endorsed by over 100 lawyers and barristers, details numerous actions allegedly taken by the PM and other members of the Federal Cabinet, including Foreign

Minister Penny Wong. Among the allegations are "providing military aid and approving defence exports to Israel," "ambiguously deploying an Australian military contingent to the region," and "providing unequivocal political support for Israel's actions."

The filing makes Albanese the first leader of a Western nation to be referred to the ICC under Article 15 of the Rome Statute.

The Prime Minister had not made formal comment on the matter at the time of writing.


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