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All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars is a 2016 independent documentary film directed and narrated by (((Michael Rivero))), that delves into the history of wars and the financial power structures behind them.

The film argues that throughout history, wars have been started by bankers and financiers who profit greatly from the violence and chaos that ensues. The film traces the origins of modern finance and banking back to the Medici family in Florence, Italy, and shows how these early bankers were able to accumulate vast wealth and power by lending money to governments and monarchs.

From there, the film moves forward in time, examining how the (((Rothschild))) family became one of the most powerful financial dynasties in the world, and how they were able to exert their influence over global politics and economics. The film also takes a closer look at the Federal Reserve System in the United States, and how this institution has been used to fuel wars and manipulate the US economy for the benefit of a small group of wealthy elites.

Throughout the film, Rivero cites numerous historical examples of wars that were started or aided by banks and financiers. For example, he points to the Spanish-American War of 1898, which was sparked by sensationalist reporting by the Hearst media empire, owned by banking magnate William Randolph Hearst. He also highlights the role that J.P. Morgan played in funding both sides of World War I, and how the war was used to create the League of Nations and set the stage for the rise of totalitarian regimes in Europe.

The film also explores the connections between the military-industrial complex and the banking elite. Rivero argues that the military-industrial complex profits greatly from wars, and that this profit motive has been used to justify unnecessary wars and military interventions. He cites the example of the Vietnam War, which was motivated in part by the desire to expand the military-industrial complex and create new markets for weapons and other military products.

Overall, All Wars Are Bankers' Wars is a thought-provoking and challenging documentary that provides a critical perspective on the history of warfare and finance. While some of the claims made in the film are controversial and disputed by some historians and economists, the film presents a compelling argument for the role that financial elites play in shaping global politics and economics. For those interested in exploring the connections between money, power, and war, this film is a must-see.


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