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An infuriated Navalny supporter told Australian media today that anti-vaxxers & Putin supporters are "dangerous".

🤣The Irony: Navalny had 5 Pfizer jabs because he refused to take the Russian Sputnik non MRNA vaccine and died of a sudden blood clot in the brain (stroke).


Alexei Navalny was a traitor.

Here he is asking MI6 Officer James William Thomas Ford for $10-20 million a year to start a color revolution in Russia.

Play stupid traitor games and win stupid traitor prizes.

He received a scholarship to the Yale World Fellows program at Yale University in 2010 and became a World Fellow at Yale University's World Fellows Program, aimed at "creating a global network of emerging leaders and to broaden international understanding" in 2010.

In other words, he was being groomed as a globalist.


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