An Open Letter To Prime Minister Scott Morrison who likes to be known as ScoMo

Hey ScoMo,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m already participating in your vaccine roll out with great results! – More about that later.

I know there’s a few pesky “anti-vaxers” out there, but you won’t have to worry about them till the next election, although their numbers are growing from what I can see.

What I’m observing is that many of the people who the pollies and the media like to label as anti-vaxers and conspiracy theorists in order to belittle, them are actually intelligent, thinking people who have had multiple vaccinations throughout their life and done their research. They are not anti-vax. They are against an experimental vaccine, with no demonstrable benefits and they know that it hasn’t been tested properly. Anyway, I digress…

I’m so glad the first shipment of vaccines has landed and that your mates at the TGA have given 2 pharmaceutical concoctions provisional approval under the recently rushed through EUA – Emergency Use Approval system which only requires limited testing. It must have been quite difficult for them to go through the rigorous rubber-stamping process you told us about.

It’s interesting that as part of the TGA’s rigorous safety checking, regulator and now media star in your misleading advertising campaign, John Skerritt provided labelling exemptions to Pfizer on 13th January 2021 including the removal of a warning “KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN” and this labelling exemption was given about a month before the Pfizer medicine was even provisionally approved by the TGA.

To an ordinary bloke like me this seems a bit odd, but of course Professor John has been on TV telling us all what a thorough job he and his fellow rubber stampers at the TGA have been doing, so we should all have a warm fuzzy feeling in our undies. I guess it must be because this concoction of genetically modified organisms, chimpanzee adenovirus and embryonic kidney cells is perfectly safe for everyone who wants this stuff in their body, including unsuspecting children.

I guess the fact that there are so many people in our regulatory agencies and government who have links to the pharmaceutical industry, the world economic forum and the billionaires makes it a lot easier to get things done these days. I know you are a pragmatist and would like that sort of thing even though your pesky constituents might think it a conflict of interest. But, never mind Scotty, it’s probably just a conspiracy theory.

Most people are just amazed that the pharmaceutical companies were able to get the vaccines out to market in such a record time. I guess they just wanted us all to be safe, sooner. I never knew companies were so benevolent.

Thanks also for personally assuring us that the vaccines are completely safe. We know we can absolutely trust you because of your extensive medical knowledge and training. I understand that your Health Minister Greg Hunt has precisely the same medical qualifications as you, however what’s comforting for us to know is that he previously worked as Head of Strategy at the World Economic Forum. That’s the organisation promoting The Great Reset where we will in future own nothing and be happy. But you already know that because you are carrying out their agenda, even though Klaus Schwab’s pontifications are quite opposite to Liberal Party values and beliefs. I’m sure the Australian People are so glad we’re in such safe hands and that you have our best interests at heart.

Perhaps the Liberal Party should be renamed the LINO Party – Liberal In Name Only.

And of course, the cheeseburger eating and coke drinking medical expert and philanthropist geek with the same medical qualifications as you and Greg, has been urging us all to be vaccinated as well. I know he’s not interested in the massive profits he’s going to make from all the vaccine$ produced by companies that he’s heavily invested in. That’s probably just another conspiracy theory isn’t it Scomo?

You’ve demonstrated your complete support for the Australian people by making your mates in the pharmaceutical industry completely immune from prosecution for any side effects from the vaccines which you are urging us all to take even though you can’t tell us what the benefit of doing so will be.

Not even the Australian Government will provide any compensation to the victims of vaccine injury so we as the Australian people can clearly see your complete faith in the safety of this vaccine roll out.

You’ve told us that even after we’ve been vaccinated,

• We may still catch the virus

• We may still pass it on to others

• We can’t be sure it will work against future strains of the virus

• We may need to be re jabbed because the vaccine will only work for a short time

• You don’t know how effective the vaccines will be

• We’ll still have to social distance and won’t be able to hug our loved ones

• We’ll still have to wear masks

And the “experts” have no idea of what the long-term effects of the vaccines will be.

Even though you can’t tell us what the actual benefits of being vaccinated are, you’ve told us that you want to create a vaccination passport that people will need to show in order to jump on a plane, train or bus, buy food and get money out of the bank.

To most people this sounds more like totalitarianism or communism than Liberal Party policy. To implement your policy, you’ve foreshadowed the use of censorship and support for the growing social media cancel culture. In fact, you’ve censored parliamentary colleagues who question your actions because you can’t provide plausible answers for your behaviour.

Meanwhile, your Chief Medical Officer tells us that he wants to see over 80% of Australians vaccinated before winter and he also can’t tell us what the benefits of having the vaccine are or indeed which vaccine we will be offered. Forest Gump’s famous quote about a box of chocolates comes to mind here.

As you can imagine, this gives the Australian People great confidence to trust you and your fellow Muppets, Scomo.

One thing I’ve learnt in life Scomo, is that you have to earn peoples’ trust and respect by being open and honest. I’ve also learnt that it’s very easy to lose that trust and respect. The reason for hesitancy in Australia is that people can see through your lies, inconsistencies and marketing spin and anyone who does any research and thinks for themselves is well aware of the dangers of these experimental concoctions.

They also understand that the percentage of people who actually die FROM covid is significantly lower than the percentage of people who die or experience side effects from the vaccine. That’s why they don’t want what you have to offer. As a marketing man that should be rather obvious to you by now.

Scotty, there’s a question that’s been playing on my mind for a long time now.

When I was a kid, I was taught that one of the 10 commandments said something about not killing anyone. You probably know it much better than me.

So, recently I checked how things were tracking with the vaccination programme around the world. I found that there were more than 600 reported deaths and more than 20,000 people who suffered serious side-effects. Your mates at the CDC describe these as: “debilitating conditions which render recipients unable to perform normal daily activities, render them unable to work, and /or require care from a doctor or health professional.”

Your mate, Billy the Vaccinator has told us that we should realistically expect there to be about 700,000 deaths from the vaccination programme around the world and that we need to accept this as reasonable because the development and approval process had to be fast-tracked to deal with the “pandemic”. Many of us are not so sure about lining up as guinea pigs for this global experiment.

Invariably, whenever deaths are reported in the media, the statement that a certain number of people died, is followed by words something like: however, there is no suggestion that the deaths occurred as a result of the vaccine (even though they occurred soon afterwards).

Now Scotty, I’m just an ordinary bloke with a bit of common sense, an ability to research and think critically and some basic computer skills and I’ve come to the conclusion that pharmaceutical companies, politicians, the media and medical professionals are straight out lying to us about the pandemic, about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines and the need for lockdowns, asymptomatic testing, masks and social distancing. The fear campaign that you and your cronies eagerly promote to manipulate the population is equally distasteful and unethical.

With the greatest of respect Scotty, that includes YOU because you have confirmed that belief through your statements and behaviour.

Please tell us why you and your Health Minister, are proudly promoting a covid vaccine from a company with the dubious distinction of being convicted of fraud and receiving the largest criminal fine of any kind $US2.3Billion in 2009? Are you aware that 66% of the reported deaths in the USA by the end of January 2021 are attributed to that company’s vaccine?

As a Christian who professes to know about and abide by the 10 commandments, including the one about not killing anyone, I’m puzzled and disappointed that you would knowingly promote and even make “as mandatory as possible” a series of concoctions that have already been shown to kill people while blatantly telling the Australian public that they are completely safe. To me that demonstrates hypocrisy, outright deceit, and could open you up to a charge of genocide. I’m sure Jenny and the girls are very proud of you.

No doubt you employ a lot of clever people in your Department of the Prime Minister, but if you need some help in finding the statistics for the number of deaths and side effects, just let me know and I’ll show you where to find them for yourself.

Scotty, I just wanted to let you know, that I’ll be voluntarily participating in the Australian Government’s experimental vaccine trial.

I’m part of the control group who WON’T be having the vaccine because, based on my research and my knowledge of my body’s immune system, I know that’s the safest option for me and I didn’t need TGA approval or the Chief Medical Officer’s advice to come to this decision.

Scotty, I invite you to study ancient medicine which will give you a better understanding of how your body works and some of the tried and trusted remedies that have been studied and developed over many thousands of years and upon which modern medicine is based.

If you’d actually take the time to learn about this, you and your equally medically qualified Health Minister, wouldn’t try to stamp out natural therapies and remedies and bend over backwards to help the highly unethical pharmaceutical industry.

I’m happy to do my part to further medical research and save you some money Scomo.

You’re Welcome!

On behalf of the intelligent, curious, research loving, critical thinkers of Australia.