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“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.”

From my FB


Trigger warning…

just unfollow if ur easily offended.

But is pretty sad hearing all these people turning around now saying,

“I HAD to take it…

I REALLY didn’t want to,

but I HAD to do it for my job.” ect

No… sorry.


You CHOSE to take it…

and you BETRAYED your better judgment,

and now you REGRET it.

What you HAD to do was STAND your GROUND

and HONOUR your SOUL…

no matter what the COST.

Because I GUARANTEE you,

someone next to you was waiting for someone…


they were waiting for someone BRAVE

and they actually would have said “NO” too.

and then the next person would have as well,

and the next person,

and the next person,

and humanity would have STOOD TOGETHER…

We could have stood together and DISOBEYED a handful of pharma psychos in suits.

So no…

you didn’t “have to take it.”

Your DUTY was to honour your own SPIRIT.

So don’t turn around and say,

“I took it because I was forced to.”

You took it because you made a poor DECISION…

but you know what…

that’s OK too.

because now a lot of people are LEARNING the real PRICE of WEAKNESS and COMPLIANCE.

and that is making them STRONGER and more AWAKE.

and this is a GOOD THING.

Just don’t forget the people who were begging you not to take it.

We are still HERE,

we still LOVE you.

Don’t mistake our TOUGH LOVE,

for condemnation.

We always PROMISED…

we’d keep fighting for you,

UNTIL you WOKE up.

Awake NOW?

Then GOOD.

Join us…

and get READY.

because they are gonna try the next round of BS and they are gonna say,

“You have to do so and so.”

This time you will KNOW what to SAY,



#honour #your #soul

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,

but rather expose them.”

Ephesians 5-11 📖

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