Another Woman Posts Video Of Uncontrolled Convulsions After Receiving The COVID-19 Vaccine

Brant Griner of Lake Charles, Louisiana has posted a video of his mother on his Facebook account convulsing uncontrollably after receiving the experimental Pfizer COVID-19 shot.

This is what the Pfizer covid19 vaccine has done to my Mom. Everyone please pray for her. She was admitted to the hospital. And be cautious about taking the vaccine. I’m sure it is good for some people but you need to think about is this vaccine worth taking? It’s not for me. Please share this post we need help finding answers

Update 1-12-21 Mom Is getting even worse today and still don’t have any answers from doctors as to how to fix this. Please pray for her I can’t stand to see my mom this way it makes me want to cry knowing I can’t do anything to help her. Please don’t take the covid19 vaccine. I’m adding a 3rd video that she just sent me. This uncontrollable convulsing is very similar to what Shawn Skelton, from Oakland City, Indiana, reported with the Moderna experimental COVID shot.

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Like Shawn, Brant is reporting that the doctors do not know how to help his mother.

This is an experimental product that does NOT have FDA approval, so everyone receiving these shots are guinea pigs, and the medical system at this point has no clue how to treat these injuries.

Shawn Skelton is even reporting that doctors are trying to convince her that her condition is related to stress, and not the injection.

Doctors are trying to convince me this is a conversion disorder from stress! Am I stressed? Well who in this world doesn’t have stress. Is it coincidental that this happened after the vaccine? I guess anything is possible, but I know I’m a very happy, upbeat person that always has a smile.

I would go out of my way to help anyone or just to make them smile! I’m the loud one that do the dumbest things just to make you laugh… And my life was normal before taking the vaccine on Monday!

I am not anti vaccine as I have all mine, my kiddos have all of theirs! I’m just a normal person who’s life has been turned upside down and I’m left here to try and figure this out. (Source)

She has received threats and angry messages from pro-vaccine people who think she is faking this, so she posted this video today.