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Are Russian Oligarchs 'In This Together' With Klaus Schwab?

Russia seems to be moving 'in lockstep' with the WEF's agenda for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Are Russian Oligarchs 'In This Together' With Klaus Schwab?


  • Russia was very prominently represented at WEF’s Cyber Polygon exercises in 2020 and in 2021

  • In fact, it seems like the WEF-supported Cyber Polygon simulations were actually organized by BI-ZONE, a group associated with the Russian central bank

  • Klaus Schwab listed Vladimir Putin among Young Global Leaders on multiple occasions

  • Head of Sberbank, the central bank of Russia, is a WEF trustee heavily pushing for 4IR

  • Mayor of Moscow, the capital of Russia, has a plan called “Moscow-2030” that lays out a plan of making Moscow a full-on “smart city” filled with the usual futuristic gimmicks, such as implantable biosensors, “smart” clothes nudging people to do things, and so on


This story is about the connections and shared agendas between the oligarchs in Russia, where I was born and raised, and Klaus Schwab. Recently, I interviewed Riley Waggaman, a.k.a. Edward Slavsquat, an American journalist who currently lives in my old homeland and writes brilliantly about COVID Russia. I think Riley's work is tremendously important as it helps to understand some of the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Our conversation was a ton of fun. (We recorded it a week or two before the heartbreaking war began, so we did not talk about it in the interview but if you want to know my thoughts about the war, you can find them here.)

So, what about Schwab and Russia? As it turns out, the Russian "stakeholders" are deeply, deeply in bed with the World Economic Forum — as deeply or perhaps even deeper than their Western colleagues! Either that, or they are just trying to outscam each other, which is also possible.

Russia's Prominent Presence at the Cyber Polygon Exercises

I first noticed the strange camaraderie between my old homeland's prominent figures and Klaus Schwab a couple of years ago when I looked at WEF's Cyber Polygon 2020. Russia was rather conspicuously overrepresented at the event comparing to other countries!

In fact, if you look attentively, you will see that Cyber Polygon was an initiative by BI-ZINE, an entity associated with Sberbank (the Russian central bank), with the support of the World Economic Forum. (By the way, in 2020, Sberbank transformed from a bank into an "ecosystem of services," more on that in the interview with Riley.)

Now, is it possible that the clever Russian oligarchs are not Schwab's little helpers but rather are trying to drag him into some scam? Yes, very possible. Or is it possible that they don't care one bit about the WEF agenda but view it as a great cover story for getting richer? Again, very possible, and actually, most likely.

But, as we'll see in a second, whether they are working sincerely with/for Schwab, or trying to scam him, they are throwing the common people under the bus and straight onto the altar of the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

Let's now look at Cyber Polygon 2021, which was, again, organized by an entity associated with Sberbank, the central bank of Russia, and strongly supported by the WEF.

By the way, below is an discussion about the "digital ruble." The entire livestream is well worth watching but the part about the digital ruble is particularly interesting. They are talking about kind of "resetting" the financial system in the direction of controllable, programmable digital currencies — exactly what the conspiracy theorists have been warning about!

Klaus Schwab's Comment on Vladimir Putin as a Young Global Leader

Klaus Schwab commented on more than one occasion on how Putin is a Young Global Leader.

See below.

Notably, up until a couple of days ago, Vladimir Putin also had a page on the World Economic Forum's website (which could be simply a regular "president" listing … but where did it go?) Now, let's dig in and look at the treasures that Riley Waggaman has dug out about the connections between the Russian higher-ups and the WEF. His research really is amazing!

The Head of the Russian Central Bank Is a WEF trustee

The head of Sberbank (the central bank of Russia) Herman Gref is a WEF trustee (archived; I swear the link was there half an hour ago, and now it's gone!)

In February 2020, he announced his plans to develop a system of facial recognition using masks. He also claimed that he has taken the Russian COVID injection "Sputnik V" in April 2020 — before the clinical trials even started — and that it saved him. On a side note please see Riley's brilliant articles, "Herman Gref exported a large portion of Sberbank's gold reserves.


The Mayor of Moscow Loves 4IR

The Mayor of Moscow Sobyanin has a plan called "Moscow 2030" in which he covers all the 4IR bases for Klaus Schwab (or maybe somebody just translated WEF materials into Russian for Sobyanin, and he copied them verbatim into his plan). I have a hard enough time taking the 4IR talking points seriously in English — but in Russian they totally read like either a deliberate act of trolling or good-hearted comedy.

"Moscow 2030" talks about remote monitoring of everybody's health through wearable or implantable devices, about biosensors, about "transparency" of health data, about "smart clothes" that "help Muscovites to act on their desire to lead a healthy lifestyle" … It really reads like comedy because everybody knows it's a lie, and yet the lips keep moving …

Veteran Russian Scammer Is a Now an Ambassador for Climate Change

Here is what Riley says about another character, Chubais:

"Anatoly Chubais has been plundering Russia for thirty years. He served as deputy prime minister under vodka-soaked sellout Boris Yeltsin, and later became Yeltsin's chief of staff. As the mastermind behind large-scale privatization in the 1990s, Chubais deserves credit for much of the criminality and despair that continues to plague Russia right up to the present day."

Here is more, from my recent article (based, again, on Riley's brilliant findings):

"One of the biggest long-standing thieves of the post-Soviet economy Chubais is … wait for it … in charge of "sustainable development" — after he almost bankrupted the biggest Russian nanotechnology company.

Same scammer — shifty eyes and all — almost impersonates Bill Gates (whom he allegedly loves) and says from the stage that influential scientists have predicted a major drop in population by the end of the century, from 7 billion to 1.5-2 billion (in Russian, the event took place in 2011). He says though that it would be horrible and we should try to prevent it."

Russian Schools Are Quickly Moving Toward Biometric IDs

So it looks schools in Moscow have already transitioned to biometric IDs. That is rather heartbreaking — and it is maddening that the greedy opportunists are targeting kids! And here are two reports, one from June 2020, and one from November 2021:

2020: "Biometric facial recognition-equipped cameras will be installed in over 43,000 Russian schools, writes The Moscow Times based on reports by the Vedomosti business daily. Cameras have already been installed in over 1,608 schools in 12 areas. Dubbed 'Orwell,' the surveillance camera system is built by state company Rusnano and integrates facial recognition technology developed by NTechLab, a subsidiary of Rostelecom."

2021: "The deployment of the new camera-based systems [in select colleges] follows a busy last quarter of 2021 so far for VisionLabs, with the company recently collaborating on the launch of a new biometric facial recognition payment system in Moscow."

Question: What is driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Russia? Answer: Rubles, rubles, and more rubles! (On a side note, here is biometric ID marketing from the U.S., note referring to kids as "pesky little bandits." And here is from the UK. So rubles are clearly not the only currency driving the madness.

Laughing at Scammers

Speaking of madness: When things are that crazy, what do we do? Riley and I laughed at the technocratic scammers all through the interview — which I think was appropriate. Sometimes, laughing is all we can do as we pedal hard toward our liberation. Pedal pedal pedal hard toward our liberation! And laugh.

Full Transcript of My Interview With Riley Waggaman

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