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Astrophysicist says climate change has “nothing to do with man,” just a “gravy train” to make money

(Natural News) The climate brigade is whining and complaining about how human activity is responsible for Europe’s record-breaking hot summer, to which physicist and meteorologist Piers Corbyn says nonsense.

In an interview with RT, Corbyn blew the lid on the climate change hoax when asked about Europe’s really warm weather the past few months.

The climate “has always been changing, but this has nothing to do with man,” Corbyn said, much to the shock of the RT host who apparently believes in man-made climate change.

The older brother of former United Kingdom Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Piers Corbyn was once hailed by former U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson as “the world’s foremost meteorologist soothsayer.” One wonders if that sentiment is still shared now that Corbyn has spoken his mind.

“For one thing, science doesn’t do settled opinion,” Corbyn said, explaining that Earth’s climate and weather patterns are dictated not by cow flatulence and a lack of Teslas on the road, but rather by cyclical activity on the surface of the sun.

“And for another, they are all wrong.”

It turns out that carbon dioxide and other atmospheric molecules play absolutely no role in so-called “global warming,” a concept that in and of itself is fake. (Related: Climate change is a scam [just like “diversity” and “equity”].)

“Surely man has something to do with this,” the RT host then blurted out, to which Corbyn responded:

“No, the only connection is that man is here at the same time as the sun and the moon are doing things.”

Climate change is a religion, not science

The RT host proceeded to argue with Corbyn, stating that “so many climate change scientists disagree with you and they get so much support for that.”

“Those that say this are just trying to make money,” Corbyn laughed back at the host. “They’re on a gravy train for heaven’s sake.”

You can watch the very brief interview in full below:

Consensus, as popular as it might be in today’s world, means nothing when it comes to science. In fact, with the way funding is distributed, consensus is probably a good indicator of what not to believe as true.

The longstanding definition of science, as pointed out by a commenter, is that facts, data and empirical research support a theory or model – emphasis on the word theory.

Nothing is ever settled when it comes to mankind’s understanding of this complex world. This is especially true when dealing with the causalities behind a seemingly changing climate.

To pin meat or gas-powered vehicles as the culprit behind a really hot summer is a laughably foolish and unscientific notion, despite it prevailing as the current consensus.

The new “woke” definition of science, as defined by said commenter jokingly, reads as follows:

“A consensus of opinions aligned with the preferred narrative. No debate or challenge is permitted and no research is allowed that might uncover uncomfortable or inconvenient facts.

Research results which go against the preferred narrative will be suppressed and the perpetrator vilified, ridiculed, and punished.”

Another commenter pointed out that Galileo, like many scientific pioneers before and after him, was persecuted for presenting scientific discoveries that went against the narrative – much like Corbyn is doing by setting the record straight about climate change.

“The climate alarmism is a religion,” added another. “Lots of people are jumping on because they get unlimited funding. Climate lockdowns have already been discussed, and in Europe they plan on freezing for freedom.”

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