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ATTENTION ALL AUSTRALIANS:40,000 UN troops have entered the country to enforce mandatory vaccination

Alternative lawful government positions, police commissioners and police officers are in the process of being established around Australia now.

People from the police forces, army, ex army and specialists are on board and are preparing arrest warrants and policing acts. Four newly established police commissioners are leading the police actions.

The aim is to dissolve the governments soon before the UN troops who have been allowed to enter Australia to forcibly enter homes and vaccinate the entire population. The ADF refused to carry out the task requested by the Federal Government and they agreed to allow the UN troops into the country to carry it out.

There is an urgent request for the people of Australia to rise up before it's too late.

For those wishing to take on active roles in taking back our country, there is a training program for preparing arrest warrants and policing acts.

Please do NOT share on social media.

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