Pete Quigley in Australians vs. The Agenda

ATTENTION ARMY PERSONNEL: I’m a veteran Army Officer who is also a senior lawyer, specialising in human rights and employment law, among other areas.

You do NOT have to take part in this live human experiment of GENE TREATMENT for SARS-Cov-2!! The so-called “vaccine” is not legally definable as a “vaccine” if it is - in fact - “gene treatment”: which the mRNA injections are. Instead it is legally defined as a “medicinal product” under the Human Medicines Regulations 2012. The “medicinal product” is actually a piece of synthetic genetic code delivered via a piece of nanotechnology which, once in the cytoplasm of the body’s cells, provides a synthetic messenger RNA code to the body to instruct it to build an immune response. It is new technology. It is experimental and the experiment is ongoing. As such, it’s a “live human experiment” requiring INFORMED CONSENT. Consent has to be FREELY given without coercion, intimidation, threats, sanctions, punishments for non compliance: Please watch the Nuremberg Trials and read the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to start with. Then read the European Convention on Human Rights, the Oviedo Convention, the Helsinki Declaration, the Human Rights Act 1998. And assert your human rights to refuse to take part in this live human experiment: You have the lawful right to say “No” to being injected with experimental gene treatment!!! And be warned that if you inject another - or are in any way collaborating, assisting, encouraging, coercing, intimidating, threatening, “aiding and abetting” with this experimental gene treatment - then you must comply with the Nuremberg Code. If you don’t need this Warning, then you will be required to plead your defence at the domestic and International Criminal Courts against allegations of - on the face of it - Crimes against Humanity. This crime is legally defined in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court: you can find all the above information on the internet. Or call up the International Criminal Court and ask them for their information leaflets and guidance. You can watch the Nuremberg Trials on the Internet too and find the Nuremberg Code there for you to download and read. And please inform and earn others and share this information with them. And please warn them - and yourselves to Remember the Nuremberg Trials!!! “LEST WE EVER FORGET”!!!!!