Attention Australia TROOPS ON THE STREET BILL: Urgent Action Required


Defence Legiclation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020

Media complicit in burying the legislation.

Urgent Letter to Australian Media

For the attention of media producers, directors and on-air presenters.

The Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020 introduced into parliament by Alex Hawke is due to be voted on in the senate on Monday, 30th November 2020.

The premise provided for introducing this legislation.

“Amends the: Defence Act1903 to: streamline the process for calling out members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserves, including for the purposes of responding to natural disasters or emergencies; and provide ADF members, other Defence personnel and members of foreign forces with immunity from criminal or civil liability in certain cases while performing duties to support civil emergency and disaster preparedness, recovery and response”

Alex Hawke was pleased to introduce the bill and the house of representatives passed it unanimously as through this was great for the Australian people. If this legislation was as innocent as portrayed in the preamble then surely the Australian public would be hastily notified.

Strangely however, there have been no press conferences or media releases by the Government on this fantastic new legislation for Australians and not one media outlet including the ABC has reported on the passage of this bill to date. Submissions made in the out of sight shadows of Canberra and posted on Government websites indicates that this legislation is by far the most significant change to the operation of the ADF inside our borders that has always been constrained by Section 119 of the Constitution that limits a callout to an invasion or domestic violence equivalent to that of an invasion.

For the first time since federation, it will be possible for armed soldiers and armed foreign military to be deployed with complete immunity to use force within our borders for emergencies that are undefined.

silent.e of the media regarding politics has historically been to hold parliament to account and provide the public with uncensored information so as to enliven debate and protest if warranted. On this the most important legislation that will permit foreign forces to use force under immunity against Australians on their streets and even in their homes under search and enforcement orders, the entire media has been silent.

The ABC is owned and private media are licensed by Government elected by the people. In our role of the facilitators of your existence, I along with the people of Australia do hereby order you to investigate and report as THE prime story in news reports commencing Friday 27th November 2020. Additionally, the defence minister, Alex Hawke and lead committee member Jacqui Lambie to be interviewed and

interrogated on exactly what are the potential consequences for Australians.

This will allow wide public and open discussion that will sensibly see the senate vote against the legislation.

One hundred percent of the many people I have broached this subject with are horrified at the thought

that the ADF and foreign military will be a higher legislated authority than them in their own land.

The public have been respectful and cooperative with the military throughout all emergencies including

the apparent COVID-19 emergency and there is absolutely no reason for weapons to be carried or

legislated powers to use force. In particular by foreign forces.

I and all Australians look forward to seeing this legislation and the dire implications strewn across news

bulletins and panel shows in the coming days. Belated biased reports on the legislation AFTER it has passed thereby avoiding scrutiny will be confirmation that people in the media and their families have set themselves apart and against the families of Australians who would shout this legislation down if made aware.


Delivered by email to all senators, the Prime Minister, Treasurer and Health Minister – refer attachment D.

Dear PM, Treasurer, Health Minister and Senators,

I am an Australian citizen/permanent resident and enrolled to vote in State/Territory and Federal elections.

I refer to the Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020 hereafter referred to as the ‘legislation’ that is due in the senate in the sitting week commencing 30 November 2020.

I have read or learnt of parts of the legislation that are of immense concern namely that Australian and foreign defence and police personnel will have legislated powers to use force against Australian citizens in undefined circumstances.

I hereby declare to all senators and politicians that I unconditionally oppose the legislation

in it’s entirety and outright reject it’s assent.

I do so by withdrawing the implied consent given to parliament to make legislation on my behalf to pass this legislation.

I forewarn that I will give no consent to the future actions enabled by Australian and foreign forces within the legislation against myself or my dependents. I will resist verbally and physically any force used under the legislation should it pass the senate.

Refer to Attachment A – one consequence of passing the legislation.

Refer to Attachment B – FOR and AGAINST table.

Refer Attachment A for further clarification including comments on SarsCOV2.

Record of Lodgement:

I will keep the ‘sent email record’ of the delivery of this email.

I will keep a copy of this document as a pdf along with the record of lodgement that I will produce as confirmation my opposition to and withdrawal of consent as stated relating to this legislation as needed.



A “Fall of the Nation of Australia” declaration on metal plaques and other presentations will be made and distributed containing full names of all the people in the present parliament that will read:

On this day, 30th November 2020 , these people of the parliament enshrined in legislation for the first time in the history of Australia:

• the ability of the Australian military, without the consent of the people, to abandon the role

of defender to act with force of aggression against Australians,

• the ability for the military and police from a foreign power to act with force of aggression

against the Australian people within the borders including but not limited to inside homes.

This law was passed covertly without announcement, a media press conference or coverage by

the media to alert the majority of the Australian people. In doing so, the people of the parliament

named here did hereby set themselves against the Australian people.

People of future parliaments who have not repealed this legislation join the current

parliamentarians in being set against the Australian people.




Not intentionally left blank


1. Sovereignty compromised. Past diggers did not die fighting for Australians against foreign powers for you people to pass a law that potentially invites foreign powers to use force against Australians on Australian soil.

2. No impetus. The people of Australia have and will give full cooperation to the Australian military during times of emergency made apparent by the authorities. There have been no instances of Australians rebutting the actions of the Australian military during the current apparent emergency.

3. Protests decrying the admitted draconian actions by Australian Governments against the people during the current apparent emergency, brought about by it being non self-evident (sewage is searched in order to report sarsCOV2 has been found), was readily dealt with by state police.

4. Home invasions. Police are part of the judicial system and require warrants with probable cause from a judge/magistrate to enter homes. Foreign and Australian troops could enter homes and commit acts of aggression against Australians in their living rooms.

5. Force approved. The amended explanatory memorandum permits a foreigner or Australian military to use force in self-defence while carrying out orders. The line between self-defence and outward aggression is blurred in a scenario where military approach a civilian and encroach on their physical space when carrying out orders. If the foreigner or Australian military directs a person to move and that person refuses (likely where the emergency is non self-evident and loss of property or wealth is evident), it is presumed the foreigner/soldier will lay hands on that person at which time the person may physically resist. At which point the foreigner/soldier can claim self-defence upon which they can proceed with the physical assault.

6. Restrictions on use of force non-existent. The explanatory memorandum only has been amended to include restriction criteria on force used by foreign and Australian military as justification to pass this legislation. The orders given to use force against Australians are bound ONLY by the wording in the legislation and NOT the explanatory memorandum. The explanatory may be referred to in drafting orders or by a judge hearing a case subsequent to the damage done by the use of force but is NOT required to be referred in drafting orders detailing force to be used.

7. Covert operability. The minister can deploy foreign and Australian military against the people of Australia without notification to the parliament of the people.

8. Assumed incompetence. Australians have been capable of dealing with emergencies without foreign powers being legislated immunity to use force. The assumption the latest generation of Australians need foreigners to hold their hands like children, that is pushed not only in this legislation but across all facets of our nation, is ridiculous and unacceptable.

There are multitudes of further AGAINST arguments too numerous to list here.



Reason 1

Since federation Australian defence forces have prepared and have been deployed against foreigners to protect Australians. Never has the defence forces been ready to be deployed with the option of the use of force against an Australian citizen under legislation. This is entirely unacceptable.

Reason 2

The Bill’s Digest for the legislation contained information the avenue existed for foreign defence and police personnel to have legislated power to use force with immunity against Australian citizens on Australian soil. This legislation removes guaranteed protection for Australians against force by foreigners and places them in a submissive position to foreigners on their streets and in their homes. This effectively ends freedom and rights to self-determination by Australians.

Reason 3

There have been no recorded instances of any events or emergencies within Australia to date that had required the deployment of defence in a role of aggression. The following alludes to the present-day emergency and raises the question that this legislation is for what is to come.

Health related and other declared emergencies have always historically been self-evident. Self-evident meaning observable by, and with impacts on, the population. Historical records on the plague confirm the majority of the population either died, were seriously ill or observed those impacts on others. The Spanish Flu in the early 1900’s was identical. Photos of large numbers of the sick and dying and testimonies of those who survived also confirm that health emergency was self-evident to the population. The people complied with directions and policies of the Governments of the day based on a genuine fear of the observable consequences of the Spanish Flu. There was no requirement for defence forces, domestic or foreign, to use force to ensure compliance.

COVID-19 pandemic has been declared an emergency in some parts of Australia however unlike the Spanish Flu, the SarsCOV2 virus is not self-evident to the population. Australian State and Commonwealth Government health authorities have provided information and data that SarsCOV2 is a virus that causes, albeit much reduced, flu like symptoms and the number of fatalities is statistically negligible in both the total number of deaths and deaths from seasonal influenza. This aligns with observations by, and impacts on, the population. The Australian people simply have not experienced any impacts or observed impacts on others by the SarsCOV2 virus.

State and Commonwealth Governments have responded to this non self-evident virus (confirmed by Government information and statistics) by declaring it a pandemic with subsequent emergency measures that has devastated the lives of millions of Australians through the forced closure of small business, mass sudden unemployment, border closures, restrictions on movement and the forced wearing of masks all under threat and issuance of heavy civil financial penalties. That devastation continues indefinitely through the incomprehensible almost one trillion dollars in debt loaded on to future generations of Australians the majority of which, apart from small weekly payments to some displaced workers, went to the banking system and corporations. It is noted that all banks will benefit further from their so called generous deferred loan repayments as interest will still accrue. It is clear to the Australian people that the Government and media slogan of ‘we’re all in this together’ does not apply to banks or corporations.

Had SarsCOV2 been a self-evident emergency with experienced deaths, illness and observations of such on a large scale; the Government decimation of the finances and freedoms of the majority of the people would have received overwhelming support and compliance by the Australian people. Given SarsCOV2 is non self-evident as confirmed by Government health authorities, the Australian people are understandably sceptical as to the Government response in particular that the currency created as debt on the people has been given to the banks and corporations. The corporations benefit doubly in that they will increase their market share of the economy by the small businesses destroyed by Government being unable to recover. The looming repayments with extra interest to banks being a major contributor.

Government response to the non self-evident SarsCOV2 pandemic emergency understandably resulted in pockets of protest. The protests were readily suppressed and controlled through heavy civil financial penalties, police violence on the streets and proactive intimidation and threat of violence by police who attended and forcibly entered the homes of Australians. Police had the resources, statutes and numbers to achieve that objective. There was never an instance reported where Police were overwhelmed by protestors as to require additional assistance from Australian

defence personnel deployed in logistical roles.


ATTACHMENT D senator.matt.o'