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Aussie physician analyzes contents of covid jabs, finds graphene oxide and self-assembling nanocircu

Aussie physician analyzes contents of covid jabs, finds graphene oxide and self-assembling nanocircuits

(Natural News) Curious about what is really contained inside those vials they are calling covid “vaccines,” a Brisbane-based (Australia) doctor by the name of David Nixon collected samples and looked at them under a microscope alongside the blood of “fully vaccinated” patients, revealing the presence of graphene oxide and other disturbing ingredients.

While the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that all Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) jabs are free from “metals, such as iron, nickel, cobalt, lithium, and rare earth alloys’ and ‘manufactured products such as micro-electronics, electrodes, carbon nanotubes, and nanowire semiconductors,” the fact of the matter is that this is simply not true.

Time-lapse photography captured by Nixon revealed not only the presence of graphene oxide but also what appeared to be “mechanical arms assembling and disassembling glowing rectangular structures that look like circuitry and micro chips,” to quote Spectator.

“These are not ‘manufactured products’ in the CDC’s words because they construct and deconstruct themselves but the formation of the crystals seems to be stimulated by electromagnetic radiation and stops when the slide with the vaccine is shielded by a Faraday bag,” the magazine further reported.

“Nixon’s findings are similar to those of teams in New Zealand, Germany, Spain and South Korea.” (Related: British scientists also confirmed the presence of graphene oxide in covid injection vials.)

More than 94 percent of covid-vaccinated blood contains “deformed” cells and “luminescent foreign objects”

Another similar study was conducted by an Italian group led by Riccardo Benzi Cipelli, who looked at blood samples collected from more than 1,000 people who had gotten injected for the Chinese Flu about a month prior.

All of the patients in question were referred for analysis because they reported some degree of side effects post-injection. Cipelli and his team hoped to figure out what had happened to these people’s bodies by taking a closer look at the state of their blood.

The blood samples came from patients ranging in age from 15 to 85, all of whom received between one and three doses of Fauci Flu shot.

It was discovered that a shocking 94 percent of the samples showed “abnormal readings.” This included deformed red blood cells, reduced blood cell counts, and clumping around “luminescent foreign objects which also attracted clusters of fibrin.”

“Some of the foreign objects dotted the blood like a starry night, some self-assembled into crystalline structures and others into spindly branches and tubes,” Spectator further reported.

It is believed by the scientists involved that the metallic particles they observed resemble “graphene oxide and possibly other metallic compounds.” These are certainly things that you would not want to find floating around in your blood after taking an alleged “medicine.”

“They believe the damaged blood is contributing to post-vaccine coagulation disorders, which in turn contribute to increased malignancies, while graphene-family materials are associated with oxidative stress, DNA damage, inflammation and damage to those parts of the immune system that suppress tumours,” reports further explain.

Then we have the messenger RNA (mRNA) component of the shots, which was designed to be “cloaked” from the recipient’s immune system. This cloaking ability is believed to reduce the immune functionality of the fully jabbed, a phenomenon also known as vaccine-indued AIDS or VAIDS.

When left at room temperature, mRNA vaccines were further found to spontaneously form chips and circuitry. These foreign objects were also identified in the blood samples collected from the fully jabbed.

“The situation is all the more alarming because there should be fewer deaths now, since so many people died earlier in the pandemic,” Spectator reports. “There has also been a dramatic rise in people with disabilities.”

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