Australia: In the Grip of Treason

with Warriors in the Trenches



Closed borders!

Police check points!

Drone Surveillance!

Chopper patrols!

23 hour confinement!

1 hour exercise limit!

Mandatory medical procedures!

Banned travel!

Food rationing!

Closed churches!

Denied sunshine!

School closures!

Mandatory masks!

Shopping times!

Government access to homes with no warrant or permission!

No wedding celebrations!

No gatherings!

Decimated economy!

Limited numbers at funerals!

Business closures!

No family visits!

Movement restrictions of 5 km!

Military patrols!

Government removal of children!

Censorship across all forms of media!

Mass suicides!

1 million unemployed!

Massive increase in domestic violence!

Get off your knees Australia. Remember who you are!!

Please be there on September 5