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AUSTRALIA UNDER ATTACK BY THE UN – Insider Discovers Plot to Use ‘Voice’ to Strip Our Assets!!

Josephine Cashman, Aboriginal Australian lawyer (acclaimed Prosecutor), entrepreneur, and a former member of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council discovered a plot by the United Nations to use the decoy of the “Aboriginal” and “Indigenous Rights” to asset-strip Australia and remove all private land ownership.

Australia, and our Australian democratic freedoms are in the sights of a cunning Global Predator. Foreign vultures silently circle our Great Southern Land, casting ominous shadows upon the unwitting population below.

Stephen Reason | 20 Apr 2023

Examining the Globalist Conspiracy to use the “Indigenous” as a land-grab

In our collective unawares, they keenly await their calculated moment to swoop, and strip-tear the fat of our land. The Voice Referendum is why they circle; a ‘Yes’ vote will signal their frenzied descent with razor beak. These vultures operate behind the seemingly noble front of the United Nations, and are truly the Transnational Globalists that have strategised to exploit the “Australian Aboriginal” as a cover to carve-up and consume our Australian land. They are ravenous, and they are coming for our farms, and they are scheming for at least seventy-percent of all land by 2030.

They believe you will be happy to own nothing, because you will have no choice — so, be happy, or else!

Globally, the United Nations are currently puppeteering their regional figureheads to recognise Native Titles, Treaties, and in Australia’s instance, a constitutionally enshrined ‘Voice to Parliament.’ However, it is all a grand deception to seize our vast natural resources and land: agricultural lands, forests, oceans, coastlines, nature reserves, metals (lithium), minerals (uranium), and waterways. Indeed, such humanitarian policies are not motivated by any sincere endeavour to address the plight of the Indigenous. All that has been propagandised and presented beneath the banners of “virtue” and “atonement” will only benefit a shadowy Cabal of oligarchical billionaires. Canadian, US and New Zealand territory is similarly being targeted by the Globalists, and our Prime Puppet, the mush-minded Albanese, has had his strings impatiently yanked to ratify their agenda at the expense of our sovereign nation.

We cannot permit this — this will be the end of Australia. We must not allow them to cut-out our collective tongues to gift themselves The Voice. We must speak out, but we must also be aware of what needs to be spoken to awaken Australians to the devious agenda. We must unite and unify in our opposition, exercise discernment, disengage with the government-funded Media trickery, and rationally articulate why we MUST vote ‘No.’

What follows is an attempt to define the key aspects of The Voice deception, how the Globalists have orchestrated every aspect, and how they hope to achieve their stupendous land-grab of our country.

Introducing Aboriginal Whistleblower and The Voice Opponent: Josephine Cashman

Josephine Cashman is an Aboriginal Australian lawyer (acclaimed Prosecutor), entrepreneur, and a former member of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council (appointed by Tony Abbot in 2013). Pertinently, while occupying the Indigenous Advisory Council, Cashman discovered a plot by the United Nations to use the decoy of the “Aboriginal” and “Indigenous Rights” to asset-strip Australia and to remove all private land ownership.

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The document Cashman discovered contained a direct reference to using the Indigenous as the ‘fulcrum’ to establish a New World Order ( “Indigenous people may in this emerging world order provide the necessary fulcrum on which global futures balance”) She is a Whistleblower, undeniably authentic and credentialed (truly the foremost voice on this subject) — and she has devoted countless hours to researching and exposing the fake-Aboriginal leaders advancing this insidious objective on behalf of the Globalists.

Cashman describes ‘The Uluru Statement from the Heart’ as ‘a momentous fraud, an abomination against all Australians.’ She claims that despite the heart-warming propaganda and virtuous rhetoric, The Uluru Statement does not represent the ‘agenda of people living in Aboriginal communities,’ but, rather, is the product of just five traitorous phoney-Aboriginals (Lowitja O’Donoghue, Noel Pearson, Sol Bellear, Marcia Langton and David Ross) in direct consultation with the United Nations and their Agenda 2030. It is fundamentally a diabolical fraud that is intended for diabolical ends: to facilitate The Voice and to usher in a Treaty of forced land acquisition guided by Native Title land demarcations.

Scheming for a New World Order: The United Nations Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum

On September 25, 2015, the UN Member States adopted and launched the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.[Edit: and is being implemented in Australia by Local Government Councils]

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NOTE: From Stephen Reason. This is a follow-up piece to my April 6 article: THE REAL AGENDA BEHIND THE VOICE TO PARLIAMENT: Exposing the Globalist’s Plan to Steal Australia’

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